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6313 example sentences with  innocent

6313 example sentences with innocent

The only thing over which he showed a flash of the old interest was in March, 1492, when his son Giovanni (afterward Leo X), on being made a cardinal by Innocent VIII, was invested with the insignia in the Abbey Church of Fiesole.

Or that he might sentence a man whom he knew to be innocent?" "Certainly.

Had the barometer passed practically unnoticed among the other details of a well-furnished hall, it would at any rate have been innocent, and perhaps helpful.

But when "big business" in my country interferes with smaller trade, we do not say that it is a crime of lรจse-patriotism, despite the fact that it may be a fight which brings ruin and death to many innocent victims.

The only thing necessary was to gaze on the infant wonder, and share the delight of the hen over her chick, joining in her delicious cluck of innocent vanity.

The same thing happened at the time of the Dreyfus Case; all the well-meaning people of EuropeI among themseemed never to have heard before of the condemnation of an innocent man.

"Tell them?" repeated the innocent Swann.

And besides, he is fond of innocent amusement."

"He's as proud as Lucifer, and his girl takes after him," said the innocent captain.

Then he cocked a malignant eye at the innocent Mr. Wilks, and wondered at what age men discarded the useless habit of blushing.

"Minds innocent and quiet take such for an hermitage."

How innocent their little faces looked when you said, 'Hum-suz-a-day!

"Don't you feel a good deal better?" "Me?" asked innocent Jot.

Though not quite innocent of all the charges laid to her, Cordelia Running Bird was a truthful girl, and she would not disown a failing plainly set before her by another.

The innocent child who had never given her an hour's care; the one creature she loved with all the strength of her proud naturehis future was to be blighted by his father's misdoingsovershadowed by shame and dishonour in the very dawn of life.

He had no right to visit his spleen on a perfectly innocent bank that paid twenty-five per cent to its shareholders and a thousand a year each to its directors, and what trifle was left over to its men in rages.

But coward shame that had no word to say In passion's hour, with sudden icy clang Slew the bright morn, and through the tarnished day An iron bell from light to darkness rang: She shut her ears because a throstle sang, She dare not hear the little innocent bird, And a white flower made her poor head to hang

Those that like may call her an innocent: but I wish I were such an innocent, Mr. Brown.

Those that like may call her an innocent: but I wish I were such an innocent, Mr. Brown.

I don't believe you; and if you have been hanged, what have you been doing to get hanged?" "You need not take care of your pockets, sir,neither robbery nor murder was it which brought me to the gallows; but innocent bug-hunting.

" "But, sirfor the honour of the place, the matter should be cleared up; and till the thief's found, suspicion will lie on a dozen innocent men; myself among the rest, for that matter."

That's a much more Christian-like way of looking at it, than to blacken your own soul before God by suspecting that sweet innocent creature.

She would not allow herself so silly a cloak of pride; and she went daily to her favourite "Book of Martyrs," to contemplate there the stories of those who really innocent, really suffered for welldoing.

Because you wisht that God should be revenged, If any ill betide the innocent.

O be not blinded with a false surmise, For least my tongue should faile to end the tale Of our untimely fate-appointed death, Know young Allenso is as innocent As is Fallerio guiltie of the crime.

He, he it was, that with foure hundredth markes, Whereof two hundred he paide presently, Did hire[30] this damn'd villaine and my selfe To massacre this harmelesse innocent: But yet my conscience, toucht with some remorse, Would faine have sav'd the young Pertillos life, But he remorselesse would not let him live,

Methinkes if Beech himselfe be innocent, That then the murtherer should not dwell farre off; The hammer that is sticking in his head, Was borrowed of a Cutler dwelling by, But he remembers not who borrowed it: He is committed that did owe the hammer,

So save me God, as I am innocent!

As pure and innocent as any Lambe Pertillo was, which you have fed upon.

By heaven and earth my soule is innocent!

Well, maister Constable, I doe confesse, I was the man that did them both to death: As for my sister and my harmlesse man, I doe protest they both are innocent.

Most righteous Judge, I do appeale for Iustice, Justice on him that hath deserved death, Not on Alenso; he is innocent.

he is innocent.

Ah sister, sister, now I call to minde, Thy dying wordes now prov'd a prophesie, If you deale ill with this distressed childe, God will no doubt revenge the innocent.

I doe forgive you from my verie soule, And thinke not that I shed these store of teares, For that I price my life, or feare to dye, Though I confesse the manner of my death Is much more grievous then my death it selfe; But I lament for that it hath beene said I was the author of this crueltie And did produce you to this wicked deede, Whereof God knowes that I am innocent.

Come, frend, mee thinks I have doone a deede this day Crownes all my better actions, for I have raised An Innocent from the hands of an Infidell agent.

My best is therefore, as I am innocent, To stooddy myne owne safety, showe this letter, Which one [?] my charity woold have conceiled, And rather give him upp a sacrifice To my lord's just incensement then indanger Myne owne unblemisht truthe and loyalty

Post to thy mayster, bid him meete us heare: Mean tyme my menn shall rayse the villagers Boathe in the reskewe of these innocent maydes And in defens of holly priveledge.

Meanetyme dismisse him as one Innocent Of what hee is condemde.

Howsoever, As one repentant for my rashnes past, And loathe to Imbrewe mee in more Innocent blood, I fyrst confesse my servant's guilt and myne, Acquitt the Fryar, and yeeld our persons upp To the full satisfaction of the lawe.

My greatest grief is, I have my friend betraide; The treasons done, I, and the Traitor's free, Yet innocent Treason needes not to flee.

Faith he should be innocent by his garment; Signior, I grieve for this, but if I can help, looke for it.

"We don't want to buy it, we just want to rent it for a very short time," struck in Bess, with her most innocent expression.

The officer, who had great practice in this species of collision with his fellow-creatures, understood the character with which he had to deal, and, seeing no good reason for refusing to gratify a feeling which was innocent, though sufficiently silly, he yielded to the Bernese pride.

Through this fiery ordeal one passed after another, until most of the nameless vagabonds had been found innocent, and the throng around the gate was so far lessened as to allow a freer circulation in the thoroughfare.

"They who have so few at their own board, need think of those who have so many," she said, dropping a piece of gold into the hand of the Genevese: then she added, in a voice scarce louder than a whisper"If the young and innocent of thy household can offer a prayer in the behalf of a poor girl who has much need of aid, 'twill be remembered of God, and it may serve to lighten the grief of one who has the dread of being childless."

" "Bless your dear, innocent hearts, both of you!

"Suitable" is the catch in that innocent-appearing legend.

But, innocent though he was in the ways of evil, the man's face might have warned him.

"But what do you believe?" The Little Red Doctor, who prides himself on being a hard-bitted materialist, glared at me as injuriously as if my innocent question had been an insult.

"I am afraid," said Aunt Martha, "that he is not altogether innocent; but there is one thing greatly in his favour,when he told of the feelings which overcame him when he saw that little child sleeping peacefully in its bed in the house which he had unintentionally robbed, I felt there must be good points in that man's nature.

"Yes, I assure you, Georgina," she said, "my dear children have never had a secret from me in their innocent lives."

At night the gnat's ghost returns to rebuke the shepherd for his innocent ingratitude, and rather inappropriately remains to rehearse at great length the tale of what shades of old heroes he has seen in the lower regions.

The Russians had left many dead on the field, and at the barbed-wire entanglements which our sappers had constructed as an obstacle to their advance, their bodies lay heaped upon each other, looking not unlike the more innocent bundles of hay lying in the field.

Innocent Negroes, attacked at first for purposes of sport and later for sinister designs, were often badly beaten in the streets or even cut with knives.

It was not altogether unpalatable, something like light but rather sweet hock; very different, however, in its effects to that innocent beverage, and one could not drink much with impunity.

Picnics, music, story-telling, kalyan and cigarette smoking, sweetmeat-making, and the bath, together with somewhat less innocent pastimes, form the sum total of a Persian concubine's amusements.

[A] Guilty or innocent of the charge, the assassins were left unpunished.

Oh, she could go to the devil, what did Eleseus care; her face was visibly dirty, and her condition plain enough now even to his innocent eyes.

That she had had a child at all before she came to him was nothing much either; she was no innocent, and had never pretended to be so, far from it.

He feels all soft and good now, and of sheer humility he smiles, foolishly and kindly, at the snowstorm round; 'tis God's own snow, an innocent thing!

" But as soon as the king has left her, she sends to the innocent bride a present of a beautifully embroidered robe, poisoned by witchcraft.

The records of missionaries and others who have dwelt among savages contain examples of deeds as foul, as irrational, as vindictive as Medea's; deeds in which, as in the play of Euripides, the fury is vented on innocent victims, while the real culprit escapes with his life and sometimes even derives amusement from the situation.

This led to a big palaver before the chief, at which the verdict was that the cook was innocent and that the girl had trumped up the charge in order to force the marriage.

Roth cites a correspondent who says: "At this moment there are two Dyaks in the Kuching jail who acknowledge that they took the heads of two innocent Chinese with no other object in view when doing so than to secure the pseudo affections of women, who refused to marry them until they had thus proved themselves to be men."

I hold you to be an innocent girl, though I have not lived with you yet.

The Chippewas were suspected, and a party of warriors at once broke up in pursuit of the innocent and unsuspecting party.

"As there is no restriction on innocent intercourse, the boys and girls freely mixing together in the labors of the field and other pursuits, an amorous young lady has ample opportunity of declaring her partiality, and it is her privileged duty to speak first....

Now a widow's life is naturally apt to be one of hardship because she has lost her protector and bread-winner; but in India the tragedy of her fate is deepened a thousandfold by the diabolical ill-treatment of which she is made the innocent victim.

A widow who has borne sons or who is aged is somewhat less despised than the child widow; on her falls the worst abuse and hatred of the community, though she be as innocent of any crime as an angel.

Blount told them plainly that he had the utmost difficulty in restraining the whites from taking vengeance for the numerous murders committed on the settlers, and warned them that if they wished to avert a war which would fall upon both the innocent and the guilty they must themselves keep the peace.

They continually plundered and murdered the outlying Georgia settlers; and the militia, in their retaliatory expeditions, having no knowledge of who the murderers actually were, quite as often killed the innocent as the guilty.

His attitude was natural, for probably most of the Creek chiefs with whom he came in contact were friendly, and many of those who were not professed to be so when in his company, if only for the sake of getting the goods he had to distribute; and of course they brought him word whenever the Georgians killed a Creek, either innocent or guilty, without telling him of the offence which the Georgians were blindly trying to revenge.

It was possible of course that occasionally an innocent hunter suffered with the guilty marauders, but this was because he was off his own hunting grounds; and the treaty explicitly showed that the Creeks had no claim to the Cumberland region, while there was not a particle of truth in their assertion that since the treaty had been entered into there had been intrusion on their hunting grounds.

The rude militia officers began to lead their retaliatory parties into the Indian lands, and soon the innocent Indians suffered with the guilty, for the frontiersmen had no means of distinguishing between them.

There we were, two innocent, harmless American women, talking of our family affairs and our gardens, our fuel, our health, and behaving like a pair of conspirators.

No one, probably, believed in the ninth century, and no one, assuredly, will nowadays believe, that Charlemagne was innocent beforehand of what took place on the 25th of December, 800, in the basilica of St. Peter.

Nay, verily; he was moved by pity and the love of peace; he would not that the innocent blood should be spilt and Christian people destroyed in the hurly-burly of battle.

"What! sir," said the remonstrance; "they are innocent, and yet you punish them!

The fact is, they maintain here that he is quite innocent, and that he called God to witness it. . . .

I have wavered a long while as to the innocence of this family; I could not believe that any judges would have condemned to a fearful death an innocent father of a family.

The idea of worshipping an image never crossed her innocent mind; and although she often knelt before her own little ivory crucifix, she had never supposed any could be so ignorant as to confound the mere material representation of the sacrifice it was meant to portray with the divine expiation itself.

Certainly a tree more innocent in looks never floated on the waves of Lake George.

You have made two innocent people who have never harmed you as wretched as it is possible for human beings to be.

These were the most innocent rumors; others were more scandalous.

For first thou takest the host of bread, or a piece of bread, and makest it as ye say, and the innocent people worship it.

But ye have many false ways, to beguile the innocent people with sleights of the fiend.

And this is a full subtle question to beguile an innocent fool, but will ye take heed of this subtle question, how a man may take a glass and behold the very likeness of his own face, and yet it is not his face, but the likeness of his face; for if it were his very face, then he must needs have two faces, one on his body and another in the glass.

The lazy monks were the first who called me a fool and revolutionist, and on the other side stood the weak and the simple, who said in their innocent faith: "Oh, if we could only do what He teaches!"

Permit not the innocent to suffer for the guilty ... and especially bless ...

He was the essence of democracy and mixed with the guests with the same innocent simplicity that he would have shown at his village church social.

What confusion would cover the innocent Jesus To meet so enabled a man!

To paint accurate representations of these animals engaged in their innocent sports, would occupy the time of a first-class artist for months, and cost an enormous sum.

I'll stake my life you are innocent of the charge, whatever it is."

Then he rose, and, looking upward said: "As God is my judge, and as I hope for heaven, I am innocent of this murder, or of any part in it."

By which, and other wise regulations, the theatre might become a very innocent and useful diversion, instead of being a scandal and reproach to our religion and country.

This cast, as we thought, an odium upon our whole nation, being some of those very wretches who had dipped their hands in the innocent blood of the Protestants, and, with unheard-of butcheries, had massacred so many thousands of English in cool blood.

But if a man has got something childlike and innocent about him, and a naรฏve way with him, the world will take him to its heart.

This marked the beginning of the mass shooting and the indiscriminate killing of innocent people in the streets of Banjul, Bakau, Serrekunda, and Brikama by the rebels for no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This obviously departs from the original adaptation of the Kathleen Barber novel, Are You Sleeping, which focused on a woman who reopens a murder case after realizing she may have helped put an innocent man in jail.