5579 examples of innocent in sentences

Then he straightened himself, and in a quiet and perfectly natural voice, uttered these simple words: "Nothing but this: I am innocent.

This "Yes" had no sooner left Arthur's lips than I saw Ella throw out her innocent arms, and leap impetuously to her feet, with a loud "No, no, I can tell" She did not say what, for at the hubbub roused by this outbreak in open court, she fainted dead away and was carried out in her dismayed father's arms.

But this awakeningif such it could be called, was so short in its duration and was followed so immediately by a string of innocent questions about Adelaide, that Nurse Unwin concluded to remain a few days longer before risking this delicately balanced mind amid old scenes and the curious glances of her townspeople.

Carmel being innocent, who could be guilty but he.

With Carmel innocent, who was there left to suspect?

" "You are interested then in seeing young Cumberland freed?" "I must be; he is innocent.

It would look like quibbling to carry it on farther, and especially as it is not necessary for children to go beyond the ordinary titles of sub-regal dignity in our own country, otherwise I have sometimes in my dreams imagined myself still advancing, as 9th, King Lamb; 10th, Emperor Lamb; 11th, Pope Innocent,higher than which is nothing.

No name appeared on the fly-leaf, and, turning the pages to find some clue to its owner, he read here and there enough to give him glimpses into an innocent and earnest heart which seemed to be learning some hard lesson patiently.

The faeries and the more innocent of the spirits dwelt within it, and lamented over our fallen world in the lamentation of the wind-tossed reeds, in the song of the birds, in the moan of the waves, and in the sweet cry of the fiddle.

The cause of these few sheets was honest and innocent, and as free from all passion as any design.

As, suppose some part of time was allotted them, for the reading of some innocent English Authors!

But "Shall we debar Youth of such an innocent and harmless recreation, of such a great quickener of Parts and promoter of sagacity?"

But I made up as innocent as a child.

Not even yet had he proof positive, absolute, conclusive: the king might well take offence at the play, even were he innocent; and in any case Hamlet would desire presentable proof: he had positively none to show the people in justification of vengeance.

This play was first prohibited by the lord Chamberlain, but upon examination being found innocent of any design to satirize the government, it was suffered to be represented, and had great success.

I am as innocent And free as are the starres from plotting treason Gainst their first mover.

But he had not calculated upon the devotion of the wretched father's love to his fair and innocent child: and he was astounded when his terms were complied with, and the money paid at once into his hands.

In this single period we have religion, the spirit,philosophy, the soul,and poetry, the body and drapery united;Plato glorified by St. Paul; and yet coming as unostentatiously as any speech from an innocent girl of fifteen. Ib.

But being the first that recovered presence of mind; madame, I beseech you, said he, involve not the innocent with the guilty:I acknowledge you have reason to resent the boldness of the count; but I am no otherwise a sharer in his crime than in reporting it; and if you knew the pain it gave my heart while I complied with the promise I was unhappily betrayed into, I am sure you would forgive the misdemeanor of my tongue.

The wily count saw into the workings of her soul; and while he seemed as if he would not discover the whole of his sentiments for fear of disobliging her, threw out the plainest hints, that Louisa had made him advances which would have been very flattering to a heart not pre-engaged, till Melanthe, not able to contain her rage, broke out into the fevered invectives against the innocent Louisa.

He is a Dove, a childe, an innocent, And cannot poyson, father, though he would.

I will be plainer: know, Pertillos life, Which thou doost call a dove, an innocent, A harmlesse childe, and, and I know not what, Will harm thee more, than any Serpent can, I, then the very sight of Basiliskes.

My best is therefore, as I am innocent, To stooddy myne owne safety, showe this letter, Which one

Post to thy mayster, bid him meete us heare: Mean tyme my menn shall rayse the villagers Boathe in the reskewe of these innocent maydes And in defens of holly priveledge.

Edward Neal was only twenty-one, Annie but nineteen, and both were singularly young and innocent of soul.

5579 examples of  innocent  in sentences