5579 examples of innocent in sentences

I mean to flit unobtrusively about Camp, Uncle, and watch the young ladies when they do not suspect I am around, taking down their innocent girlish conversation among themselves.

THE PHEASANT-HEN Oh, come away to the innocent woods, sincere and dewy, where we will love each other!

There is such a difference between a lion and an ass, and the poor little creature looked so innocent.

Wise, innocent Bel!

If "the race of birds was created out of innocent, light-minded men, whose thoughts were directed toward heaven," according to the word of Plato, then Ardea herodias must long ago have fallen from grace.

He is a Dove, a childe, an innocent, And cannot poyson, father, though he would.

I will be plainer: know, Pertillos life, Which thou doost call a dove, an innocent, A harmlesse childe, and, and I know not what, Will harm thee more, than any Serpent can, I, then the very sight of Basiliskes.

Although we hide our sinnes from mortall men, Whose glasse of knowledge is the face of man, The eye of heaven beholdes our wickednesse, And will no doubt revenge the innocent, Rach.

Because you wisht that God should be revenged, If any ill betide the innocent.

O be not blinded with a false surmise, For least my tongue should faile to end the tale Of our untimely fate-appointed death, Know young Allenso is as innocent As is Fallerio guiltie of the crime.

He, he it was, that with foure hundredth markes, Whereof two hundred he paide presently, Did hire[30] this damn'd villaine and my selfe To massacre this harmelesse innocent:

Methinkes if Beech himselfe be innocent, That then the murtherer should not dwell farre off; The hammer that is sticking in his head, Was borrowed of a Cutler dwelling by, But he remembers not who borrowed it: He is committed that did owe the hammer,

So save me God, as I am innocent!

As pure and innocent as any Lambe Pertillo was, which you have fed upon.

By heaven and earth my soule is innocent!

Well, maister Constable, I doe confesse, I was the man that did them both to death: As for my sister and my harmlesse man, I doe protest they both are innocent.

Most righteous Judge, I do appeale for Iustice, Justice on him that hath deserved death, Not on Alenso; he is innocent.

he is innocent.

Ah sister, sister, now I call to minde, Thy dying wordes now prov'd a prophesie, If you deale ill with this distressed childe, God will no doubt revenge the innocent.

Whereof God knowes that I am innocent.

Come, frend, mee thinks I have doone a deede this day Crownes all my better actions, for I have raised An Innocent from the hands of an Infidell agent.

The case here is merely supposed, to shew how easily imbecility and selfishness may pervert this most innocent of all arts to the vilest purposes.

Tartuffe was the after-piece; but neither the spirit and perfection of the acting, nor the pretty face and plump shoulders of Elmire, nor the soubrette's dimpled arms, nor the ingénue's innocent eyes, nor the noble, witty lines that filled the theatre and roused the audience to fresh attention, could stir his spirit that hung entranced on the lips of a tragic heroine.

Yet men who had called their Maker to witness, that they would obey this very constitution, require impracticable conditions, and then impose a pecuniary penalty and grievous liabilities on every man who shall give to an innocent fellow countryman a night's lodging, or even a meal of victuals in exchange for his honest labor!

" CHAPTER XXVI THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN FROM NEW YORK Meantime, the Countess St. Auban, innocent of these plans which had gone forward regarding her, completed her attendance at the entertainment which the evening was offering the elite of Washington, and in due time arrived at the entrance of her hotel.

5579 examples of  innocent  in sentences