5579 examples of innocents in sentences

But the facts which I have placed before you must leave the least sanguine without a doubt that the nature and the causes of this scourge will, one day, be as well understood as those of the Pébrine are now; and that the long-suffered massacre of our innocents will come to an end.

And here a third, to a child who had died as one of the Innocents: MIRAE INNOCENTIAE ANIMA DULCIS

Recall'd from banishment by your decrees, Install'd in this imperial seat to rule, Old Marius thanks his friends and favourites, From whom this final favour he requires: That, seeing Sylla by his murderous blade Brought fierce seditions first to head in Rome, And forced laws to banish innocents, I crave by course of reason and desert, That he may be proclaimed, as erst was I, A traitor and an enemy of Rome.

Thy soldiers (Sylla) murder innocents: O, whither will thy lawless fury stretch, If little ruth ensue thy country's harms? SYLLA.

Oh you white soules that hover in the aire, Who through my blindnesse were made death his prey; Be but appeas'd, you spotlesse Innocents, Till with my blood I have made a true atonement, And through those tortures, by this braine devis'd, In which you perisht, I may fall as you To satisfie your yet fresh bleeding memories And meete you in that garden where content Dwels onely.

Now I hear that the commanders will not be ready till Monday, which the Calendar tells me is 'the Massacre of the Innocents!'

The tragedies of Eden and the Flood, scenes from the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Moses, the manger at Bethlehem, the slaughter of the Innocents, the Temptation, the resurrection of Lazarus, the Last Supper, the Trial, the Crucifixion, and the Easter triumph are a few of the Miracle plays that were acted in the city of York.

Seated here and there upon the bridge are groups of boys, rod in hand, endeavouring, with the most delicious-looking and persuasive of baits, to inveigle finny innocents from the cool depths below.

Sir Skelton and Master Scoggin were but innocents to Signior Capricio.

This is the period of their annual massacrea new slaughter of the innocents!

We are told that the cheer in winter is excellent, when the rot prevails; and if ever (during M. Delaveau's administration) bread were scarce in summer during the "massacre of the innocents," mutton was to be had here at a very cheap rate.

Perhaps she would be one of the innocents that must suffer with the guilty; but he felt no remorse.

It evidently did not take its rise in her example, since she clearly alludes to it, as a means before resorted to by me injured innocents of her own sex.]

One thinks of the enterprise of the sky-scraper and the humour of "A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur," and of "Innocents Abroad."

The Fountain of the Innocents, the bas-reliefs of the Hôtel de Carnavalet, and those of the Louvre were alike the monuments of his genius.

I expected to see the old dame swoon away, or at least go off in a paroxysm of tears; but, instead of committing any such civilized folly, she silently took up her slaughtered innocents, dressed and cooked them, and thanked me profoundly for the medio each, which I handed her next morning.

Plays by people who never got into any schedule of English letters that ever was planned, dramatic nonentities, stage innocents massacred in their cradles, if only they were published in quarto I find room for them.

There is a massacre of innocents by poisonous microbes.

Herod considers the massacre of the innocents.

DUFFUS, R. L. The innocents at Cedre; a memoir of Thorstein Veblen and some others.

DUFFUS, WILLIAM M. The innocents at Cedro.

Sweet innocents.


"There is one hotel called Hotel Billfinger, which I'd like to try, because Mark Twain's guide in 'Innocents Abroad' was named Billfinger.

He was at home a few days after, and seemed hurt and sad over it; and when I asked him how many innocents he had slaughtered since, he said one in two days, and at that rate they would just last him through.

5579 examples of  innocents  in sentences