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5579 examples of  innocents  in sentences

5579 examples of innocents in sentences

The Te Deum is always said at the end of Matins, unless in Matins of Feast of Holy Innocents, of Sundays of Advent, and from Septuagesima to Palm Sunday, and ferias outside Eastertide (from Low Sunday to Ascension Day).

When one set of innocents had been so thoroughly trimmed that they compared notes and began to avoid you, you had only to pick up another bunch of lambs, for New York contains many distinct flocks of the species.

And here a third, to a child who had died as one of the Innocents: MIRAE INNOCENTIAE ANIMA DULCIS

Without a thought of the innocents and neutrals aboard; reckless alike of immediate results and ultimate consequences, animated only by the deadly designs of a war-madness and a deliberate campaign of frightfulness, the firing signal was flashed from the German commander's station and the fatal torpedo was launched against the unsuspecting and unprotected leviathan.

The two innocents were stunned.

General Villivicencio sat and waited among the serpents and innocents.

"To stop the slaughter of the innocents," answered Dick.

And at the sight of the poor little fellow, Rougemont, the frightful slaughter-place, with its daily massacre of the innocents, arose in his memory, such as it had been described to him in years long past.

Then I told how she was used to sleep by herself in a lone chamber of the great lone house; and how she believed that an apparition of two infants was to be seen at midnight gliding up and down the great staircase near where she slept, but she said, "those innocents would do her no harm;" and how frightened I used to be, though in those days I had my maid to sleep with me, because I was never half so good or religious as sheand

Oh you white soules that hover in the aire, Who through my blindnesse were made death his prey; Be but appeas'd, you spotlesse Innocents, Till with my blood I have made a true atonement, And through those tortures, by this braine devis'd, In which you perisht, I may fall as you To satisfie your yet fresh bleeding memories And meete you in that garden where content Dwels onely.

There was meat in the camp, and so no reason for shooting at these innocents.

I believe you will have a difficult task to keep him to it; but the more will be your honour, if you effect his reformation: and it is my belief, that if you can reclaim this great, this specious deceiver, who has, morally speaking, such a number of years before him, you will save from ruin a multitude of innocents; for those seem to me to have been the prey for which he has spread his wicked snares.

Now, what the devil can this mean!Her Norris forthcoming on demand!the devil take me, if I am out-Norris'd!If such innocents can allow themselves to plot (to Norris), well may I. *

Shall I again Set open shop, show my dead ware, dear-bought Of a relentless merchant, that doth trade On the red sea, swoll'n mighty with the blood Of noble, virtuous, harmless innocents?


Thomas Wentworth Higginson, whose words have with the light, graceful beauty of the Damascus blade its swift sureness in cleaving to the heart of things, wrote an article for the "Atlantic Monthly" called "The Murder of the Innocents," which we wish could be put into every house in the United States.

How is it you can consent to deprive these little innocents of an enjoyment, that slides so fast away?

Now I hear that the commanders will not be ready till Monday, which the Calendar tells me is 'the Massacre of the Innocents!'

At times he delighted to hear his little girl, who had been the constant companion of his travels, repeat some of Keble's hymns, especially those on the festivals of St. John the Evangelist and of the Holy Innocents.

The tragedies of Eden and the Flood, scenes from the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Moses, the manger at Bethlehem, the slaughter of the Innocents, the Temptation, the resurrection of Lazarus, the Last Supper, the Trial, the Crucifixion, and the Easter triumph are a few of the Miracle plays that were acted in the city of York.

He is a pitiless murderer of innocents, and he mangles poor fowls with unheard-of tortures; and it is thought the martyrs' persecutions were devised from hence: sure we are, St. Lawrence's gridiron came out of his kitchen.

Incessant massacre of female innocents has changed the proportions of the sexes and perverted their relations.

But we did not know this mighty significant fact; and, suspecting nothing, the four innocents drove blithely on until the city lay behind us and the country lay before us, brooding in the bright sunlight and all empty and peaceful, except for thin scattering detachments of gaily clad Belgian infantrymen through which we passed.

I am mad, stark mad, by Jupiter, at the thoughts of this!Unprovided, destitute, unacquaintedsome villain, worse than myself, who adores her not as I adore her, may have seized her, and taken advantage of her distress!Let me perish, Belford, if a whole hecatomb of innocents, as the little plagues are called, shall atone for the broken promises and wicked artifices of this cruel creature!

Men have been scouring the country for fowls, but when we went to look at the result this morning we found about a dozen miserable chickens, almost featherless, standing dejectedly in corners, and Mrs. Royle wailed, "We can't kill these: it would be a sheer slaughter of the innocents!"


At Bethlehem, which I visited this morning, the Latin monk who showed us the manger, the pit where 12,000 innocents were buried, and other things, had much less to say of the sacredness or authenticity of the place, than of the injustice of allowing the Greeks a share in its possession.

You may atchieve great fame, victorious Lord, To save the lives of two such innocents.

In the burial-grounds, and principally in that of the Innocents, the monuments of these families of Parisian bourgeoisie were of the most expensive character, and were inscribed with epitaphs in which the living vainly tried to immortalise the deeds of the deceased.

63.Nicholas Flamel and Pernelle, his Wife, from a Painting executed at the End of the Fifteenth Century, under the Vaults of the Cemetery of the Innocents, in Paris.

Just in proportion as an event is from a historical point of view suspicious, it is significant as a proof of the use of the Gospel in which it is contained; such would be the adoration of the Magi, the slaughter of the innocents, the flight into Egypt, the conjunction of the foal with the ass in the entry into Jerusalem.

Those therefore who take the statement of Eusebius to mean that Hegesippus used only the Gospel according to the Hebrews are compelled to seek for the account of the Massacre of the Innocents in that Gospel.

The narrative of the parallel Gospel of St. Luke seems, if not to exclude the Massacre of the Innocents, yet to imply an ignorance of it.

It is hoped therefore, Sir, that you will not lay aside your generous Design of exposing that monstrous Wickedness of the Town, whereby a Multitude of Innocents are sacrificed in a more barbarous Manner than those who were offered to Moloch.

By this means Innocents are blasted upon their first Appearance in Town; and there is nothing more required to make a young Woman the object of Envy and Hatred, than to deserve Love and Admiration.

Seated here and there upon the bridge are groups of boys, rod in hand, endeavouring, with the most delicious-looking and persuasive of baits, to inveigle finny innocents from the cool depths below.

We will have him die where a murderer should die, on the common gibbetwe will have him die where he spilled the blood of so many innocents!"

Sir Skelton and Master Scoggin were but innocents to Signior Capricio.

This is the period of their annual massacrea new slaughter of the innocents!

The twelfth, the subject of which was the murder of the innocents, belonged to a private gentleman in England, who pledged it for a sum of money; but when the person who had taken this valuable deposit found it was to be redeemed, he greatly damaged the drawing; for which the gentleman brought an action against him.

The Tahitians have ever been adoring of little ones, and if their annals are stained by the blood of innumerable innocents murdered at birth, let it be remembered that it was a law, and not a choice of parentsa law induced by the sternest demands of social economy.

In the largest families more than two or three children were seldom spared, and as they were a prolific race, their not nursing the sacrificed innocents made for more frequent births.

" "Ah! Heaven protect such unoffending innocents as serve here against their will, when the allotted time of the cruiser shall be filled!"

" AR'CADES AMBO, both fools alike; both "sweet innocents;" both alike eccentric.

One thinks of the enterprise of the sky-scraper and the humour of "A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur," and of "Innocents Abroad."

Having chosen our part and made war upon the new world, we were soon made to understand what such spiritual infanticide involved; and were committed to a kind of Massacre of the Innocents.

The drawing of "Alexander's Marriage with Roxana," the "Temptation of Adam by Eve," and the "Massacre of the Innocents," engraved by Marc Antonio, are unsurpassed not only as compositions, but also as studies of the nude in chosen attitudes, powerfully felt and nobly executed.

The Borghese "Entombment," painted for Atalanta Baglioni, a pen-and-ink drawing of the "Pietร " in the Louvre collection, Marc Antonio's engraving of the "Massacre of the Innocents," and an early picture of the "Agony in the Garden," are all the other painful subjects I can now remember.

The Fountain of the Innocents, the bas-reliefs of the Hรดtel de Carnavalet, and those of the Louvre were alike the monuments of his genius.

I expected to see the old dame swoon away, or at least go off in a paroxysm of tears; but, instead of committing any such civilized folly, she silently took up her slaughtered innocents, dressed and cooked them, and thanked me profoundly for the medio each, which I handed her next morning.

They think they are talking to innocents, who believe that by the sowing of dragon's teeth, men may come up ready grown and ready made.

Plays by people who never got into any schedule of English letters that ever was planned, dramatic nonentities, stage innocents massacred in their cradles, if only they were published in quarto I find room for them.

There is a massacre of innocents by poisonous microbes.

My boys, poor innocents, my loyal wife, Must be protected, tyrant, from thy rage!

He was a gentleman frequently employed in the defence of those injured innocents who appear at the bar of the Old Bailey; and was not at all particular as to the merits of the cases he conducted.

ANDREWS, C. E. The innocents of Paris.

The innocents of Paris.

DUFFUS, R. L. The innocents at Cedre; a memoir of Thorstein Veblen and some others.

DUFFUS, WILLIAM M. The innocents at Cedro.

The Merry innocents.

The Tragic innocents.

in England in translation under the title of The Tragic innocents, 12Nov48; AI-1987.

ANDREWS, C. E. The innocents of Paris.

The innocents of Paris.

Sweet innocents.

Herod considers the massacre of the innocents.

Mark Twain, in that best of burlesques, The Innocents Abroad affirms, if I remember rightly, that you could not condemn your worst enemy to greater suffering than to bind him down to keep an accurate diary for a year.

From what mysterious lair or hidden orifice they come I know not, but here they are in profusion until another massacre of the innocents is decreed.


"The common cemetery of Paris, hard by the Church of the Holy Innocents, opposite the street of St. Denis, had remained up to that time open to all passers, man and beast, without anything to prevent it from being confounded with the most profane spot; and the king, hurt at such indecency, had it enclosed by high stone walls, with as many gates as were judged necessary, which were closed every night."

In a fit of terror many poor innocents fled before the blind wrath of the populace; some were caught and cut down pell-mell amongst the guilty; others escaped through the vineyards planted between two hills in the outskirts of the town.

And what is the cause moving Satan thus to rage against innocents, considering that by reason of their imperfections they could not hurt his kingdom at that instant?

But if the trowel has slain its thousands, the whitewash swab has slain its ten thousands of innocents.

It will endure to plague a people like the exile of the Acadians, the guillotining of innocents in the French Revolution, and the burning of the Salem witches.

What a thing to look into, that we must kill the poor innocents to eat them.

The innocents their parents' love forgive, Smile at their fate, nor know they are to live.

It is hoped therefore, Sir, that you will not lay aside your generous Design of exposing that monstrous Wickedness of the Town, whereby a Multitude of Innocents are sacrificed in a more barbarous Manner than those who were offered to Moloch.

By this means Innocents are blasted upon their first Appearance in Town; and there is nothing more required to make a young Woman the object of Envy and Hatred, than to deserve Love and Admiration.

SIR, I was last Sunday highly transported at our Parish-Church; the Gentleman in the Pulpit pleaded movingly in Behalf of the poor Children, and they for themselves much more forcibly by singing an Hymn; And I had the Happiness to be a Contributor to this little religious Institution of Innocents, and am sure I never disposed of Money more to my Satisfaction and Advantage.

You are to know these careless pretty Creatures are very Innocents again; and it is to be no matter what they do, for 'tis all harmless Freedom.

The Massacre of the Innocents.

The wrath of Herod against the Magi of the East who had escaped from his power, enhanced by his fears of the divine and kingly Infant, occasioned the massacre of the Innocents, which led to the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt.

If, in the day of retribution, they sit at the feet of the Redeemer, surely they will appeal against us, then and there;against us who, in these days, through our reckless neglect, slay, body and soul, legions of innocents,poor little unblest creatures, "martyrs by the pang without the palm,"yet dare to call ourselves Christians.

The Massacre of the Innocents, as an event, belongs properly to the life of Christ: it is not included in a series of the life of the Virgin, perhaps from a feeling that the contrast between the most blessed of women and mothers, and those who wept distracted for their children, was too painful, and did not harmonize with the general subject.

The city, with the massacre of the Innocents, is seen in the background.

" "I saw them seize a young man who was quietly walking, singing psalms, and slay him on the steps of the Church of the Innocents," said another; "they cried and hooted, 'No more psalm-singing!'

But on the contrary when I looke on A Clytemnestra, or a Tullia; The first bath'd in her husbands blood; The latter, Without a touch of piety, driving on Her Chariot ore her fathers breathless trunk, Horrour invades my faculties; and comparing The multitudes o' th' guilty, with the few That did dye Innocents, I detest, and loathe 'm As ignorance or Atheisme.

Two Innocents should not feare one another.

Before parting, those two innocents permitted their host to open a bottle of wine as an evidence of the friendly feeling, and at the final leave-taking, they wasted enough politeness on each other to win a woman.

As for Madame de Mailly, she spent the last years of her troubled life in the odour of a tardy sanctitywashing the feet of the poor, ministering to the sick, bringing consolation to those in prison; and she was laid to rest amongst the poorest in the Cimetiรจre des Innocents, wearing the hair-shirt which had been part of her penance during life, and with a simple cross of wood for all monument.

A] innocents.

The kitchen was of noble sizefar larger even than the refectory at Holy Innocents' Orphanageand worthy of the feast Mrs. Tossell had arrayed there to celebrate the sheep-bringing.

He awoke to a sound which at first he mistook for the cawing of rooks there had been many rooks in the trees beyond the wall of Holy Innocents, between it and the Brewery.

The Reverend Purdie J. Glasson, LL.D., Holy Innocents' Orphanage, Bursfield.

*: 'Herod of Askelon'; Bruno's mind, which works in a fashion similar to the working of Sancho's brain in Don Quixote, is searching for a case of extreme cruelty, and he here probably recalls the slaughter of the innocents at the command of Herod.

The fourteen innocents are the children of Hazan and Husain.

who, what is the man who would dare live a life wrung from the agonies of tortured innocents?

If the party be of a small and social kind, and those games called by the French les jeux innocents are proposed, do not object to join in them when invited.

If the party be of a small and social kind, and those games called by the French les jeux innocents are proposed, do not object to join in them when invited.

So we shook hands and parted, and I saw my innamorata home to her residence at No. 70, Rue Aubry le Boucher, which opened upon the Marchรฉ des Innocents.