36 examples of insensitive in sentences

This prelude is the poem of Endymion, to which the Quarterly reviewer alone (according to Shelley) was insensitive, owing to feelings of 'envy, hate, and wrong.'

Even the window-breaking, though a perilous approach to the methods of the Pagan male, was only a damage to insensitive material for which the window-breakers were prepared to pay in conscious suffering.

Too late they would understand that all the joy was in the doing; too soon say to themselves: "Was it for this that our little world shook with such fiery commotion and molten ardours, that this present should be so firm and insensitive beneath our feet?

That momentary blank look of his had shown that he perceived the insensitive egotism of his wife's attitude.

The Object of the Operation is to render the foot insensitive to pain, and to give to an otherwise incurably lame animal a further period of usefulness.

Briefly, these morbid processes in laminitis may be described thus: The accumulated inflammatory exudate, and in some cases pus, weakens and destroys the union between the sensitive and insensitive laminæ.

'It will be seen that the accident occurred on June 20, a fortnight after which time I observed the horny crust to be forming from the coronet, and the insensitive laminæ at the same time, in which on every visit an increase of growth was perceptible, and it soon attained a thickness exceeding that of the other hoof, but which at the same time presented a more upright appearance.

In like manner the insensitive frog was being produced by the sensitive.

'The growth of the wall or crust and insensitive laminæ is not yet quite complete, nor is the sole, there being wanting about an inch of the horny substance of it, the entire completion of which I should rather doubt, as I mentioned in my former communication that the sensitive laminæ and a small portion of the sole were lacerated, and it is in these parts that the imperfections exist.

Once a bold and insensitive little girl, itching to know more of this story-book history, had broken the silence about Mrs. Fingál and had asked Camilla bluntly, "Say, who was your mother, anyway?"

She was as insensitive to all about her as to the too-abundant pictures of the morning.

It is possible that Professor Marshall's sociable nature not only shrank from the solitude which his wife would have endured with cheerfulness, but that he also wished to take advantage of this opportunity to come in closer touch with his second daughter, for whose self-contained and occasionally insensitive nature he had never felt the instinctive understanding he had for Sylvia's moods.

It is clear that to be effective, capable of carrying guns and comparatively insensitive to perforation by shot and shell, these things will have to be very much larger and as costly, perhaps, as a first-class cruiser.

And under the force of this tradition we idealise the rugged and unmanageable, we find something heroic in rough clothes and hands, in bad manners, insensitive behaviour, and unsociableness.

The effect she gives, of something creepily insensitive and most unpleasant, is unmistakable in these early chapters.

All life is a kindled fire in a variety of states, and every dead, insensitive thing is only dead because its fire is quenched or compressed, as in the case of a flint, which is in a state of death "because its fire is bound, compacted, shut up and imprisoned," but a steel struck against it, shows that every particle of the flint consists of this compacted fire.

Even publishers, normally an insensitive race are shaken, and books that were to have been issued have been held back.

One wonders he had the heart to do it, but the clerical mind is sometimes strangely insensitive to the privacy of thought.

Dr. Vogel's new process was not only no better in any respect, but the plates were insensitive to scarlet and ruby-red, and therefore would not photograph all colors in the true proportion of their brightness.

Dr. Vogel advanced the theory that silver-bromide is insensitive to yellow and red, because it reflects or transmits those colors; and that it becomes sensitive when stained, because of the optical properties of the dyes.

Occasionally a cell will persist in remaining in the insensitive state.

The before mentioned treatment raises it up for a moment, but, before the bridge can be balanced and the resistance measured, it again drops into the low or insensitive state.

In the earlier stages of my investigations, before the discovery of this dual state and the method of changing a cell from the insensitive to the sensitive condition, hundreds of cells were made, finished, and tested, only to be then ruthlessly destroyed and melted over, under the impression that they were worthless.

The properties of sensitiveness to light and to change of battery power are independent of each other, as I have cells which are sensitive to change of current but absolutely insensitive to lighttheir resistance remaining exactly the same whether the cells are in darkness or in sunlight.

Among the best "L B cells," some are "anode cells" and others are "cathode cells," while still others are absolutely insensitive to reversal of current or to the action of light.

36 examples of  insensitive  in sentences