148 examples of insolently in sentences

I have mentioned him both for that fact and to show how the Romans of that period respected men who were prominent through merit and hated those who behaved insolently, even on the very slightest grounds.

The European consuls are much to blame; they always carry their heads too high, if not insolently.

So, at least, they always said; but it was remarkable that their name could never be traced farther back than the dissolution of the monasteries: and Calumnious Dryasdusts would sometimes insolently father their title on James I. and one of his batches of bought peerages.

Why, sir, they growl as insolently now at the parson or the squire's wife if they don't get as much money as their neighbours, as they used to at the parish vestrymen under the old law.

England through her leaders is insolently crushing Indian religious and national sentiment under her heels.

The two men stared insolently at the occupants of the car and as it passed Sabota made some remark, evidently vulgar, that caused Dorsey to burst into another round of coarse laughter.

They placed but few, insolently.

Therefore, when Mr. Appleboy addressed to Mr. Tunnygate the remarks with which this story opens, the latter insolently replied in words, form or substance that Mr. Appleboy could go to hell.

he went on, glancing insolently around the table.

Florence Bagster, having insolently quarrelled with her mistress, had left her service without notice.

"Go away," he cried insolently.

In the eighth canto of the Inferno, the devils insolently refuse the poet and his guide an entrance into the city of Dis:an angel comes sweeping over the Stygian lake to enforce it; the noise of his wings makes the shores tremble, and is like a crashing whirlwind such as beats down the trees and sends the peasants and their herds flying before it.

He protested against our travelling more than six hours a day, and conducted himself so insolently, that we threatened to take him before the Pasha of Tarsus.

" "Nay, if you put on these airs, sweetheart," replied Parravicin, insolently, "I must alter my tone likewise.

apologists will insolently tell you, that you are the guilty ones who have tightened the bonds of the slave, increased his hardships, and blighted his prospect of freedom, by your mistaken kindness, in showing the slaveholder the enormity of his sin!

He called one morning to ask M. Permon's (a Royalist) custom, but was civilly told that the family had long employed a tradesman of his class, and could not change for a stranger: the man took the refusal so insolently, that he was at last turned out of doors, vowing revenge.

I care not what will become of my God, answered passion insolently; I will satisfy myself, and the resolution is taken.

What an insolently reckless head it was!

[Illustration: "What an insolently reckless head it was!"]

"Sir," broke in Lauzun, insolently, "you have made so many dukes that it is no longer an honor to be one, and as for the baton of marshal of France, your Majesty can give it me when I have earned it by my services."

A fleet and an army were sent to America to dislodge the enemies from the settlements which they had so perfidiously made, and so insolently maintained, and to repress that power which was growing more every day by the association of the Indians, with whom these degenerate Europeans intermarried, and whom they secured to their party by presents and promises.

"She is one of our enemies," replied the savage insolently.

It rose above the colorless flat of gray suddenly, unexpectedly, almost insolently.

No quarrelling among the lackeys!" cried Von Reuss, insolently, from the other side of the room.

No man was ever treated more insolently by hereditary sovereigns, from Czar and Kaiser and King to petty German princelings; and this insolence he has never repaid in kind, nor sought to repay in any manner.

148 examples of  insolently  in sentences