108 examples of inspiration to in sentences

The leader is to be the one who can carry the deepest spiritual inspiration to the hearts of his fellow-men.

"Hol' on a minute; supposin' I fergit whether I be a man er a woman?" Her love gave inspiration to her answer: "I'll lean on yer, Abe.

It is of at least as high value as an inspiration to constructive patriotism.

The young conqueror, on the eve of the battle of Issus, declared that he owed inspiration to the feat of the Ten Thousand.)

IV The influence of the Gesta Romanorum is most conspicuously to be traced in the work of Gower, Chaucer, and Lydgate; but it has served as a source of inspiration to the flagging ingenuity of each succeeding generation.

"If the laughing god will only lend me inspiration to-night, I will do my best to entertain the townspeople to-morrow.

Richardson gladly accepted the proposal, and had the happy inspiration to make these letters tell the connected story of a girl's life.

I have written in bed, and written out of it, written in sickness, written torn by coughing, written when my head swam for weakness..." Many have found in Stevenson's life an inspiration to overcome obstacles, to cease complaining, and to bear a message of good cheer.

It was from Marco Polo that Columbus derived his inspiration to seek a short road to the far East by steering to the West,finding a new world athwart his pathway.

Dickens, no doubt, owed much of his inspiration to Carlyle's tremendous prose epic.

But, also, there was nothing easy in this task, though she had the mighty theme of faithful love to dwell upon, and love's wondrous inspiration to enlighten her labor.

He had suggested that the condition of the family burial ground might be an inspiration to such strayings.

" Apparently it came as a real inspiration to all at once that they might be, for they began to withdraw with a celerity that was amazingly spontaneous.

The verdict of posterity does not grant him quite so exalted a niche in the temple of Fame, but his paintings have many solid merits and his friendship and favor were a source of great inspiration to the young artist.

As those who live among young people keep young themselves, and keep the ideals and pure aspirations of youth longer than those who live mainly among older people, so the presence of a school should be a source of joy and inspiration to the surrounding neighbourhood or district.

And King Albert, who defied Germany at the outset, shared the dangers of his soldiers in retreat and disaster, and throughout the war proved an inspiration to his people, has been spared to lead them to victory and has gloriously come into his own again.

The address reprinted here has appeared in hundreds of editions, and has been an inspiration to thousands of peoples all over the world.

I might not have found the inspiration to write today if something had not happened.

It came from William James a few months before his death, and will ever be an inspiration to me.

How far Mr. Pope's insinuation is true, that Mr. Welsted owed his inspiration to beer, they who read his works may determine for themselves.

" Mrs. Livermore has been an inspiration to girls to make the most of themselves and their opportunities.

With hot insistence I battled for the inspiration to be drawn from the beauty and grandeur of which human life was capable.

It was an inspiration to watch the blossoming of purer thoughts and higher aspirations, and to feel that we were cooperating with the invisible spirits in developing the hidden angels in this youthful army.

"I believe it also," said Miss Delany, hopefully, "and this thought has been a blessed inspiration to my life.

This ended a truly beautiful Christmas, for, aside from being unexpected and in striking contrast to the forlornness we had anticipated, we had been taken into the families of beautiful people, whose home life was an honor and an inspiration to share.

108 examples of  inspiration to  in sentences