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16062 example sentences with  instancing

16062 example sentences with instancing

He had even wished to get to them, to tread their beautiful blue summits that looked as if they would be soft to his feetsofter than the moist springy turf on the plain; but he wished it only as one wishes to get to some far-off impossible placea white cloud, for instance, or the blue sky itself.

On this occasion the admiral was at great pains to explain the nature of this phenomenon to the people by instancing the example of Aetna and several other known volcanoes.

Quintilian, for instance, records the effectiveness of clinging to the judge's knees, or of bringing into the court room the weeping child of the accused.

Mr. Henry White, who was present, observed that if this instance had happened in or before Pope's time, he would not have been justified in instancing the swine as the lowest degree of groveling instinct.

Before turning to the treasury of his noblest verse, I shall give six lines from a poem in the Arcadiachiefly for the sake of instancing what great questions those mighty men delighted in: What essence destiny hath; if fortune be or no; Whence our immortal souls to mortal earth do stow: What life it is, and how that all these lives do gather, With outward maker's force, or like an inward father.

We need not be afraid of instancing in the most favourable.

Communication is no longer by words, but by the instancing of whole biographies, epics, systems of philosophy, and epochs of history, in bulk.

There was a certain narrowness about the conceptions of both the Gracchi with regard to the transmarine world, which was common to all Romans; to which, for instance, Tiberius gave expression when he spoke of the conquest of the whole world as a thing which his audience had a right to expect; and this sentiment may have in this instance influenced Caius to use harshness.

There was a certain narrowness about the conceptions of both the Gracchi with regard to the transmarine world, which was common to all Romans; to which, for instance, Tiberius gave expression when he spoke of the conquest of the whole world as a thing which his audience had a right to expect; and this sentiment may have in this instance influenced Caius to use harshness.

It appeared as if all these maledictions were directed against him, as in these words, for instance: 'They shall go forth, and behold the carcases of those who have sinned against me, whose worm dieth not, and whore fires shall never be extinguished.'

If, for instance, the accomplishment of some Scripture prophecy was being shown to her, she often saw by the side of the illustration a child, who clearly designated the characteristics of such or such a prophet, by his position, his dress, and the manner in which he held in his hand and waved to and fro the prophetic roll appended to a staff.

Here is an instance.

In this instance [when he learned what was going on], he gave way to such violent rage that he could not keep the matter to himself, but communicated it to the senate.

Acts of violence inflame all men in every instance, even though such measures may be thoroughly just, but considerate treatment mollifies them.

One instance, in addition to what has been told, occurred in the case of Athenodorus.

For instance, she had once dedicated in her house an image to Augustus and in honor of the event wished to entertain the senate and the knights together with their wives, but he would not grant her permission to carry out any part of this program until the senate had voted it, and not even then to receive the men at dinner.

The following remark of his is worth instancing.

He mentioned the fiery tinge in the snow, for instance, yet shrank from telling that body and bed had been partly dragged out of the tent.... With the net result that Dr. Cathcart, adroit psychologist that he fancied himself to be, had assured him clearly enough exactly where his mind, influenced by loneliness, bewilderment and terror, had yielded to the strain and invited delusion.

In the present instance our Western kinsmen are described by one, if they will believe his own testimony, of the most candid and truthful of travellers,one who has viewed them and all their institutions, except one, with the most friendly eye, and who deeply regrets that so much of what is lovely and of good report should be marred and blotted by so much of what is disgraceful to a great and enlightened people.

'Cannot afford' in this instance meant 'dare not,' and Horace Smithson's thoughts as he paced the yew-tree walk were full of gloom.

One day, for instance, she came to my window and asked me if I would go for a walk with her.

For instance, instead of camera, cotto, curvo, they pronounce these words hamera, hotto, and hurvo with an exceeding strong aspiration of the h.

It is of a pale reddish marble, and tho' I perfectly agree with Forsyth, that colored marble is not at all adapted to statuary, yet in this instance it gives a wonderful effect and is strikingly suitable, as the slight reddish colour gives a full idea of the flesh after the skin is torn off.

For instance I heard an Englishman one day holding forth on the merits of the Vierge quisouse, as he called it.

Here are for instance, tablets to the memory of Metastasio, Rafael Mengs, Sacchini, Poussin, Winckelmann; the Phidias of modern days, the illustrious Canova, has recommended the placing in the Pantheon of the busts in marble of all the great men who have flourished in Italy, as the most appropriate ornament to this temple.

Why then, says the author of this pamphlet, is a similar act of disobedience to pass unnoticed in one instance and to be so severely punished in another?

"I ran across a chap in New York once, for instance," Mr. Grimm took the trouble to explain, "who could unlock any safethat is, any safe of the kind used at that timetwelve or fourteen years ago.

"The identity of the guilty person would never appear?" "It would become a matter of record in our office, but beyond that I think notat least in this one instance."

Whatever injustice I may have done you in the past by my suspicions has, I hope, been forgiven; and in each instance we were able to work side by side toward a conclusion.

"For instance, sitting at his desk there"and he turned to indicate it"he could readily see out the windows overlooking the street.

You, for instance, might be a close personal friend of the man whom you defeated for president.

[Footnote 3: Catullus, 38.] In this instance the circumstantial evidence is rather strong, for we are told by a commentator that Valgius, an early friend of Vergil's, wrote elegies to the memory of a "Codrus," identified by some as Cornificius: Codrusque ille canit quali tu voce canebas, Atque solet numeros dicere Cinna tuos.

Horace would clearly reject the former, represented for instance by Hortensius and Pacuvius, in favor of the austere dignity and force of the second, affected by men like Cornificius in prose and Varius and Pollio in verse.

Vergil does not wholly escape the powerful conventions of his Greek predecessors: in his fourth book, for instance, there are suggestions of the melodramatic "maiden's lament" so dear to the music hall gallery of Alexandria.

For instance, you should not eat a heavy meal just before playing.

For instance, in a brief passage discussing 'The Relations of Belief and Will,' James pointed out that belief is essentially an attitude of the will towards an idea, adding that in order to acquire a belief 'we need only in cold blood act as if the thing in question were real, and keep acting as if it were real, and it will infallibly end by growing into such a connection with our life that it will become real' (ii., p. 321).

It was the first and last independent step William IV ever took, and a most unconstitutional instance of royal interference.

Opposition from a direction making it savour of impertinence he stamped upon at once, without imagining the provocation or ideas from which it might possibly spring; he could not understand, for instance, that there might be two sides to the Chinese War.

It should contain a correct delineation of the position of a certain space of the globe, we will say, for instance, of England; let the children then be told to proceed from a certain spot, to go through certain counties, towns, &c., and to fetch a piece of cloth from Yorkshire, or a knife from Sheffield, cheese from Cheshire, butter from Dorset, or lace from Huntingdonshire, &c., &c.

But, with the shrewd common sense which marked his whole life and saved it from shipwreck in more than one instance, he never forgot that God helps them that help themselves, and so never missed an opportunity to acquire the knowledge that would prepare him for freedom and give him the means of escape from slavery.

At Garrison's instance Collins offered Douglass employment as lecturer for the Anti-slavery Society, though the idea of thus engaging him doubtless occurred to more than one of the abolition leaders who heard his Nantucket speech.

The disposition, for instance, of the French and British Fleets respectively at the present moment is not based upon an engagement to co-operate in war.

The late Mr. A. D. Bartlett, who was for years the superintendent of the Zoological Gardens in London, studied this question with minute care, and as a result of experiments and observations he positively affirmed that he had never met with one well-authenticated instance of a hybrid dog and fox.

We have seen that there is no authenticated instance of a hybrid between the dog and the fox.

The Shah, for instance, was 182 lb.

For, in the preface of this book, she takes occasion to speak of the misstatements of all those who have hitherto written on the subject of the poet, instancing the fallacies of Captain Medwin's book, and also, in an especial manner, though vaguely enough, the incorrectness, amounting to caricature, put forth by a later biographer, one of Shelley's oldest friends,by which she evidently means to indicate Mr. Hogg.

Curiously enough, though each chapter is intensely vivid, they become, through much instancing of the same unconquerable spirit, something monotonous, though never wearisome, in bulk.

"How do you mean what I do with my fame?" "For instance, do you wear it as a crown on your head, or as a golden fleece round your neck?

It would be the same, for instance, had I begun some literary work, and some unfortunate accident interrupted the even flow of my thoughts.

Thus, for instance, the way she treats her husband is enough to destroy any illusion as to her heart.

I had another instance of her cleverness.

For instance, I had suspected her of wanting to marry me after Davis's death,she proved me utterly in the wrong.

"Like this, for instance," he said, drawing a new line, "or like that.

For instance, after debating for half a day whether to go out or not, ought I not to take myself by the collar and thrust myself into the street?

I might count upon a favorable answer if I had written for instance like this: "Dearest aunt, send Kromitzki about his business; I beg Aniela to forgive me.

If, for instance, I were to lose my eyesight, Laura would care only in so far as she could show me off, a picturesque Demadoc, singing at her feast; but Aniela would take care of me even if she were not my wife.

For instance, I think of something that has no connection with it whatever; presently I am overcome by a feeling that something is missing, a great trouble seizes me, a fear as if I had forgotten something of great importance, not done a thing I ought to have done; and I find out that the thought of Aniela has percolated through every nook and cranny of the mind, and taken possession of it.

In the animal world, for instance, the weak ones mostly cling together, and those whom nature has endowed with powerful claws and teeth go single, because they suffice unto themselves.

I say this because I notice that since Wagner's time, music, compared, for instance, to painting, has taken a quite different direction.

I might be prompted by a less noble motive,for instance, to appear different from a Kromitzki,but from whatever motive, I should give it certainly.

If, for instance, I steal somebody's money, the disgrace falls upon me, and not upon the man who is robbed, according to the world's rule of honor; but if I rob him of his wife, it is not I, but the robbed man who is disgraced.

In my own experience I have seen only one instance where there was any perceptible attachment between husband and wife.

Wordsworth, for instance, gained his revelation of divinity through Nature, and through Nature alone; whereas to Blake "Nature was a hindrance," and Imagination the only reality.

Nettleship points out, for instance, that bread can only be itself, can only be food, by entering into something else, assimilating and being assimilated, and that the more it loses itself (what it began by being) the more it "finds itself" (what it is intended to be).

English mystics have, as a rule, dealt little with the theoretical side of mysticism, the aspect for instance with which Plotinus largely deals.

For instance, Shelley and Browning may both be called love-mystics; that is, they look upon love as the solution of the mystery of life, as the link between God and man.

This sense of unity is shown in many ways: for instance, in Browning's protest against the one-sidedness of nineteenth-century scientific thought, the sharp distinction or gulf set up between science and religion.

Henry Hamilton of Detroit, for instance (see Royal Gazette, July 15, 1780).

See also Parkman's "Oregon Trail" for an instance of a party of Missouri backwoodsmen who made a characteristic failure in an attempt on a buffalo band.

Of the direct effect of religion, one may give as an instance a common occurrence in Italy, namely, that of a thief being allowed to replace what he has stolen through the medium of his confessor, who makes this the condition of his absolution.

The same is not reported of the Hindoos and Buddhists, although we know, for instance, that Buddhism was driven out about the fifth century of our era by the Brahmans from its original home in the southernmost part of the Indian peninsula, and afterwards spread over the whole of Asia; yet we have, so far as I know, no definite information of any deeds of violence, of wars and cruelties by which this was brought about.

Fine words sometimes cover poor thoughts, and, I take it, this is an instance of what I mean.

p. 135.: "On the patent rolls in the Tower of London, under the year 1358, we have an instance of testimonials given by the king (Edward III.) on the same day, to two distinguished foreigners, one a noble Hungarian, the other a Lombard, Nicholas de Beccariis, of their having faithfully performed this pilgrimage."

For instance, had Mr. "T.H. Turner," when inquiring after beaver hats (No. 7.

Lasting injury has resulted in more than one instance, and no person should ever do it himself or permit it to be done by another.

"As to your beliefs, for instance," the clergyman resumed abruptly, "your religious beliefs, I mean.

"And an immense curiosity, of course" "It does not mean extinction for yougoing out like the flame of a candle, for instance?" "I have never been able to believe that, Mr. Skale.

For instance, while I speak," he added, laying the violin upon his companion's hand, "you will feel the vibrations of my voice run through the wood into your palm."

E natural, for instance, would be different.

Any personal danger, for instance, now?"

Yours, Robert Spinrobin, for instance, I can pronounce in a quarter of a second; but there may be names so vast, so mighty, that minutes, days, years even, may be necessary for their full utterance.

What about sounds, for instance, that have a wavelength of a hundred, a thousand miles on the one hand, or a millionth part of an inch on the other?

"With hers, for instance," indicating the housekeeper behind them.

Communication is no longer by words, but by the instancing of whole biographies, epics, systems of philosophy, and epochs of history, in bulk.

I hope I have not, in any single instance, misrepresented the thoughts of this admirable writer.

He had consulted her on all occasions upon the most trivial matters until the present instance.

Of this there is an instance, in a note of Johnson's preserved in his Life, too honourable to him to be here omitted.

"It is also recorded, as an instance of his prizing extraordinary merit, that when Gainsborough asked him but sixty guineas for his celebrated Girl and Pigs, yet being conscious in his own mind that it was worth more, he liberally paid him down one hundred guineas for the picture.

For instance, when he assumes, that in the portrait of Beattie, the figures of Scepticism, Sophistry, and Infidelity, represent Hume, Voltaire, and Gibbon; remarking, that they have survived the "insult of Reynolds."

"But there are many joys which one has to mistrust," said Lestrange; "mere sensual delights, for instance."

I would rather shave my head, for instance."

On this occasion the admiral was at great pains to explain the nature of this phenomenon to the people, by instancing the example of Etna and several other known volcanos.

There is reason to believe that if these wrongs had been resented and resisted in the first instance the present war might have been avoided.

Our own experience has taught us the wisdom of this maxim in the only instance, that of the guaranty to France of her American possessions, in which we have ever entered into such an alliance.

This weekā€™s announcement on post-Brexit sanctions, for instance, targeting grave abusers, follows its offer of UK citizenship for British Nationals Overseas in Hong Kong.

To be sure, critics have also addressed some of the largely unregulated on-demand economyā€™s harmful effects on consumers (see, for instance, Dean Baker, ā€œDonā€™t Buy the ā€˜Sharing Economyā€™ Hype: Airbnb and Uber Are Facilitating Rip-Offs,ā€

At least in this instance, audiences will have the option to stay at home if they have a HBO Max subscription.

For now the only way i found was to open the file in a FileIN DAT, clean it a bit and use it as Geo instancing DAT.

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