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1306 examples of  instinctively  in sentences

1306 examples of instinctively in sentences

I felt strangely confused, and, instinctively, tried to ward off the thing that licked.

The favorite food of the great marine mammal of the Pacific is the Squid, and as this little creature swarms in the vicinity of Hawaii, the cachalot instinctively goes there at certain seasons to chew its Squid by way of a Sandwich.

Instinctively, perhaps, he knew trouble was brewing, but he never altered his expression or his attitude, even when the wagon stopped at the printing office and the passengers leaped out.

Instinctively, I glanced toward the shuttered window, but the semi-circle of light was unobscured.

"They were to be offered first to madame at ten thousand francs each; should she refuse, they were then to be offered to M. le Duche would surely desire to possess them!" The veiled lady shivered a little, and her hand instinctively sought her bosom to assure herself that the precious packet was safe.

Mandy always instinctively avoided.

Instinctively the lad ducked.

Instinctively I stopped and stood stock-still.

I thought she was coming my way, and instinctively drew back against the wall.

Then I remembered the two small glasses on the little table across the room, and instinctively glanced at them.

But I felt hot rather than cold, and when I instinctively put my hand to my forehead, it came away wet.

" Instinctively he held out his hand.

Instinctively, the witness's right hand rose; it was as if he were mentally repeating his oath before he uttered coldly and with emphasis, though without any show of emotion: "It is.

There they seemed to falter, and the beating of my heart became so loud that I instinctively shrank away from my neighbour.

Instinctively, his eyes and mine met, and, at that moment, there was established between us an understanding that was in strong contrast to the surrounding turmoil, which now exceeded all limits, as the highly wrought up spectators realised that these statements, if corroborated, destroyed one of the strongest points which had been made by the prosecution.

Dropping the tongs, I turned and faced her, covering my cheek instinctively with my hand.

At a gesture from Mr. Moffat, Carmel proceeded: "I tottered at this threat; and she, a mother to me from my cradle, started instinctively to catch me; but the feeling left her before she had taken two steps, and she stopped still.

But my cheek began to burn, and instinctively I put up my hand.

Instinctively I darted forward in pursuit, but was soon passed by the man behind me.

Here they come!" I expected to see every man spring toward the walls in order to learn for himself what had caused the alarm, and at any other time they would have done so; but so great was the sense of impending danger that instinctively the garrison formed in line ready for orders.

Two constant attendants at Prometheus's receptions particularly alarmed her, the Princess Miriam, niece of the Bishop, a handsome widow accustomed to have things as she wished them; and a tall veiled woman who seemed unknown to all, but whose unseen eyes, she instinctively knew, were never averted from the unconscious Prometheus.

All day the people streamed aimlessly through the streets, like an impetuous torrent; they cast covetous glances on the houses of the citizens who had amassed wealth by acts of oppression; but they had no one to lead them; only, at the hour of Savonarola's sermon, they all flocked instinctively to the Duomo.

Such especially is the case in the works of nature, and in a country ramble with children their little voices are generally busy inquiring why this bird does this, or that plant grows in such a waya variety of questions, indeed, which unmistakably prove that the young mind instinctively seeks after knowledge.

Instinctively he put out his hand, backward, and thrilled through every nerve when something cool and small and tremulous slipped into it.

It is a general belief that a woman always knows, instinctively, when a man is going to propose to her.

He laid the sleeping squirrel on the bench, listened, then instinctively stood up and walked to the thicket's edge.

" "Why not?" Smith instinctively turned to look at the basket balanced daintily on the girl's knees.

A classical heroine in dire distress invariably exclaims aloud: "Will no one aid me?" Brown, whose automatic legs had compelled him to follow, instinctively awaited some similar appeal.

She felt for her hat instinctively, repinned it at hazard, looked at her gloves, and began to realize what she had done.

" But, at intervals, as they descended the flights of stairs, she turned instinctively to watch his progress, for he still moved with difficulty.

Allerdyke instinctively shrank back within the curtains of the smoking-room window.

Hence, though the statues of the gods are in human shape, it was not men that the Greeks worshipped, but those qualities of mind and those forms of beauty to which the cultivated intellect instinctively gave the highest praise.

Every man instinctively clings to life, to property, to home, to parents, to wife and children; and hence these are guarded in every community, and the violation of these rights is ever punished with greater or less severity for the sake of general security and public welfare, even if there be no belief in God.

Instinctively she put all her buoyant strength into the run.

Instinctively she drew back.

She looked almost instinctively for a change but none came.

The girl's eyes of scornful enquiry made her stiffen instinctively.

He seemed to know instinctively that it was not the moment.

I glanced instinctively at the little heap of powder.

A chronic invalid who entirely escapes it must be so nearly saint or angel that one instinctively feels as if their invalidism would soon end in the health of heaven.

Mr. Van Torp turned his head quickly in the direction of the sound, and at the same time instinctively led the little girl towards one side of the road.

Yet Logotheti, whom so many women thought irresistible, had felt instinctively that she was one of those who would smile serenely upon the most skilful and persistent besieger from the security of an impregnable fortress of virtue.

As a matter of fact Mr. Van Torp had been unconsciously and instinctively more interested in the accuracy of the division than in the very beautiful white fingers that performed it.

Emerging on the open sand-plain somewhat unexpectedly, I caused my party no little alarm; they instinctively grasped their rifles, imagining the approach of a party of hostile Indians.

At the conclusion of the Killibrew interview Peter instinctively felt that he had just about touched the norm of Hooker's Bend.

The girl obeyed him instinctively.

Hence our forefathers instinctively favored frequent sessions of the legislature.

You think instinctively of an adder that has lost its fangs, or of a wild cat that, being shorn of teeth to bite with and claws to tear with, is now a more helpless, more impotent thing than if it had been created without teeth and claws in the first place.

instintivamente, instinctively.

People are then relatively free in action and expression, things are going well with them, and they are instinctively inclined to let well enough alone.

The abbรฉ instinctively put his hands out to protect himself, crying, 'Grรขce!

Instinctively he felt he hadn't dined recklessly enough to account for these amazing symptoms.

She felt instinctively that the joke was thrown away on him, and, in the absence of any other audience, wanted to enjoy it without interruption.

"Take it out'" There was a quality in the command like frosty madness, which one instinctively obeyed.

Princes, bishops, cities, and citizens, agreed instinctively to counteract this worn-out and degenerate institution.

He believed, however, that Hotchkiss feared that exposure, and although his own instincts had been at first against that remedy, he was now instinctively in favor of it.

The Indian ryot everywhere turns instinctively to the sahib as his protector against all wild beasts.

Babe hid and resurrected chewing-gum as instinctively as a dog hides and resurrects his bones.

This restless, violent young adventurer, homeless, foot-loose, without discipline or duty, had turned to her in his trouble as instinctively as though she had been his mother.

But Sheila knew instinctively that these things could not be said, could not even be thought of by such a man as Marcus Arundel.

I instinctively glanced around and saw that her companion had just entered.

I traveled, not by sight, but instinctively.

I instinctively feel that Disbrowe is dogging us.

A little later, when the procession passed down the Dalkeith Road, everyone turned instinctively to the house in Spence Street, where he had lived his simple and godly life, unconscious that the eyes of men were upon him.

She knew instinctively that Fyfe once aroused would be deadly in anger and she could not vouch for Monohan's temper under the strain of feeling.

She repaired immediately to the nursery, and without knowing anything of the technical terms of the noble game of football, instinctively realized that Jack and Tommy were having a "scrimmage."

Robert for a moment saw a dusky face above him, and instinctively he clasped the body of a warrior in his arms.

A pointer puppy stands instinctively at game, and a young hound will run a fox; take the trouble, for many generations, to teach the hound to point and the pointer to run, and their two instincts will become entirely changed.

Instinctively I draw a long breath, and my lungs are filled with the precious air they will speedily lack.

You instinctively straightened yourself to try to put her on her feet again, but she'd already lost her balance" "I suppose that's what did happen," said Varick in a low voice.

At present I remember practically nothing at all, except instinctively.

He was next conscious of cold, and instinctively leaned forward to draw the quilt farther over his knees.

Unreflecting instinct was, after all, the best guide, and nations who acted instinctively towards their neighbours might justify themselves like the Parisian ruffians of ten years ago, by claiming to be 'strugforlifeurs.'

It is only here and there that a man is found, like Hawthorne, Judd, and Mr. Holland, who discovers or instinctively feels that this remoteness is attained, and attainable only, by lifting up and transfiguring the ordinary and familiar with the mirage of the ideal.

He instinctively loosened his grip upon his antagonist to save himself from the machine.

Her hand rose instinctively to defend something that lay near her heart.

And her eyes asked instinctively: "How did you know?"

All eyes instinctively turned to see how Mr. PEMBERTON-BILLING was taking it; but any anxiety that he may have felt was relieved when the HOME SECRETARY added that the statute in question was repealed in 1828.

The question instinctively arises, who next will fall?

Every reader will laugh at this denouement, and that laugh is eloquent proof that in saying there can be no real love without absolute monopolism of one heart by another I simply formulated and emphasized a truth which we all feel instinctively.

That fear does not perform an analogous office in cases of good fortune is due to the fact that we are instinctively more inclined to hope than to fear; just as our eyes turn of themselves to light in preference to darkness.

For instance, the sense of beauty which instinctively guides a man in his selection of a mate is misguided when it degenerates into the proneness to pederasty.

Similarly, the blue-bottle (Musca vomitoria), which instinctively ought to place its eggs in putrified flesh, lays them in the blossom of the Arum dracunculus, because it is misled by the decaying odour of this plant.

Inasmuch as two persons fulfil this necessary relation towards each other, it is instinctively felt by them and is the origin, together with the other relative considerations, of the higher degrees of love.

A girl who against the wish of her parents refuses to marry a rich man, still young, and ignores all considerations of convenance, in order to choose another instinctively to her liking, sacrifices her individual welfare to the species.

I had instinctively put the house between me and the smoke of battle when Amรฉlie came running down the hill in a high state of excitement, crying out that the French were "coming back," that there had been a "great victory," and that I was to "come and see.

I know now that if the need and opportunity had come to my gateas it mightI should, instinctively, have known what to do, and have done it.

I suppose some of these old schooners can be picked up for the price of an old song?" The captain, grating his chair along the floor, came nearer still; so near that Mr. Stobell instinctively put out his right elbow.

"Yes, you are rightbut for all that we do not instinctively admire effort as much as we admire easy brilliance.

That has not been conquered by expelling or whipping boys, or preaching about itit has been abolished by kindlier and gentler family life, by humaner school-masters living with and among their boys, till the happiness of more peaceful relations all round has been instinctively perceived.

I am instinctively averse from my own countrymen; they are at once remote and repulsive; but with Frenchmen I am conscious of a sense of nearness; I am one with them in their ideas and aspirations, and when I am with them, I am alive with a keen and penetrating sense of intimacy.

Thus poor human consciences have been sorely hurt and troubled as men have read, in stories such as those of Jael and Sisera and Jacob and Esau, of acts which their better nature instinctively condemned.

A compositor was, after all, a mere workman, and Keith felt instinctively that his mother looked with kindly contempt at the more primitive ways of the adjoining household.

The eyes were bright with intelligence chastened by sentiment, the features at once delicate and spirited, and altogether the picture was one of those visions of blended youth, grace, sweetness, and intellect, from which the fancy instinctively infers a tale of love, genius, or sorrow, according to the mood of the spectator.

God has so willed it, that the mightiest intellect which strives unavailingly to comprehend the wisdom and glory of his creation, and the feeblest intelligence which knows only and instinctively his love, shall alike find in that love their highest solace and delight.

The Russian peasants whom we met instinctively took off their frosty fur hoods and gazed wonderingly at us as we passed, as if we had mysteriously dropped down from some celestial sphere.

Instinctively and without need of command the emigrants had pushed on toward this edifice.

When Clara beheld Manga Colorada seize Thurstane, she had turned instinctively and leaped into the enclosure, with a feeling that, if she did not see the tragedy, it would not be.

Instinctively he must have felt it was a psychological moment when a man is required to take responsibilityto presume even on his power, and that in a moment's hesitation all might have been lost.

Primitive men likewise almost instinctively sense the feelings and designs of other men.