Do we say interment or internment

interment 199 occurrences

As between being burned alive and buried alive, I'm for the respectable and time honoured fashion of interment.

'The first care must be to find the exact place of interment, that the stone may protect the bodies.

There may have been, he thinks, some difficulty in finding the exact place of interment.

The Knight's first inquiry at the Abbey in giving orders, as the most acting executor, was"What would be the difference in the expense between a public and private funeral?" and was told only a few pounds to the prebendaries, and about ninety pairs of gloves to the choir and attendants; and he then determined that, "as Dr. Johnson had no music in him, he should choose the cheapest manner of interment."

Sometime afterwards, the most beloved of the emperor's wives died, and her death was made public on the eighth day of the month Jomada-al-awake, the next day being appointed for her interment.

June 28th he declined to sign a memorial asking for the interment of Mr Spottiswoode in Westminster Abbey, stating as his reason, "I take it, that interment possessing such a public character is a public recognition of benefits, political, literary, or philosophical, whose effects will be great and durable.

June 28th he declined to sign a memorial asking for the interment of Mr Spottiswoode in Westminster Abbey, stating as his reason, "I take it, that interment possessing such a public character is a public recognition of benefits, political, literary, or philosophical, whose effects will be great and durable.

During his exile a fresh interment took place in this island cemetery, that of his last canine favourite, the poor 'Chevalier de Perlinpinpin,' who, after vainly fretting for his absent master, died at last of sheer grief and loneliness.

Holinshed affirms that the corpse of Henry the Sixth bled as it was carrying for interment; and Sir Kenelm Digby so firmly believed in the truth of the report, that he has endeavoured to explain the reason.

"] [Footnote 88: The great cross in West Cheap was originally erected in 1290, by Edward I., in commemoration of the death of Queen Ellinor, whose body rested at that place, on its journey from Herdeby, in Lincolnshire, to Westminster, for interment.

The cruel punishment of treason had been, after some objections, commuted for decapitation, and the dead body was delivered for interment to his friends.

It provides for many of us from birth to burialmidwifery, nursery, education, board and lodging, vaccination, medical attendance, medicine, public worship, amusements, and interment.

There they will lie until the Judgment Day, unless their kinsfolk be of sufficient wealth and influence to find their burial places and dig them up and bring them home privily for interment.

The colored man followed his soldier-master from place to place, and when a Northern bullet put an end to the career of the master, the servant reverently conveyed the body back to the old home, superintended the interment, and commenced a daily routine of watching, which for more than thirty years he had never varied.

Three junior performers received ten guineas a day apiece: one of them held a watching brief for the Dean and Chapter of the Abbey, who, being members of a Christian fraternity, were pained and horrified by the defendants' implication that they had given interment to a valet, and who were determined to resist exhumation at all hazards.

He had not asked to be buried in Westminster Abbey; his interment had been forced upon him.

It is with regret that the writer feels obliged to differ from the distinguished author of the work quoted regarding urn-burial, for notwithstanding that it has been employed by some of the Central and Southern American tribes, it is not believed to have been customary, but to a very limited extent, in North America, except as a secondary interment.

This mode of interment was practiced to only a limited extent, so far as can be discovered, and it is quite probable that in most cases it was employed as a temporary expedient when the survivors were pressed for time.

A method of interment so closely allied to surface burial that it may be considered under that head is the one employed by some of the Ojibways and Swampy Crees of Canada.

The next mode of interment to be considered is that of cairn or rock burial, which has prevailed and is still common to a considerable extent among the tribes living in the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas.

Twelve youths of noblest birth Did bear him to interment; the whole army Follow'd the bier.

After this interment of 85 years, the face was found not decomposed, but perfect; the mouth extendedthe teeth and eye-brows unimpaired, and to the touch, the flesh solid (covered with a cloth) and no appearance of worms; which puzzles the common opinion that such insects prey upon the dead: "And food for worms brave Percy!" exclaimed Prince Henry over the expiring body of Hotspur.

The canoe that carries a corpse to the place of its interment is, from that time, taboo'd and laid up; and if any one by chance touches it, he does so at his peril.

I conceive it to have been the offering and assassination of Abel by his brother Cain; the escape of the murderer; the discovery of the body by his disconsolate parents, and its subsequent interment, under a certain belief of its final resurrection from the dead, and of the detection and punishment of Cain by divine vengeance.

He pronounced a learned funeral discourse or lament over the hero's remains, which were then embalmed and conveyed to Blaive for interment.

internment 17 occurrences

Vessels designated for internment shall be ready to leave German ports within seven days upon direction by wireless.

For, imprisonment or internment of the Khalif in his own capital will be not only a mockery of fulfilment but it would he adding injury to insult.

It is probable that the money was sent home again, or forwarded officially to the new place of internment, and this takes a long time.

When the internment camp was opened a hundred prisoners applied for treatment daily; many had suffered great privations previous to their capture.

Our captor, an unctuous, pink-cheeked politzei, made his appearance not far from the internment camp.

*** A German prisoner named BOLDT has escaped from Leigh internment camp.

At the same time that the body is being fitted for internment, the squaws having immediate care of it, together with all the other squaws in the neighborhood, keep up a continued chant or dirge, the dismal cadence of which may, when the congregation of women is large, be heard for quite a long distance.

*** Several parties of Germans who escaped from internment camps have been recaptured with comparative ease.

It will be seen how worry, deceptions, mortification, and the outrages with which he was overwhelmed by the cynical wits of the press combined to drive him to that degree of madness which necessitated his internment in Healthful House.

When Mr. King asked him to be more careful about interning alien friends without trial, since he (Mr. King) had just heard of the great reception accorded in Petrograd to one Trotsky on his release from internment, Sir George Cave replied that he was sorry he had never heard of Trotsky.

The weight of suspicion had been so strong against Veronica that nothing could stand against it; her internment had been ordered by the agents of the government.

They were now awaiting the arrival of the internment papers from Washington; when these came she would be taken away.

It was not too late yet to save Veronica from internment.

We were informed, however, that the delay in releasing Charles the First from internment was due to the necessity of repairing sundry damages to his fabric, due, I understand, not to Zeppelins or Gothas, but to the corroding tooth of Time.

Time stood still; my internment in England, 1914-1918.

Time stood still; my internment in England, 1914-1918.

If the Germans should get us, the least that would happen to me would be internment until the end of the war.

Do we say   interment   or  internment