1297 examples of interposed in sentences

"Uncle" and Grace hurriedly interposed, in time to save the string from being pulled.

interposed Anderson.

It grew up without the lullaby of nurses, it was a stranger to the patient fondle, the hushing caress, the attracting novelty, the costlier plaything, or the cheaper off-hand contrivance to divert the child; the prattled nonsense (best sense to it), the wise impertinences, the wholesome lies, the apt story interposed, that puts a stop to present sufferings, and awakens the passion of young wonder.

"There was no necessity, Strides, for saying anything about that affair"the captain, modestly, interposed.

"That will depend on your errand," interposed the captain.

As soon as Mrs. Willoughby, however, interposed, the gleam of ferocity that passed so naturally and readily athwart the swarthy features of the savage, melted into a look of gentleness, and there were moments when it might be almost termed softness.

There lay the Indian, precisely as he had fallen, no warrior having interposed to save him from the scalping- knife.

To all his objections her answer had been ready: "Nay, Piero, it is meet for thee; they need one strong and brave, of whom they stand in dread, who knoweth their ways" "As much bad as good," Piero had interposed frankly, and not without asseverations well known to gondoliers.

This powder hath a marvelous power to still the blood which floweth over-swiftly" "We have proof more than sufficient for the arrest, your Excellency," interposed the officer of the guards, as he gave the signal.

Again the Doge would have spoken compassionate words, but the other interposed: "The State hath little use for the lady's lifesave in her keeping.

And jewels of rubino in the eyes of it; and a tongue" "Cosi!" interposed Giuseppe, with dramatic effectiveness, thrusting out his own with relish.

" "Don't you believe him, Berkeley," interposed Thorndyke.

" Here Thorndyke interposed with an indulgent smile at his junior: "My learned friend is treating the inquiry with unbecoming levity.

he replied, as who should say: "Does it matter?" "ButGott in Himmel!" "Sturm," Victor interposed, critically, "if you Bolsheviki were a trifle more consistent, one might repose greater faith in your sincerity.

" "Yer see, Missy Rosy," interposed Chloe, "

In that land there are many provinces, the greater part of which are not yet subjected to the Moals, and the sea is interposed between them and India.

"No one, of a surety, my dear Sue," here interposed Sir Marmaduke, speaking in his usual harsh and dictatorial way, "but this is a strange and somewhat peremptory question for a young maid to put at this juncture.

" "He was a curious sort of man, your Honor," here interposed Pyot.

" De Chavasse would again have interposed.

interposed Sir Marmaduke, striving to sneer, although his voice sounded quite toneless, for his throat was parched and his tongue clove to the roof of his mouth, "by Gad! 'twere vastly interesting to hear your ladyship's views.

Forsooth, I trust ..." "My money and my securities, sir," she interposed with obvious hauteur, "which I had last night and in this self-same room placed in the hands of Prince Amédé d'Orléans, my husband.

Are ye still hard of hearing?" "Your pardon, Sir Marmaduke," interposed Lambert firmly, "my aunt is old and feeble.

And I'll hesitate no longer," she interposed firmly.

Squire Boatfield would have interposed.

Then she tiptoed to his side, interposed the parasol between him and the sun, and brushed away the flies.

1297 examples of  interposed  in sentences
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