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1654 example sentences with  into the house

1654 example sentences with into the house

Every one stood aghast at this rash determination; but Acton hurried off into the house, and soon returned with the skates.

A vague idea that a thief might have got into the house and she had seen him escape by the tower window did indeed, as she says, cross her mind, and that supposition prevented her from approaching the tower to satisfy her curiosity.

They passed into the house, and the door was shut.

turning back into the house, where the boys lay sleeping.

" In a few minutes the dead body was carried into the house by George, the Asiatic servant, aided by a villager who happened to pass by.

One day Martin ran into the house looking very flushed and joyous, holding up his pinafore with something heavy in it.

"Come in," said she; and we followed her into the house.

A strange and unanalysed sense of secrecy had fallen upon them; Gloria whispered, "Good-night, Mark," and then calling, "Here I am, mamma; just cooling off," she went skipping down the porch, slipped her arm about her mother, and carried her back into the house.

She took me right into the house, through the back door, and down a long flight of steps, across a hall, and into a snug kitchen.

But they went into the house and barred it everywhere.

"I'll take the other, and, if I'm not mistaken, we can lead her into the house."

They all went into the house.

She invented a pretext to draw him into the house, and kept him there nearly a quarter of an hour before she could make up her mind to speak her thoughts.

Come right into the house."

On catching her eye, he smiled kindly, and pursued his way into the house, talking to himself.

Amongst the notices in the Diary of these meetings, are the following: 8 mo. 16.A public meeting at Wooldale, to which name many more people than could get into the house.

"Blamed if I can figure her out," Skinny said to himself as Carolyn June ran lightly into the house.

Each Sunday sounded from the church the pealing of the organ to the song of the congregation, and the tones floated over the street, into the house, where the Jewish girl attended to her work, diligent and faithful in her calling.

Even so, when he rolled out of the litter and advanced with his courtliest bow to escort Marcia into the house, she recognized his fear and mocked him: "You are bilious?

I went back into the house and told my wife that they were Yankees who had just passed.

As we drove past them, young McGee went running into the house, saying to his mother: "It is Louis and George, and I'll kill one of them to-night."

Ye've niver asked, serjeant, how the majjor got into the house, and ye a military sentry in the bargain!"

Then your manner of getting into the house requires an explanation.

Then she burst into tears, and, throwing her apron up before her face, she held it against her eyes and went, backward, into the house.

And at the tail of her words she gave a stiff nod and hurried into the house.

Mercy ran into the house, breathless with amusement and wonder, and gave her mother a most graphic account of this strange interview.

So I carried the milk into the house, and Harriet said in her heartiest tone: "You are late, David.

The only ants who come into the house are the minute, harmless, and most useful 'crazy ants,' who run up and down wildly all day, till they find some eatable thing, an atom of bread or a disabled cockroach, of which last, by the by, we have seen hardly any here.

The gates of the citie are all couered with yron, the entrance into the house of the Christians is a very low and narrow doore, barred or plated with yron, and then come we into a very darke entry: the place is a monastery: there we lay, and dieted of free cost, we fared reasonable well, the bread and wine was excellent good, the chambers cleane, and all the meat well serued in, with cleane linnen.

On the 9th, Prynne found his way into the house, and maintained his right against his opponents till dinner-time.

I should have been glad to establish that boy in life, but he crawls into the house drunk.

So they lived till Sunny was four years old, when suddenly, one bright day in June, she left the roses in her garden with broken stems, but ungathered, and, tottering into the house, fell across the threshold, flushed and sleepy,as they who lifted her saw at once, in the first stage of a fever.

"A fortnight passed, the poor abandoned mother had given up all hope of ever seeing the father of her three children again, when one eveningit was last Fridaya man, wrapped in a black cloak, introduced himself into the house, and made inquiries of the conciergea great patriot, and commander of the 114th Battalionwhether Mademoiselle O... were at home?

"Help me fetch him into the house, Dad!"

"They tell me that another fresh body has been put into the house, since I last came down the mountain" remarked Pierre, who was quietly disposing of a mule in a manner more favorable for Adelheid to mount: "the mastiff scents the dead.

Before going into the house he took off his shoes.

"Why, certainly," said Miss Annie, and she went into the house.

Jennifer led Jacky into the house.

Then he ran up the ladder and rushed into the house, screaming to the Malaki's sister, "Give me back my gold necklace!

I went into the house laughingat myself a little.

Maurice Wyvil, as his friends conjectured, had found his way into the house.

"If he gets into the house without my knowledge, I will forgive him," replied the apprentice.

Committing Amabel to her care, the earl then alighted, and followed them into the house.

A young lad, who had been killed by a slug entering his head, was brought into the house where the boys were on that occasion.

A short time after his men had gone, he sent the remaining man to bring some water from the river; the man returned into the house immediately, and told him an Indian had broken open the store, and was in it.

One chair was large enough to hold us both when we got into the house, and the big clock on the wall with long weights reaching almost to the floor and red roses painted around its white face, did not tick long before we were deaf to its sound, telling each other about the doings of the day.

"Give me the little girl, I can take care of her too," she continued; and with little Em on one arm and the carpet bag on the other, she led the way into the house.

Saw herthe girl who had just had all the concentrated passion of the Her of the worldturn and follow you into the house.

They ran into the house, calling for their parents in excited voices, and pouring out incoherent exclamations.

and Sylvia laughed at him, with the tears of sympathy in her eyes, and leaving him there on the bench staring before him at the living fire of the flame-colored flowers, she ran with all her speed into the house.

For the first time in her life, her father repelled her, shrinking away from her with a brusque, involuntary recoil that shocked her, thrusting her arms roughly to one side, and rising up hastily to retreat into the house.

When at last she came running with open mouth, I took her up the rock-steps, and into the house, and there she has lived, one of the gable-tips, I now find (that overlooking the sea), being just visible from the north-east corner of the palace-roof, two miles from it.

"I had almost despaired of you," she told Miss Sterling and Polly, as she walked with them into the house.

Then recollecting himself, "We will go into the house, and examine further however."

At last one day he broke his halter, and frisking into the house just as his master sat down to dinner, he pranced and capered about, mimicking the frolics of the little favourite, upsetting the table and smashing the crockery with his clumsy efforts.

He could hardly drag himself into the house.

and then ran into the house and to bed, her cheeks all aflame at the thought of her indiscretion, and yet with a certain comfort in having a friend from whom she had no secrets.

I did not understand him then, but on December 2d at eleven o'clock my father called us all into the house and all that hour from eleven to twelve o'clock we sat there in perfect silence.

She dashed into the house, and found a demoralised kitchen-maid calling incoherently for help down the telephone.

The Indians entered the town before dawn Feb. 29, 1703, broke into the house, murdered two children and a servant and carried the rest into the wilderness.

"'It is the Russian expedition which Spain has ordered us to treat courteously,' exclaimed Don Luis, bursting into the house, his face aglow with excitement.

So Ápi-k[)u]nni got up, and followed the beaver into the house.

It was seven o'clock in the evening when she refused to let me come into the house.

Then came unto him, sent by God, the man whose life he had meant to take: "Ananias entered into the house; and, laying his hands on him, said, Brother Saul, the Lord, even Jesus, who appeared unto thee in the way which thou earnest, hath sent me."

Mrs. Rymer was just able to resume her normal habits, to write many letters, teach her children, pay visits in distant parts of Londonthe care of the baby being still chiefly left to Miss Sheppersonwhen, on a pleasant day of spring, a little before lunch-time, Mr. Rymer rushed into the house, calling in an agitated voice his wife's name.

At this, my dear husband, Colonel Lambert (who is sure the most Samaritan of men) hastens away, and presently, with the aid of the servants, and followed by two ladies,one of whom is your cousin, Lady Maria Esmond and the other Baroness of Bernstein,brings into the house such a pale, beautiful young man!

Then she takes some of them into the house and keeps them in the dark, and they blossom all through the cold weather.

She scolded her husband if he brought the slightest speck of dust into the house on his shoes.

Turning, and linking an arm in that of each of his guests, Mr. Jefferson led them into the house, followed by the servants carrying their travelling things.

Mr. Bob made a leap for the bird as he fell, but Hinpoha seized him by the collar and dragged him into the house.

She went into the house, but Harber didn't follow her.

Isaac ran into the house, laughing with all his might, to tell how the cow had kicked over Polly and the pail of milk.

He spoke not a word; the doctor went into the house with him, and Joe led me to the stable.

But about half an hour afterwards, we saw her come into the house and try to mix quietly with the crowd; but it was of no use, her companions soon noticed she had a clean face, and pushed her to the front to be inspected.

If Mrs. Mott was on the lawn, Mrs. Fry would go into the house; if Mrs. Mott was in the house, Mrs. Fry would stay out on the lawn.

Getting me into the house with my mother-in-law, was so important a part of the plan of salvation, that to effect it, I was left without support or compensation for my services as teacher, tailor, dress-maker, for my husband's family.

and strode into the house.

And without waiting to watch the issue of her suggestion, her eyes dancing with mischief, she turned and ran singing and laughing into the house.

Joyce followed her admiringly into the house.

She did not wait to salute us, but flew into the house, crying, "Oh!

On the first morning, I was saluted with a volley of iced snow balls as hard as brickbats, and I at once reciprocated these favors by knocking down the leader, dragging him into the house, and giving him a sound cowhiding, and when the vinegar-faced committee came in later I was busily engaged in teaching their sons to dance to this same useful instrument.

But I had to do it," he said, and gave him decent interment at the end of the garden; washed his hands carefully and went into the house on pleasanter duties.

"Now where's that key?" Lawyer Quince took his son by the arm and led him into the house, from whence they almost immediately emerged with Ned waving the key.

Ruth got up suddenly, and went into the house for something.

The natives are much too fond of having tanks within a few feet of their windows, so that the vapours from the water go directly into the house.

Johnnie being not yet so strong as before his accident, now went into the house to rest, and Swan proceeded to explain matters.

The threatening clouds had driven almost every one into the house.

I nodded, and hurried him into the house where I lived, fearful lest some mischance should bring the party from the castle riding by.

I was vexed, thinking it was done purposely, and brushed my shoulder where he came in contact, as if dust had fallen on me, and jumped out without looking at him, and ran into the house.

However, he had gone into the house of a missionary, and he (with several white people) was poisoned by eating of a pie made from tinned meat, the tin having been opened and the meat left in it all night.

Why is there so much dirt brought into the house?

Does the value of the thing that may be found there justify me in breaking into the house of another's life?

One cold, stormy morning, as they sat before a blazing fire, cracking hickory-nuts, the farmer burst suddenly into the house, which was built of logs, and contained but one room, and commenced taking down his rifle.

When he left college he became schoolmaster at Monymusk, where he wrote some pieces that attracted attention, and Sir Archibald Grant took him into the house, and allowed him the full use of a very fine library.

Think of a MOSFET in place of the light switch: the switch itself is the "gate", the "source" is the power coming into the house, and the "drain" is the light bulb.

When some guerillas came into the house, they demanded his wife Elizabeth let them look in the basement.

At 7:39 p.m., Emma Wright was inside a home in the 10800 block of South Morgan Street when two assailants began shooting into the house from outside, according to police and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

To Mrs Warren’s credit I will say that she did step into the house and said ‘I sense a malignant presence in this house, her name is Bathsheba’.

The fourth little pig appeared at the door, and she was their big sister, and the little pigs opened the door and pulled her into the house, and she said, why are you hiding in the house?

The story of how a bat accidentally gets into the house is prefaced by somewhat slow, unnecessary detail of how the teenage author was allowed to try driving her aunt’s car.