1564 examples of into the house in sentences

How funny you should do just what the angel did in my dream!" Willie ran about with her here and there through the ruins, into the house, up and down the stairs, and through the garden in many directions, until he was satisfied he must have thoroughly bewildered her as to whereabouts they were, and then at last sped with her up the stair to the fork of the elm-tree.

And she had behaved like a frightened servant-maid; had not only clung to himhad she clung to him, or was it only fancy?but had left him without a word of thanks, had allowed him to wait there, and then had waved her hand to him just as she had seen Jessie, the maid, wave her hand to her "young man" after they had parted, and she was going into the house.

Then, laying it aside, he passed by, and, leaving her sobbing in the dusk, went on into the house and up the stairs to the closed room.

That day, while Mr. Hardwick was taking his dinner, his second son, Milton, who had been fishing at the dam, came running into the house quite out of breath.

'They took leave of her, [very respectfully, no doubt,] and she went into the house, and asked, if she could not have a dish of tea, and a room to herself for half an hour.

Peter and John went back into the house, and after saying a few words to the other disciples followed her as speedily as possible, but John far outstripped Peter.

He goes into the house, and finds a couple of Lapps sitting down.

Finally he reached the house of Diwata, and went up into the house.

Aminadab now saw Janet go into the house.

"Go into the house, Demetri, and ask Papa Ivanovitch to come hither"for in the family of every Russian noble a priest resides, as a matter of course.

Except that stealing into the house where lay asleep the wife he so dearly loved made a cruel assault upon his feelings, the adventure presented no difficulties.

One evening she rushed into the house bubbling over with excitement and joyously proclaimed: "Oh, Eliza, Miss Hutchinson is going to give a great dinner to her pupils on Thanksgiving Day; and I am to go, and you also, as her guest.

This man contrived to creep into the house by some privy entrance, and roamed about it till he found the master.

You go into the house and show yourself at the bar.

Jimmie dashed into the house, seized one of the wounded men by the shoulders and tried to drag him off the improvised bed on which he had been laid.

Now and then a member in full evening dress would lounge into the House, with that air of perfect self-satisfaction which tells of a good dinner by no means conducted on total-abstinence principles.

His relations might have come into the house to try and make themselves agreeable to him, and he would appear and they would vanish. ...

Jesus went into the house to find His illustrations for the conduct of the heavenly Father.

'I am going into the house now.

At this they started to run and ran as hard as they could until they got to the house and all the way the head came rolling after until it rolled right into the house.

Well, you see, the common sense of the position is that if he went into the house and never came out, he must be in the house still.

At last he had come, and Katy had carried him off into the house in triumph, showing himshowing is the word, I thinkshowing him to her mother, whom he kissed tenderly, and to her step-father, and most triumphantly to Isa, with an air that said, "Now, isn't he just the finest fellow in the world!"

When the second Mrs. Plausaby had come into the house, Mr. Plausaby had been glad to continue the arrangement, in the hope, perhaps, that Isa's good taste might modify that lady's love for discordant gauds.

He had half turned, and was on the point of walking silent into the house, when he bethought himself of the impression it would make on the unbeliever, if he were thus to meet the offer of his kindness.

Whether such suggestion was right or wrong, was to Faber not of the smallest consequence: it was in itself a sacrilege, a breaking into the house of life, a causing of that to cease whose very being was its justification.

1564 examples of  into the house  in sentences