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298 example sentences with  inundated

298 example sentences with inundated

The rains had fallen so copiously that the streams overflowed their banks, the marshes were full and the prairies inundated.

By this, twenty houses in one immediate neighborhood, on the west bank of the river alone, were at once inundated, but without loss of life.

Some short while afterwards Florence was inundated by rain to such an extent that the vengeance of God was inferred, and, casting about for a reason, the Florentines decided that it was because Jacopo had been allowed to rest in sacred soil.

anegarse, to be inundated (or submerged).

No traces of stock could be found; this however is easily accounted for, as the country had been inundated last season.

Shirt-sleeved householders, leaning against their door-posts smoking, exchanged ideas across the narrow space paved with cobble-stones which separated their small and ancient houses, while the matrons, more gregariously inclined, bunched in little groups and discussed subjects which in higher circles would have inundated the land with libel actions.

When Sextus Papinius became consul with Quintus Plautius, the Tiber inundated a large part of the City so that it remained under water, and a much more extensive section in the vicinity of the hippodrome and the Aventine was devastated by fire.

At daybreak they intend holding a general assembly for the purpose of criminating me, and stirring up the people against you; to-morrow, therefore, Enna will be inundated either with your blood, or that of its own inhabitants.

That oil fed lighthouses of the first order and illuminated viceregal balls and durbars before paraffin and kerosene inundated the earth.

In spring-time, during heavy rains, the plains are frequently inundated to a depth of two or three feet, and the water, stagnating and rotting under a blazing sun, produces towards nightfall a thick white mist, pregnant with miasma and the dreaded Shirรกz fever which has proved fatal to so many Europeans, to say nothing of natives.

In Limburg postmen made their rounds while Prussians inundated the region, and peasants went right along with their sowing while down the road troops were falling back from the firing-line.

The fish will gorge themselves with worms picked up on the inundated meadows, until they are so full that the worms actually begin falling out of their mouths.

But during the nine years that it took to bore the great tunnel, what juvenile activity there was here, what feverish eagerness in this village, crowded, inundated, overflowed by workmen from Italy, from Tessin, from Germany and France!

Behind these dunes the country is flat, and in most parts below the level of the sea; so that when the tides rise high enough to pass over the breaks in the dunes, the country is inundated, when, by the intense heat of the sun, the water is very speedily evaporated, and a salt incrustation, to a great extent, is formed upon the plains.

The low land, at least that part over which the fires had not passed, Was covered with a thickly matted broom-grass; and, where it was burnt off, the soil was observed to be composed of a hard and stiff clay, the surface of which bore the appearance of having been frequently inundated, either by high tides, or, more probably, by freshes in the rainy season.

Several creeks, communicating with the low inundated land behind the mangroves, joined the main stream at intervals on both sides; but they were not interesting enough in their appearance to detain us.

I will leave my pen inundated with the solar rays of this city of which I could only see a vague outline.

The land where it is raised is often inundated, and the labor of preparing it, and raising a crop, is very arduous.

The land where it is raised is often inundated, and the labor of preparing it, and raising a crop, is very arduous.

The rains set in so early in 1315, and continued so violently, that most of the seed of that year perished in the ground; the meadows were so inundated, that the hay crop of that year was utterly destroyed.

On a board near the gate is a record of the great sea flood during the storm of 1824, when the country around was inundated to a depth of 22 feet.

Clinging with his hands and feet to these wavering timbers, which are almost disjoined, half inundated by the wave, which is encroaching more and more upon his last asylum, he directs his steps towards the spot where he had deposited his arms and furs; he takes from among them his Bible, not to read it, but to clasp it to his heart, whose agitation and terror seem to grow calm beneath its sacred contact.

Were the place of meeting on either of the great oceans, some regions would be deserted, and others would be inundated by the waters of the sea.

Unfortunately, however, while his royal and noble guests were still seated at the elaborate and costly banquet which had been prepared for them, a terrific storm burst over the edifice, and information was brought to the host that the waters had become so swollen as to have overflowed their banks, while the pent-up canal which he had just driven back had inundated the court, and was pouring itself in a dense volume through the offices.

However, we reached the lake, to find the steamer waiting, tied to the top of one of the largest oaks a half mile from the actual shore, for the country was so inundated that we floated over entire villages as we boated out to it.

The roads were fetlock deep in mud, and the whole region so inundated that we often had to take across country, profiting by the ridges to avoid fording the unconjecturable depths of water in the ancient roads.

The river, which does not ordinarily rise until the month of June, now rose with inconceivable rapidity, preceded by a violent storm, and in a few hours inundated the whole Irรขk.

"England was inundated with the foreign follies and vices in his train.

Before reaching the Missouri, the water of the Mississippi is perfectly limpid; but, from the mouth of that river it becomes turgid and muddyflows through a flat, inundated country, and seems more like an immense flood, than an old and deep-channelled river.

At high water the river rises three feet above any part of the city; consequently, were it not for levรฉes that have been constructed here, and also along the banks of the river for more than a hundred miles, at both sides, above and below, the whole country would be periodically inundated.

In the agricultural states, slave labour is found to be altogether unproductive, which causes this market to be inundated:within the last two months, 5000 negros have been sold here.

The most probable finale to this drama will be, that the Christians must at their own expense ship them to Liberia (for Hayti is inundated), and there throw them on barren shores to die of starvation, or to be massacred by the savages!

The place was inundated with artificial light that shamed the newborn day.

It was being borne in upon me just how tremendously rum this place was; it was, so to speak, inundated by a sense of rumness.

The King of Bokhara has several times endeavoured to coerce the Shere Subz's chief, but the instant a hostile force appears on his frontiers, the latter causes the whole of his country to be inundated, so that the invader is obliged to retire, and is by this stratagem kept at a respectful distance.

The road within some miles of that place is covered with corn and forage, the immediate environs are begun to be inundated, and every thing wears the appearance of impending hostility.

The road within some miles of that place is covered with corn and forage, the immediate environs are begun to be inundated, and every thing wears the appearance of impending hostility.

An axiom which I have heard confidently set forth, that a picture is worth nothing unless "he who runs may read," has inundated the world with frivolous and pedantic criticism.

As the large drops no longer struck a hard soil, he must conclude that the whole plain was inundated.

"The lower part of the cone has been inundated.

In fact, the sky was covered, and continual showers inundated the territory of Kazounde.

Our Iowa wilderness did not settle up in any uniform way, but was inundated as a field is overspread by a flood; only it was a flood which set up-stream.

But enough of that: the historical fact is that Settlers' Clubs did work of this sort all over Iowa in those times, and right or wrong, the pioneers held to the lands they took up when the great tide of the Republic broke over the Mississippi and inundated Iowa.

He swung it wide, disclosing an ample closet, likewise inundated with light.

The rain no longer fell in cataracts as on the preceding evening; instead, it fell incessantly, fine, sharp and penetrating; it inundated the walks, covered the roads with its innumerable threads which joined heaven and earth.

The rivers are swollen and overflow their banks, the low lands are completely inundated, and the smallest brooks become deep and rapid torrents.

Others pretend that this plain is not inundated by the sea, but that it possesses saline springs, more bitter than sea water, which send forth their waters when the tempest rages.

During the reactionary reign of Manasseh, Assyrian customs and Baylonian ideas, which these conquerors had inherited, inundated Judah.

Is there geological evidence that the earth, during human history, has been completely inundated?

Far around, amid the mists, rose the mountains, as if swimming in a white rolling sea, only their summits being visible, so that we could imagine ourselves standing on a little hill in the midst of an inundated plain, in which here and there rose dry clods of earth.

After being inundated with positive feedback and curiosity about Kellyโ€™s vegan meal photos on social media, she and her son decided to enrol in vegetarian cooking courses at George Brown College and start their own business, Miss Moโ€™s Vegan Kitchen.

After being inundated with requests for the feature over the last few years and especially the last few weeks, Telegram confirmed that they โ€œwill focus on bringing you secure group video calls in 2020.โ€

But the self-described โ€œtheatre nerdโ€ had suddenly become one of the cool kids, inundated with offers and attention, not all of it welcomed.

Capt Moore has been inundated with more than 140,000 birthday cards which are on display at his grandsonโ€™s school.

Cardi B has quit Twitter after she was inundated with criticism for reconciling with her husband Offset, who she recently filed for divorce from.

Caroline Criado-Perez, whose book addresses the issue of ill-fitting PPE for women in one of its chapters, said she has been inundated with messages from healthcare workers who could not find protective equipment to fit them.

โ€œConsequently, the national department of health advised that the Covid-19 health communications centres were inundated with calls made by Vodacom customers.โ€

Gaborone โ€” The justice system is inundated with household debt recovery cases arising from inability of a significant number of persons to service their debts, Attorney General Advocate Abraham Keetshabe has said.

He also said a countywide emergency order could be issued if hospitals are inundated with patients.

All the huts were inundated," said Dora, a Konda Reddy tribal.

In recent days the Guardian has been inundated by holidaymakers complaining that they canโ€™t get a refund from their tour operator after their trip was cancelled.

In the huge Arabian Desert, a full day experience and historic night contains safaris, natural world scenes on a Land Rover while passing an evening inundated in amusement in the middle of the desert in an Arabic tent along with by the majesty of nature.

And if you're wondering whether Charles is inundated with messages, he's just as nervous about being left on read like the rest of us.

And much like Israelโ€™s current lockdown โ€“ in which I find myself having made Aliyah two years ago โ€“ I felt isolated, irritated, introspective, inundated with thoughts about the person I was, and imagining the person I could be.

It is a paradox of social media that although we are inundated at all times with the thoughts and opinions and activities of everyone weโ€™ve ever known, we can never unequivocally know why.

Jeffrey Goldberg, the magazineโ€™s editor-in-chief, said during an appearance on CNN on Friday that his sources didnโ€™t want to go on the record because โ€œthey donโ€™t want to inundated with angry tweets and all the rest.โ€

Laura Jones, executive vice-president at CFIB, says the organization has been inundated with calls from desperate business owners who need financial relief, such as a reduction in property tax or emergency funds for rent.

An estimated R3 million per week is what the funeral industry now has to spend on additional personal protective equipment (PPE) and extra safety measures, while the industry is inundated with funerals.

Mr Heath has been inundated with messages of support, applauding him for keeping spirits up during the crisis.

Over Fourth of July weekend, the parking lot was completely inundated and the parking lot had to be evacuated.

Parks and campsites across Britain have seen a boom in bookings recently, with Haven, Butlin's, Center Parcs and Hoseasons being inundated - and cottage bookings swept up.

Recently, the Embassy has been inundated with heartwarming sympathies and good wishes from Nigerian friends.

Another centre, The Learning Lab, has been inundated with calls from anxious parents.

Roads in Bo Win Subdistrict, east of Pattaya, were inundated, making it impossible for small vehicles to pass through the Sahapat Group industrial estate and Chalong Market.

Russian media, however, have reported on overwhelmed hospitals, drug shortages and inundated medical workers in some regions, indicating the health care system is under significant strain.

She just came off an administration inundated with corruption charges.

Shelters in the Houston area are inundated with thousands of homeless animals every year.

Some cars were inundated as the owners did not move them to higher ground in time.

Speaking this morning, Teachta O'Reilly said: 'For weeks, my colleagues and I have been inundated with correspondence from Aer Lingus employees who are struggling to survive as their hours at work have been reduced.

That doesnโ€™t, however, mean American officials expect the US to be inundated with dozens of patients or that the virus will spread broadly within the country.

The water drowned the roads and inundated homes worth crores of rupees in upmarket localities such as Manikonda, Gachibowli, Rajendranagar and Madhapur on the western part of the city, the hub of the IT industry.

Think explicit vs. non-explicit versions, deluxe editions, and so on, so youโ€™re no longer inundated by confusing repeats as you scroll through the library.

Unfortunately, we were inundated with an unprecedented number of due to the virus,โ€ says one of the organizers.

Vehicles were swept away and disaster officials said more than 5751ha of farmland, key highways and bridges were inundated in the capital, Seoul.

"We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons," Lightfoot said.

Weโ€™ve been inundated with families wanting to bring in items such as food and clothing but we have to turn them away.

We've been inundated with leaks and rumours on the forthcoming over the last weeks - months even.

By linking the visual flickers with binaural beats that correspond to the same frequencies or whichever combinations seem to have the greatest effect, a person would be inundated with two very powerful brainwave synchronization stimuli.

For Cape Breton Island, heavy rain, high tides and strong winds inundated roads forcing schools to close.

If your brand is inundated with consumer tweets (recall situations, for example, can spike your volume in mere seconds) or you simply donโ€™t have enough resources to tackle them as responsively as youโ€™d like, Twitter suggests a โ€œtriageโ€ strategy.

I too have been inundated by tripple numbers as well.

Madam Speaker, I will say for the record that it is the minister's language that says inundated.

Many Manitobans had their homes and businesses inundated by the flood waters and suffered severe hardship.

Most of us are feeling inundated with bad news these days.

An open letter from Fawn Annan, President and Group Publisher Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is supposed to keep you from being inundated with email messages that you donโ€™t want.

โ€œPost-race I was inundated with interviews,โ€ Masse later wrote in a personal essay for CBC.

Public (Crown) lands (which includes beds of most navigable lakes, rivers and streams) and shore lands (including areas seasonally inundated with water adjacent to navigable waters).

So, I havenโ€™t been putting any pressure, so called, on Mr. Edwards, it might seem that he is getting inundated with documents but theyโ€™re documents for a different purpose.

The company is then inundated with job applications from a variety of storybook wolves, each seeking the new position.

The impetus for our program came about during a provincial labour dispute in the late 1990s, when our security service was inundated with calls from MPPs and constituency staff inquiring about strike activities and general safety.