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238 example sentences with  invalidates

238 example sentences with invalidates

Did a single hair spring up above the count, it would invalidate the issue.

A statement which neither disposes of nor invalidates Ousley's claim based, as this is, upon such strong and definite evidence.

(1) Avail, prevail, prevalent, equivalent, valiant, validity, invalid, invalidate; (2) valetudinarian, valediction, valence.

Thus you may know commendation but not commendatory, credulous but not incredulity, invalid but not invalidate or invalidity.

The War determines new rights which cannot invalidate the concessions already given, which, on the contrary, are reinforced and become intangible, but renders necessary new concessions.

The same assertion has been made with respect to the emancipation of slaves in the United States, but in neither case does the objection invalidate the historical significance of an act that formally liberated millions of human beings from hereditary and legalized bondage.

Lodge, Sidney and the other defenders of poetry retorted that poetry had a noble functionthe teaching of morality, and that an occasional poem which did not serve this purpose did not invalidate the claims of poetry as a whole.

That the main line of his argument and his best material is drawn from Minturno and Scaliger, as Spingarn has demonstrated, in no way invalidates his claim to distinction.

It must always be the condition of a great part of mankind, to reject and embrace tenets upon the authority of those whom they think wiser than themselves; and, therefore, the addition of every name to infidelity, in some degree, invalidates that argument upon which the religion of multitudes is necessarily founded.

Mr. SANDYS spoke first, in substance as follows:Sir, those who are intrusted by their country with the authority of making laws, ought, undoubtedly, to observe them with the utmost circumspection, lest they should defeat their own endeavours, and invalidate, by their example, their own decrees.

Neither of those circumstances can be produced against him, and an assertion is to be admitted for its own sake, when there is nothing to invalidate it.

I appeal to him without apprehension of receiving an answer that can tend to invalidate what I have asserted.

The warmest patrons of this expedient are impelled, by the mere force of conviction, to such concessions as invalidate all their arguments, and leave their opponents no necessity of replying.

To suspect the conduct of this senate, is to invalidate their decisions, and subject them to contempt and opposition.

The absurdity of leaving the soldier at large in his demands, and limiting the price which the innkeeper is to require, has been already exposed beyond the possibility of reply; nor, indeed, has the least attempt been made to invalidate this objection; for it has been passed in silence by those who have most zealously espoused the motion.

The indispensable obligations of publick faith, the great ties by which nations are united, and confederacies formed, I cannot suppose any man inclined to invalidate.

This, my lords, is an answer of which I do not deny the justness, and of which I will not attempt to invalidate the strength.

The Pragmatick sanction, my lords, by which she claims all the hereditary dominions of her family, cannot change the nature of right and wrong, nor invalidate any claim before subsisting, unless by the consent of the prince by whom it was made.

But to this imputation, however specious, and however popular, it may be with great security replied, that there was no preference, because there was no choice; that there was a necessity for hiring troops, and that no other troops were to be obtained; and whoever shall endeavour to invalidate this defence, must engage in an undertaking of which I can boldly affirm, that he will find it very difficult.

The arguments which have been offered, my lords, in vindication of this bill, or at least which I have hitherto heard, are only two, and those two so unhappily associated, that they destroy each other; whatever shall be urged to enforce the second, must in the same proportion invalidate the first; and whoever shall assert, that the first is true, must admit that the second is false.

Their modes of trial were so cumbrous, formal, and inflexible that it was scarcely possible to avoid some minute technical mistake which might invalidate the final decision.

This opinion of his principles (let them be what they will) being once established in any one's mind, it is easy to be imagined what reception any proposition shall find, how clearly soever proved, that shall invalidate their authority, or at all thwart with these internal oracles; whereas the grossest absurdities and improbabilities, being but agreeable to such principles, go down glibly, and are easily digested.

Tell a man passionately in love, that he is jilted; bring a score of witnesses of the falsehood of his mistress, it is ten to one but three kind words of hers shall invalidate all their testimonies.

Mr. Alderman Sawbridge immediately arose, and asked Mr. Wilberforce if he meant to adduce any other evidence, besides that in the privy council report, in behalf of his propositions, or to admit other witnesses, if such could be found, to invalidate them.

It was sufficiently obvious that, if our opponents were left to themselves, or without any counteracting evidence, they would considerably soften down the propositions, if not invalidate them in the minds of many.

p. 173, to invalidate a narative of Oglethorpe's respecting a writing of Colonel Sir Thomas Prendergast, who was killed at the battle of Malplaquet, on the 31st of August, 1709, which thus concludes: "At the battle of Malplaquet, Oglethorpe was only eleven years old.

V. confute, refute, disprove; parry, negative, controvert, rebut, confound, disconfirm, redargue^, expose, show the fallacy of, defeat; demolish, break &c (destroy) 162; overthrow, overturn scatter to the winds, explode, invalidate; silence; put to silence, reduce to silence; clinch an argument, clinch a question; give one a setdown^, stop the mouth, shut up; have, have on the hip.

disfranchise, disentitle, disqualify; invalidate.

They do not invalidate the general facts that the advance of knowledge was not impeded by prejudice, or science retarded by the weight of unscientific authority.

His testimony was used by the enemies of Morse, both at home and abroad, to invalidate the claims of the latter, and, stung by these aspersions on his character and attainments, and urged thereto by injudicious friends, Morse published a lengthy pamphlet entitled: "A Defense against the Injurious Deductions drawn from the Deposition of Professor Joseph Henry."

If at the first two elections the majority refused to vote, it can not be pretended that this refusal to exercise the elective franchise could invalidate an election fairly held under lawful authority, even if they had not subsequently voted at the third election.

This measure is further objected to on the ground of improper inducements held out to the assenting chiefs by the agents of the proprietors of the lands, which, it is insisted, ought to invalidate the treaty if even the requirement that the assent of the chiefs should be given in council was dispensed with.

The examination of this defence is then a dispute which arises out of the attempts to invalidate or to establish this argument.

A Representation is a statement demonstrating some resemblance of bodies or natures; Collation is a statement comparing one thing with another, because of their likeness to one another; Example is that which confirms or invalidates a case by some authority, or by what has happened to some man, or under some especial circumstances.

And this sort of argument proceeds from the same source of invention which confirmation employs, because whatever the topics may be by means of which any statement can be confirmed, the very same may be used in order to invalidate it.

But in order that we may give some precepts with reference to this part also, we will explain the different methods of reprehension, and those who observe them will more easily be able to do away with or invalidate those statements which are made on the opposite side.

It will be desirable also to invalidate it by arguments drawn from the contrary topics, if either truth or probability will allow us to do so.

On this case, when you have admitted the proposition, and the assumption, you have got to invalidate the conclusion, for some other inference has been drawn, and not the one which was inevitable.

After that it will be desirable to invalidate the definition of the adversaries, but that will be invalidated if it be proved to be false.

Here the advocate for the defence, by bringing the commutation of the punishment into his speech, according to the transferable class of topics, will invalidate the whole accusation.

The arguments intended to invalidate this reason are"The injuries are such that it is a shame that a decision should not be come to as early as possible."

This, again, is what will be replied, in order to invalidate this"It is not one property only; because one part of it was the adventitious property of the minor, whose heir no one had been appointed by will at that time,

XXII Therefore, in one statement of the case, it has been understood how there are more reasons than one, more topics than one to invalidate such reasons, and besides that, more questions than one for the decision of the judge.

The argument adduced to invalidate this is, "But still it is not right for Greeks to erect an eternal memorial of then enmity to Greeks."

The argument brought to invalidate this is either the conjectural one, "They would not have been lost," or the other conjectural one, "That was not your reason for doing so."

The confirmation of that statement, and also the argument used by the opposite party to invalidate it, must both be derived from the conjectural statement of the case.

For the accuser must of all things take pains to invalidate, by as many reasons as possible, the very fact on account of which the person on his trial thinks that it is granted to him that he was right.

The argument to invalidate this reason is, "Still she ought not to have been put to death by her brother without being convicted".

But the advocate for the defence will invalidate what is urged by means of other statements from those topics which have already been given.

In the next place, it will be desirable to invalidate by opposite arguments those topics which are handled by the prosecutor in such a way that they are capable of being refuted and retorted, of which kind are the three last topics which I have mentioned.

The argument brought to invalidate that reason is, "Still you ought to have discharged the duty which was entrusted to you by the public authority."

The argument to invalidate this reason is, "But since you became an accomplice in a most infamous treaty, sanctioned with the most formal solemnities of religion, you ought to be surrendered."

The argument brought to invalidate that reason is, "Nevertheless, since you have done what was not lawful, you are according to the law deserving of punishment."

The argument used to invalidate that reason was, "Nevertheless, since what the law enjoins was not done, you are deserving of punishment."

The argument brought to invalidate that reason is, "Nevertheless, according to the law that ship ought to become the property of the people."

Here, as also in the case of the employment of deprecation, it does not at all concern us to supply reasons to establish and to invalidate such a claim, and so to come before the judges; because, unless some other statement of the case is also put forth, or some portion of such statement, the matter for the decision of the judges will be a simple one, and will be contained in the question itself.

Now in a case of this kind the same topics and the same rules will suit each side of the question, because each party is bound to establish his own law, and to invalidate the one contrary to it.

He will make all the vestibule, if I may so say, and the approach to his cause brilliant; and when he has got possession of the minds of his hearers by his first onset, he will then invalidate and exclude all contrary arguments; and of his own strongest arguments some he will place in the van, some he will employ to bring up the rear, and the weaker ones he will place in the centre.

But the mention of water-cresses, kales, gooseberries, currants, &c., by old writers, appears to invalidate the pursy historian.

That a special style was developed by Luini, Ferrari, and other artists of the Milanese duchy, so that their manner differs essentially from that of Parma and Cremona, does not invalidate the importance of this fact about its origin.

And although there are here no traces of temples, no images here existing, yet does not their want in any shape invalidate the supposition of this place's having been an original residence of theirs, as it seems to have been a received principle in all countries where Druidism prevailed, that the confining the Deity within walls, or the representing him in any human figure, were unworthy of his majesty, and unsuitable to his immensity.

She may refuse to bar her dower[K] in a sale of land, but if the bargain goes on, her refusal does not invalidate the title; all she can do is, in the event of her husband's death, to claim her interest on her "thirds."

"That vulgar prejudice of the supposed incapacity of the female sex is what these memoirs in general may possibly remove; and as I have had frequent occasion to take notice of it, I should not now enter again upon that subject, had not this been made use of as an argument to invalidate Lady Pakington's title to those performances.

That in those days the passions of men were difficult to restrain in practice does not invalidate the real service done the world by the ideal that was insisted upon, an ideal which was certainly not held in pagan antiquity except by a few great minds.

And these quite simple answers will not be in contradiction with anything that I have written, nor will they invalidate any of the principles I have attempted to explain.

Accustomed to regard with great justice the British constitution as the standard of known political excellence, I hardly conceived it possible that freedom or happiness could exist under any other: and I am not singular in having suffered this prepossession to invalidate even the evidence of my senses.

Accustomed to regard with great justice the British constitution as the standard of known political excellence, I hardly conceived it possible that freedom or happiness could exist under any other: and I am not singular in having suffered this prepossession to invalidate even the evidence of my senses.

For this he has considerable excuse in the worthlessness of the testimony on which the facts brought forward to invalidate the conclusions of theory usually rest.

He set up a paper called the Observator, in which he defended the court, and endeavoured to invalidate those evidences which were given by Oates's party against the Jesuits.

The Philosophers before mentioned have indeed done all that in them lay to invalidate this Argument; for, placing the Gods in a State of the most elevated Blessedness, they describe them as Selfish as we poor miserable Mortals can be, and shut them out from all Concern for Mankind, upon the Score of their having no Need of us.

The formal ceremonies provided by statute for the celebration of marriages, and the penalties imposed upon clergymen and others who married those who had not complied with these formalities, were solely for the purpose of providing a convenient and certain proof of marriage, should it be afterwards necessary to establish that fact by evidence, rather than to invalidate marriages which would otherwise be legal.

If he is of weak mind and it appears that he was imposed upon or unduly influenced, such facts will invalidate the will.

I am, Sir, &c. The plea which my correspondent has offered for young actors, I am very far from wishing to invalidate.

I distinctly said I was an Atheist, that I had withdrawn the child from religious instruction at the day-school she attended, that I had written various anti-Christian books, and so on; but I claimed the child's custody on the ground that the deed of separation distinctly gave it to me, and had been executed by her father after I had left the Christian Church, and that my opinions were not sufficient to invalidate it.

In the enthymeme, "Henry is a coward; he dare not run away from school," the suppressed premise, "All persons who will not run away from school, are cowards," is not true, and so invalidates the conclusion.

Rulledge said, in appeal to Wanhope: "I don't see how his being the dreamer invalidates the case, if his dreams affected the others."

As is often the case, it does not appear from the ambiguous wording of the statute whether this invalidates the marriage or merely subjects the offenders, or the minister or the magistrate, to a penalty; probably the latter.

And if he attempts to invalidate their old ones, why, let him do it!

Would you, Mr. Barnes, have any objection," I added, after a few moments' reflection, "to make oath, should the turn of affairs to-morrow render your doing so desirable, of your belief that you could, reasonable time being allowed, procure the attendance of this womanthis Elizabeth Wareing?" "Not the slightest: though how that would help us to invalidate the will Thorndyke claims under I do not understand.

Vainly did Mr. Kingston and I exert ourselves to invalidate the irresistible proofs of guilt so dispassionately detailed.

It may, however, I think, be said that although there were objections, which might invalidate his right to at least a part of the Duchies, it is almost certain that a quite impartial tribunal would have decided that he had at least a better claim than any of his rivals.

The refusal to revive grants which had become extinct was not to invalidate those which were in full force and vigor.

When a write operation is observed to a location that a cache has a copy of, the cache controller invalidates its own copy of the snooped memory location.

Biden, a former vice-president, won the election and is preparing to take office on 20 January, but Trump has refused to concede and is searching for a way to invalidate the results, alleging widespread irregularities without providing evidence.

"Everything should be on the table" ā€” Lindsey Graham won't rule out that Republican legislatures should invalidate the election results and (presumably) award their electoral votes to Trump pic.

I donā€™t think that your opinion that the referendum was flawed invalidates it any way.

Learning online does not invalidate your hard work.

So he produced an affidavit from Jessie Jacob, a Detroit poll worker who has sworn under oath that she was ā€œinstructed not to invalidate any ballots and not to look for any deficiencies in the ballots.ā€

The only way to ban Americans from going abroad would be to invalidate the use of US passports for such travel, a bar that is currently in place only for North Korea.

As such, the CEO does not possess the power to invalidate any vote.

These four justices all were in the majority in striking down the Texas law in Whole Womenā€™s Health, too, and it was expected that they would vote to invalidate the nearly identical Louisiana law.

This alone invalidates the entire concept, as do questionable choices (like turning Superman into a centaur, because why?).

What activists and rights campaigners pointed out was that for a person with her kind of reach, Rowlingā€™s contrarian statements and the language she uses to frame them often invalidates the struggles of the trans-community.

In the absence of a direction to the contrary, a declaration that a law is of no force or effect, invalidates the law from the time when the Charter (here s. 15) came into force or the legislation was enacted, which ever is later.

Modifying the tree by inserting, removing, or moving a node invalidates any enumerations created before the modification.

Set the maximum time interval, in seconds, between client requests before the servlet container will invalidate the session.

The Justices voted unanimously in favor of i4i, once again kicking court-based software patent reform in the gut. And yet, there is still a glimmer of hope that the ruling will make it easier to invalidate bad patents.

They are currently preparing litigation to invalidate portions of the Bush-signed McCain-Feingold/Shays-Meehan campaign reform legislation.

This invalidates or insults the person's culture.

This routine flushes the data cache, then invalidates the instruction cache.