Do we say inveigh or inveigle

inveigh 24 occurrences

It was natural that the address on the reopening of Drury Lane theatre should be written by "the world's new joy"the first great English poet-peer; as natural as that in his only published satire of the period he should inveigh against almost the only amusement in which he could not share.

2. God's ministers in religious affairs, to whom the care of men's instruction and edification is committed, are enabled to inveigh against sin and vice, whoever consequentially may be touched thereby: yea, sometimes it is their duty with severity and sharpness to reprove particular persons, not only privately, but publicly, for their correction, and for the edification of others.

And the apostles, who sometimes inveigh so zealously against the opposers and perverters of truth, did in their private conversation and demeanour strictly observe their own rules, of abstinence from reproach: "Being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we suffer it;" so doth St. Paul represent their practice.

1. We should never in severe terms inveigh against any man without reasonable warrant, or presuming upon a good call and commission thereto.

Sometimes they assume the character of demagogues, and inveigh against the rapacity and corruption of the court and government.

exclaim against, protest against, inveigh against, declaim against, cry out against, raise one's voice against. decry; cry down, run down, frown down; clamor, hiss, hoot, mob, ostracize, blacklist; draw up a round robin, sign a round robin.

They may inveigh against the diplomacy of England, but in moments of danger all rally under our wing.

His bus'ness is t' inveigh and flatter, Like parcel parasite and satyr.

If they hear, or read, or see any tragical object, it sticks by them, they are afraid of death, and yet weary of their lives, in their discontented humours they quarrel with all the world, bitterly inveigh, tax satirically, and because they cannot otherwise vent their passions or redress what is amiss, as they mean, they will by violent death at last be revenged on themselves.

Since then it is plain that each must 'himself' be righteous, if he be so at all, what do they mean who thus inveigh against 'self'-righteousness, since Christ himself declares there is no other?

He began to inveigh against his generation, but broke off with a discouraged gesture: "None of that does any good....

It has been my wish not merely to inveigh against a proposition so capable of censure, but to show you this,that it is naturally such a régime that not even the most excellent men....

Other contemporary writers, and amongst these Pope Urban V. and King Charles V. (Fig. 422), inveigh against the poulaines, which had more than ever come into favour, and which were only considered correct in fashion when they were made as a kind of appendix to the foot, measuring at least double its length, and ornamented in the most fantastical manner.

How stoutly once I could inveigh, If a poor maiden went astray; Not words enough my tongue could find, 'Gainst others' sin to speak my mind!

Many people still walk up, but since the railroad was built, even those who feel it to be a matter of conscience to inveigh against any kind of progress which ministers to the pleasures of the masses, are found among those who prefer to ascend by electricity.

There is always a tendency and a readiness to inveigh against cliques, especially family cliques.

" The Count now proceeds to inveigh in general terms against what he describes as the atrocious conduct of the unruly rabblethe devastation, pillage, and other enormities of which they were guilty.

So bitterly, indeed, did he inveigh against the favourite that he began to apprehend the possibility of an arrest; yet still he lingered in the capital, as if unwilling to retreat before an enemy whom he despised.

It has unfortunately become fashionable to inveigh against the necessary labour of learning by heart the essential principles of grammar, as a useless and intolerable drudgery.

Sometimes, as he had heard Mr. Smirkie inveigh against the enormity of bigamy and of this bigamist in particular, he had determined that some 'odd-come-shortly,' as he would call it, he would give the vicar of Plum-cum-Pippins a moral pat on the head which should silence him for a time.

To my ear every line is different; there is as much variation in Charles V.'s soliloquy as in Hamlet's; but be this as it may, it is not unworthy of the inmates of Hanwell for critics to inveigh against la, rime pleine, that which is instinctive in the language as accent in ours, that which is the very genius of the language.

Even in words of which the derivation is apparent, I have been often obliged to sacrifice uniformity to custom; thus I write, in compliance with a numberless majority, convey and inveigh, deceit and receipt, fancy and phantom; sometimes the derivative varies from the primitive, as explain and explanation, repeat and repetition.

After giving this quotation from the marquis of Halifax, he proceeds to inveigh against the various kinds of luxury, in which people of fashion indulge themselves.

In some of the debates he took occasion to inveigh against the timidity of our officers, who had hitherto, as he phrased it, spared Porto Bello; and he affirmed that he could take it himself with a squadron of six ships.

inveigle 44 occurrences

In narration you must vivify emotional torpor; but lest in your efforts to inveigle boredom you yourself should induce it, you must have a wary eye for signals of distress.

The man was trying to inveigle him back.

On one occasion she even went so far as to inveigle him into holding a skein of wool about his clumsy hands, while she wound the violet worsted into a ball, and delicately inquired if he believed Samuel spoke the truth when he had protested that he had never paid court to any other woman.

Suspect what you will, sir, you shan't inveigle me into admissions.

By eleven o'clock we had become unendurable to one another, and I gladly welcomed his suggestion to adjourn to his club, have lunch there, and try to inveigle the Commander of the Malplaquet into our net.

We knew surely that this Indian would take that letter straight to some official of the Government; it was only necessary to pretend to hunt him and in that manner inveigle Yussuf Dakmar into the toils.

Or I can find you several beautiful ladiesbeautiful, that is to say, with the aid of one of the costumers up the street and a liberal supply of cosmeticswho will inveigle any young man you want dealt with into any sort of situation, provided he is fool enough and the pay is good.

And if their cunning can inveigle us into a false security, twenty or thirty years hence we may have neither generals nor soldiers to stop them.

To this day I do not know whether the man was a lunatic, an imposter seeking money, or an agent provocateur, that is, one who imagined that he might through me inveigle M. Zola into an illegal act which would lead to prosecution and imprisonment.

He will inveigle you to naughtiness to get your good name into his clutches; he will be your pandar to have you on the hip for a whore-master, and make you drunk to shew you reeling.

Now when they are truly possessed with blind zeal, and misled with superstition, he hath many other baits to inveigle and infatuate them farther yet, to make them quite mortified and mad, and that under colour of perfection, to merit by penance, going woolward, whipping, alms, fastings, &c. An. 1320.

Yes, replied the prince feircely, you and your fellow-prisoners have endeavoured to insinuate yourselves into the favour of persons whom you imagined entrusted with the secrets of the government:being prisoners of war, you formed contrivances for your escape, and attempted to inveigle others to accompany your flight.

Was it possible Mr. Slush was looking for "suckers?" Was it possible he had been sent there to inveigle them into the party, so that some sharp might "skin" them?

Seated here and there upon the bridge are groups of boys, rod in hand, endeavouring, with the most delicious-looking and persuasive of baits, to inveigle finny innocents from the cool depths below.

Every winter she tries to inveigle me there in the hope to see me married.

I don't think it would be a bad notion to suggest that the Jesuits are after his money, that they are endeavouring to inveigle him into the priesthood in order that they may get hold of his property.

An author flattered and encouraged is not easily shaken off again; but if the interests of my book did not engage me to trouble you, while you are so good as to write me the most entertaining letters in the world, it is very natural for me to lay snares to inveigle more of them.

Allure, attract, cajole, coax, inveigle, lure.

Even though her money may pass into your hands ... even though you may inveigle her into a clandestine marriage ...

"Thou didst bring thy servant with thee, Lady?" "Who doth dare inveigle me from the protection of my cousin, Lord Cedric?" "I, my lady; a simple gentleman of his Grace of Monmouth's suite,and at his order.

From Salt Lake City he wired an order for two carloads of larch rustic and in Ogden he managed to inveigle a retail yard with which Mr. Skinner had been trying to do business for years, into sampling a carload of skunk spruce boards, random lengths and grades, at a dollar above the price given him by Skinner.

Mrs. Haydon asserted afterwards that Miss Ormiston had "deliberately set herself to inveigle" the boy; but herein Mrs. Haydon was mistaken.

6 But with thee to inveigle That tender stripling Astcot, Who was soak'd to the skin, Through drugget so thin, Having neither coat nor waistcoat.

He doubted not that, in the interim, the merchants and others would inveigle many of them away by making them boatswains and other inferior officers in some of their ships; so that, when the day of trial should come, I should find my witnesses dispersed and gone.

" He burst out laughing at this, and tried to inveigle her into good-humor.

Do we say   inveigh   or  inveigle