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2632 examples of  inventing  in sentences

2632 examples of inventing in sentences

During my third year at that place, in one of my excursions to Philadelphia, and for which I was always inventing pretexts, I became acquainted with one of those faces and forms which, in a youth of twenty, to see, admire, and love, is one and the same thing.

At this period he spent a considerable amount of his leisure time not only in longing to see real animals, but in inventing and drawing pictures of non-existent oneshorrible creatures, or quaint creatures, for which he found the strangest names.

The men of Rampart stood about in groups in the small hours of the morning of the 16th of May; as usual, smoking, yarning, speculating, inventing elaborate joshes.

Making in connection with some whole, such as the continuous representation of life around us, and, at a later stage, the re-inventing of primitive industries, or making which arises out of some special interest may have a higher educational value, but apart from this, children want to make for making's sake.

" "Well, let it be a lesson to you," said Chet with mock gravity, "never to let your ambitions soar to aeroplane inventing.

In his Latin sentences he found the parts fit into each other like dove-tailing; finding the terms of equations, he said, was like inventing machines, and he soon grew clever at solving them.

"I repaired," said he, "to those who know the secret of the grains termed fire-dust, which Suen has not been able to prevent us from inventing, but of which Wu-chi has taken care that we shall make no use, save only for fireworks.

"Philosophers employ examples from history for our correction and instruction, and the poets differ from them only by inventing and presenting fictitious narratives."

If you begin arguing with God's law, excusing yourself from it, inventing reasons why YOU need not obey it in this particular instance, though every one else ought, then you will end, like Balaam, in disobeying the law, and it will grind you to powder.

That an ex-president (Sir Humphry Davy) of the Royal Society should write a book on field sports may at first sight appear rather unphilosophical; although it is not more fanciful than Bishop Berkeley's volume on tar water, Bishop Watson's improvement in the manufacture of gunpowder, Sir Walter Scott writing a sermon, or a Scotch minister inventing a safety gun, and, as we are told, presenting the same to the King in person.

It is, sir, the proper province of a senator to promote, not to obstruct the publick counsels; and when he declares his disapprobation of any expedient, to endeavour to substitute a better: for how can he be said to sustain his part of the general burden of publick affairs, who lays others under the necessity of forming every plan, and inventing every expedient, and contents himself with only censuring what he never endeavours to amend?

Mr. Tutt hardly cross-examined Fong at all, but with Mr. Burke he pursued very different tactics, speedily rousing the wrestler to such a condition of fury that he was hardly articulate, for the old lawyer gently hinted that Mr. Burke was inventing the whole story for the purpose of assisting his friends in the On Gee Tong.

The self-satisfaction of inventing something new or of evolving a new theory is inherent with not a few men.

He removed this scepticism by inventing a new method of investigation, and by withdrawing the mind from the contemplation of Nature to the study of man himself.

He made great improvement in the mechanical part of his art, inventing some colors, and being the first to varnish pictures.

She is continually inventing some pretext for presenting herself at the study-door.

Bless the children for inventing the phrase!

Ever since then the French have declared he's a hypocrite; and because he won't yield his rights they've been busy inventing wrongs of their own and insisting on immediate adjustment.

It had not been from any feeling of compunction or hesitation that those who had her fate in their hands left her so long in her dungeon, but from the absolute impossibility of inventing an accusation against her that should not be utterly absurd and palpably groundless.

"'Tis also very pleasant to observe how tenderly he and all his brethren voyage-writers lament the miserable confinement of the Turkish ladies, who are perhaps freer than any ladies in the universe, and are the only women in the world that lead a life of uninterrupted pleasure exempt from cares; their whole time being spent in visiting, bathing, or the agreeable amusement of spending money, and inventing new fashions.

The first part of her behaviour deserves great praise; coming of her own accord, and inventing so decent an excuse for her admittance: but her silence may be attributed to her knowing very well that any servant that presumes to talk of his master will most certainly be incapable of talking at all in a short time, their lives being entirely in the power of their superiors: I do not mean by law but by custom, which has full as much force.

[Footnote 5: We have no reason to think the queen inventing here: what could she gain by it?

[Footnote 6: Emphasis on did, as antithetic to forgery: 'my inventing came short of his doing.']

but inventing his own curious designs, at which we still wonder.

We have now much better and more reliable editions of these same ballads; for Percy garbled his materials, adding and subtracting freely, and even inventing a few ballads of his own.

As an artist in techniquehaving perfect command of all old English verse forms and a remarkable faculty for inventing newhe seems at the present time to rank among the best in our literature.

Even when he went to bed that night the strangeness of Cissie's flight kept him awake inventing explanations.

The days and nights of Inigo Jones were spent in inventing machinery and contriving stage-effects.

Tadeo named all the persons who arrived, when he did not know them inventing titles, biographies, and interesting sketches.

If curses had been a marketable article, Whitmarsh would have taken out his patent and made his fortune by inventing of them, new and ingenious.

The storyteller brings the character, and his audience, into as much danger as we can tolerate before inventing a solution, the rescue, allowing us all to breathe a big sigh of relief.

The ryot on the other hand is constantly inventing excuses, getting up delays, and propounding innumerable reasons why he cannot pay.

Man had been going forward steadily, inventing and discovering, until in the last hundred years his whole world had been transformed.

There is one dramatist of note whom one suspects of sometimes working without any definite scenario, and inventing as he goes along.

We feel that the playwright is, so to speak, inventing as he goes alongthat the action, like the child's fantastic serpentine of blocks, might at any moment take a turn in any possible direction without falsifying its antecedents or our expectations.

To such an extent did he refrain from inventing any imaginary conspiracy and concocting any tragedy that had not taken place, that he released even those who most openly rose against him and took arms against him and against his son, whether they were generals or heads of tribes or kings, and he put none of them to death either by his own action or by that of the senate or by any other arrangement whatever.

He who can make laws for so vast a universe may surely be capable of inventing a few comparatively trivial exceptions.

The genius of Greek art seems to have exhausted itself in inventing ornaments, which, while they should heighten the gorgeous effect of the work, must yet harmonize with the grand design of the temple.

The celebrated physician Arnauld de Villeneuve, who wrote at the end of the thirteenth century, to whom credit has wrongly been given for inventing brandy, employed it as one of his remedies, and thus expresses himself about it: "Who would have believed that we could have derived from wine a liquor which neither resembles it in nature, colour, or effect?....

He has done this in the spirit of a true desultor, passing backwards and forwards first to one and then to the other, inventing no middle links, but merely piecing together the two accounts as best he could.

If there is to be this freedom in inventing unknown documents, reproducing almost verbatim the features of known ones, sober criticism is at an end.

Boyd was a Kentucky freedman who helped to overcome the prejudice in Cincinnati against Negro mechanics by inventing and exploiting a corded bed, the demand for which was extensive throughout the Ohio and Mississippi valleys.

But to hear him talking about natural facts, you'd think he was just inventing for to amuse himself!

Making and inventing new ploughs will pay, but not books. 9th.

"He is always inventing new games and playing them mostly in courts of law, and then the other players generally lose.

The Pinkerton press did its level best to muddle the issues of that strike, by distorting some facts, passing over others, and inventing more.

Or she might not; she might be imagining or inventing the whole thing.

It was an appalling tragedyone of those senseless cruelties which we find nature constantly inventing.

The foregoing observations prove that if any one individual can claim the merit of inventing the steam-engine, that man is William Symington, who, combining previous inventions with his own patent, constructed the engine as at present in use.

We were inventing a new science, that of dress, and were without rules to guide us.

This sect appears to have descended from Bardus, son of Druis, king of Britain; he was much esteemed by the people for inventing songs and music, in praise of meritorious actions; and established an order, in which such of the people were admitted as excelled in his art, distinguishing them by the name of bards, after his own name.

But then came the necessity of excusing her long absence, of inventing some lie for the man she worshiped, of deterring him from coming to see her.

He was forever inventing improvements for the fishing apparatus, oars, boats, coasting sleds, household and farm utensils, often forgetting the tasks his father had given him while doing it.

"Perhaps"a septuagenarian, with snowy hair and a thin body, clad in the clerical guise of the old school, and who had made a fortune by inventing a hat-block, arose hastily to his feet, and said: "I cannot stay to listen to a dun!"

Charles was at this time very fond of inventing games for the amusement of his brothers and sisters; he constructed a rude train out of a wheelbarrow, a barrel and a small truck, which used to convey passengers from one "station" in the Rectory garden to another.

In 1891 he conceived the device of having a series of squares cut out in card, and inventing an alphabet, of which each letter was made of lines, which could be written along the edges of the squares, and dots, which could be marked at the corners.

Guess always preferred inventing his implements to receiving them from others: and, when considered as mad by his tribe, while bent on the invention of his alphabet, contented himself with teaching it to his little daughter; an unimpeachable witness.

But that's a fable; for our sex is frail, Inventing rather than not tell a tale.

But you can appreciate the obvious fact, I'm sure, that inventing such machinery will probably take a very long time.

I am well aware, moreover, that this is not the only calumny which has been circulated against my person and reputation; nor is it the first time that the Marรฉchal d'Ancre has been designated as the instigator of my unpopular measures; every new cabal inventing some fallacy to undermine my authority and to throw discredit upon my government.

Otherwise I could make myself happy this moment, by inventing an enormous victory in Flanders.

He began, therefore, by inventing a body for earthenware, which at the same time should be white, and capable of enduring a very high degree of heat without fusion, well knowing that the hardness of the ware depended on the high firing to which it has been subjected.

The task of inventing a language de novo, could surely have fallen upon no man but Adam; and he, in the garden of Paradise, had doubtless some aids and facilities not common to every wild man of the woods.

The deaf and dumb, though uninstructed and utterly ignorant of language, can think; and can, by rude signs of their own inventing, manifest a similar division, corresponding to the individuality of things.

But in gas they ought to double the s; for this is a word of their own inventing.

His labouring muse did many years excel In ill inventing, and translating well, Till 'Love Triumphant' did the cheat reveal.

From where they stood the player seemed to be inventing a new kind of golf, to be played without a ball.

She knows that "those birds"that is to say, the Germanswill never be beaten, because they are for ever capable of inventing some new trick.

In spite of this conviction, he was not able to refrain at times from a certain ironical aggressiveness which expressed itself by inventing classic nicknames.

It was ordered that no man's name should be mentioned on the stage; but poetical malignity was not long in finding the secret of defeating the purpose of the law, and of making themselves ample compensation for the restraint laid upon authors, by the necessity of inventing false names.

It is true, that invention seems to have a wider field than history: real facts are limited in their number, but the facts which may be feigned have no end; but though, in this respect, invention may be allowed to have the advantage, is the difficulty of inventing to be accounted as nothing?

SEE Barton, Wilfred M. YATES, RAYMOND F. The art of inventing and what to invent.

SEE Barton, Wilfred M. YATES, RAYMOND F. The art of inventing and what to invent.

all the inventing and making goes on in me as in a beautiful strong dream.

For mercy sakes, what's that?" "It's a kind of a hurricane," said Bob, inventing something on the spur of the moment.

yelled Bob, for that was the object he had in mind in inventing the Jilla-Jilly wind for the occasion.

" Now, it is quite true that expressions like "cold fire" and "sick health" sound unreal and affected to sober minds, and it is also true that many poets have exercised their emulous ingenuity in inventing such antitheses just for the fun of the thing and because it has been the fashion to do so.

Menander is the starting-point to others, while Benecke has written a book to prove that the credit of inventing modern love belongs to Antimachus of Colophon.

Could it be possible that she was inventing all of this incredible tale?

All this is merely the effect of imagination, Signore; and he who has the most is the aptest at inventing circumstances, which, though not strictly true, are vastly agreeable.

As for supposing it possible that one who spoke with the ease and innocence of Raoul was inventing as he went along, it was an idea he was himself much too unpractised to entertain; and the very first thing he did on entering the palace was to make a memorandum which might lead him, at a leisure moment, to inquire into the nature of the writings and the general merits of Sir Cicero, the illustrious namesake of him of Rome.

Of the oddity of inventing as a remedy for the inconveniences resulting from this situation a supernumerary conceptual object called an absolute, into which you pack the self-same contradictions unreduced, I will say something in the next lecture.

It is also certain, that Brittany is in revolt, and that many other departments are little short of it; yet you will not very easily conceive what may have occupied the Convention during part of this important crisisnothing less than inventing a dress for their Commissioners!

It is also certain, that Brittany is in revolt, and that many other departments are little short of it; yet you will not very easily conceive what may have occupied the Convention during part of this important crisisnothing less than inventing a dress for their Commissioners!

I have ventured to go at greater length into this matter than its importance may seem to warrant, because it illustrates so clearly a very general error, from which Celtic literature has deeply suffered, of inventing fanciful etymologies adapted to the modern English spellings, instead of the original Celtic forms of names; and this error, as the question before us proves, is as old as Camden's time, and older.

Their Nights grew restless with Meditation of new Dresses to outvie each other, and inventing new Devices to recal Admirers, who observed the Charms of the one rather than those of the other on the last Meeting.

To endure at all hours the complaints of those poor women, with their tempers embittered by seclusion, common as the lowest servants, who spend their lives gossiping in the parlour of what is passing in the towns, inventing scandals to please the canons, or the families who protect the house.

In Bruges, in the early decades of the fifteenth century, the Van Eycks were inventing new methods in the preparation of colors.

3 They hadn't more than got there and eaten a solid meal, than Surajah asked me for tools so he could work on a patent mouse-trap he was inventing, and when I came in from work that evening, he was explaining it to Magnus Thorkelson, who had come over to borrow some sugar from me.

She was forever humming at songs, singing little choruses, and inventing of new melodies, all tunefully and prettily enough.

"He has rendered all pianists a great service by inventing this instrument," says the author of "A Travers Chants," and that is all.

I might have reanimated ages of stone and of bronze; might have shown you women, through slow centuries, inventing the arts of spinning and weaving, and pottery molding; learning to build, to till the earth, to grind and to cook grains, to tan skins for clothing against the cold.

"I know!" exclaimed the doctor; "he thinks I am concealing worse by inventing a war with all its et ceteras.

But, to tell the truth," he continued (inventing an excuse), "I had always heard that this Frump was a wild fellow; that he didn't treat his wife decently, and at last ran away from her.

But I think our modern Colonel gets the greater share of glory For inventing shameful arrows that could only spatter mud.

Cornwallis and Baron Steuben share with each other the honor of inventing the present light-infantry tactics of the world.

Yet Mr. Podmore's 'explanations' (not satisfactory to himself) are conceived so thoroughly in the spirit of popular scienceone of them casually discovering a new psychological law, a second contradicting the facts it seeks to account for, a third generously inventing an unknown substancethat they ought to be welcomed by reviewers and lecturers.

These are the traditional sports of the baba-logue; but they are ingenious in inventing others, wherein, from time to time, the imitative faculty, of the native child especially, is tragically manifested.

Masters are extremely fond of inventing and teaching new figures; but you will do well to confine your attention to a few simple and universally received sets, which you will find quite sufficient for your purpose.

He told me a weird adventure of his own to back his argument, but I thought he was inventing most of it as he went along.