68 examples of invertebrate in sentences

Wagner was greatly over-estimated, in her opinion; she asked for invertebrate music, the free harmony of the passing wind.

The simple life which blandly ignores all care and conflict, soon becomes flabby and invertebrate, sentimental and gelatinous.

I have done my best to straighten its array, I have pruned it fearlessly, and it remains invertebrate and wordy.

There it dangles, limp, invertebrate, yet how eloquent!

But this tradition has failed to produce the beginnings or promise of any new phase of civilised organisation, the growths have remained largely invertebrate and chaotic, and, concurrently with its gift of splendid and monstrous growth, it has also developed portentous political and economic evils.

His, they tell uswho hold some dry and formalized statement of the truth so close to the eye that it obscures all larger vision of it,his, they tell us, was an "invertebrate theology."

He was a young man who possessed several accomplishments in a small waycould sing a little, and play the piano and guitar a little, sketch a little, and was guilty of occasional effusions in the poetical line which were the palest, most invertebrate reflections of Owen Meredith.

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In all communities where the men are invertebrate the women become the real heads of the family, doing not only most of the actual work, but also taking the dominant position in affairs generally.

Indeed, in reading even great poetry, is one not sometimes sadly aware, as in the case of Shelley or Swinburne, that the logical sequence of thought is loose and indeterminate, and that this is concealed from one by the reverberating beat of metre, which gives a false sense of structure to a mood that is really invertebrate?

But the stranger, though alive, was evidently in a molluscous, invertebrate condition.

This puerile dogma was asserted ostensibly in the interest of Slavery, in order to get rid of the power of Congress over that subject; but the real source of it was the cowardice of those invertebrate and timorous politicians who desired to evade the responsibility of expressing opinions concerning this power.

Flip sent one swift, withering look of contempt at the Postmaster, who at once becoming invertebrate and groveling, mumbled that he must "get on" to the Crossing, and rose to go.

68 examples of  invertebrate  in sentences