417 examples of inverted in sentences

In the desert, between Alexandria and Cairo, the mirage of the blue sky was inverted, and so mingled with the sand below, as to impart to the desolate and arid wilderness an appearance of the most rich and beautiful country.

At length, one evening, to his utter astonishment, he saw her suspended in the air in an inverted position, traced on the horizon in the clearest colours, and with the most distinct and perfect representation.

"'What!' exclaimed he, with equal surprise, 'know ye not that this is the Palace of Illusion, where everything is inverted and appears the reverse of itself?

In many points surely the relation is inverted and we feel ourselves transcended (or may at least suspect it), by those who lived or live in ruder conditions than our own.

literal extract: but giving a brief summary in prose, of the contents of a poetical passage; and interlarding your own language, with occasional phrases of the Poem marked with inverted commas.

At present, the custom is inverted.

15° 35' S. and in 41° of E. LongE. The observations here inserted, and marked with inverted commas, are made by the Editor of the present collection.

It is probable that this passage should be thus understood, "The king sent him a pilot, who was an idolater from Guzerate, &c."E. The addition to, or observations on the text, inserted in this place within inverted commas, are from Clarke, I. 486, 487.E. In Lichefild's translation this date is made the 22d; but the Friday after Sunday the 21st, must have been the 26th of the month.

A few split bamboos are fastened into the ground, in a circle, and these ropes are then coiled round, in and out, between the stakes; this makes a huge circular vat-shaped repository, open at both ends; it is then lifted up and put on a platform coated with mud, and protected from rats and vermin by the pillars being placed on smooth, inverted earthen pots.

[Greek: dunamenon]([Greek: -on] Matt.), and [Greek: dunamenon kai soma kai psuchaen] (in inverted order, Matt.); in common with Luke [Greek: mae phobaethaete, ti poiaesai, [em]balein eis], and the clause [Greek: nai k.t.l.]

When therefore we find the ideas combined as in Justin, we are necessarily referred to the fourth Gospel for them; for the strangely inverted suggestion of Volkmar, that the author of the fourth Gospel borrowed from Justin, is on chronological, if not on other grounds, certainly untenable.

In other cases two inverted cylinders are set above the screw shaft on appropriate framing; and connecting rods attached to the ends of the piston rods turn round cranks in the screw shaft.

He was like Dr. Pangloss (not Voltaire's, but Coleman's) who speaks only in quotations; and the pith, the marrow of Sir James's reasoning and rhetoric at that memorable period might be put within inverted commas.

Possibly a good deal of this may be regarded as the effect of disappointed views and an inverted ambition.

Therefore, words used in a metaphorical sense, or inverted, or combined, were easily invented because they were derived from ordinary use, and from daily conversation.

Her seal was a small youth with an inverted torch, the same on which Mrs. Blanche Creamer made her spiteful remark, that she expected to see that boy of the Widow's standing on his head yet; meaning, as Dick supposed, that she would get the torch right-side up as soon as she had a chance.

Mountains are seen with inverted cones; headlands project from the shore where none exist; islands clothed with verdure, or girt with cliffs, rise up from the bosom of the lake, remain awhile, and disappear.

In a short time these become a small tree, an inverted pyramid resting on the apex of the other, so that the whole has now the form of a vast hour-glass.

Thus the cows create their own shade and food; and the tree, its hour-glass being inverted, lives a second life, as it were.

He has been lacerated in a most dreadful manner; his head is nearly scalped, and part of the integuments of his arms and back inverted.

My apparatus consists of an unglazed porcelain tube inverted upon a ring of enameled porcelain, forming a part thereof, and provided with an aperture for the outflow of the liquid.

The Inverted mountains.

The Inverted mountains.

To prevent such an invasiona sort of inverted capture, in which the woman is the aggressorthe parents of rich sons build very high hedges round their houses to keep out girls!

Disregarding the fact that no one would screw the suspension plates on a frame without ascertaining which was the right way up, and assuming it to be hung up inverted, it was impossible that the misplacement could have been overlooked by Jeffrey.

417 examples of  inverted  in sentences