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417 examples of  inverted  in sentences

417 examples of inverted in sentences

he continued, as he tapped the thumb nail of his left hand with the inverted bowl of his pipe, knocking the ashes from it as he spoke, 'well, well!

The archways and ceilings were everywhere hung with down-growing crystals, like inverted groves of leafless saplings, some of them large, others delicately attenuated, each tipped with a single drop of water, like the terminal bud of a pine-tree.

There is in many places a curious antipathy to uprooting the house-leek, some persons even disliking to let it blossom, and a similar prejudice seems to have existed against the cuckoo-flower, for, if found accidentally inverted in a May garland, it was at once destroyed.

The substance of the words in inverted commas is contained in Colonel Finch's letter, but Shelley does not cite verbatim.

Put the movable filter over this, and screw the lid, inverted, tightly on the end of the centre pipe.

Pour into the inverted lid the above proportion of boiling water, and when all the water so poured has disappeared from the funnel, and made its way down the centre pipe and up again through the ground coffee by hydrostatic pressure, unscrew screw the lid and cover the urn.

In many points surely the relation is inverted and we feel ourselves transcended (or may at least suspect it), by those who lived or live in ruder conditions than our own.

Frontispiece Rudolph was aware of crowded bodies, of yellow faces grinning He let the inverted cup dangle from his hands He went leaping from sight over the crest CHAPTER I A LADY AND A GRIFFIN

Grunting, he shook the inverted cup, let it dangle from his hands, stared up aimlessly at the stars, and thento Heywood's consternationdropped his head to meditate, looking straight down.

Its inverted use necessarily holds us fast in the bondage from which we are seeking to escape, and equally necessarily its right use brings us into Liberty; and therefore if any Divine revelation exists at all its purpose must be to lead us away from the inverted use of our creative faculty and into such a higher specializing of it as will produce the desired result.

Its inverted use necessarily holds us fast in the bondage from which we are seeking to escape, and equally necessarily its right use brings us into Liberty; and therefore if any Divine revelation exists at all its purpose must be to lead us away from the inverted use of our creative faculty and into such a higher specializing of it as will produce the desired result.

By accepting the notion of a dual power, that of Good and Evil, the inverted creative working of Fear is introduced with all its attendant train of evil things.

The passages in inverted commas are those which the censorship of M. Bonaparte has suppressed.

5.Various Kinds of Epithelial Cells A, columnar cells of intestine; B, polyhedral cells of the conjunctiva; C, ciliated conical cells of the trachea; D, ciliated cell of frog's mouth; E, inverted conical cell of trachea; F, squamous cell of the cavity of mouth, seen from its broad surface; G, squamous cell, seen edgeways.

Note that the whole mass curdles in a few minutes, so that the tube can be inverted without the curd falling out.

Mix two teaspoonfuls of fresh milk in a test tube with a few drops of neutral artificial gastric juice;[30] keep at about 100 degrees F. In a short time the milk curdles, so that the tube can be inverted without the curd falling out.

(a) Take part of the cardiac end of the pig's stomach, which has been previously opened and washed rapidly in cold water, and spread it, mucous surface upwards, on the convex surface of an inverted capsule.

If an eye removed from its socket be stripped posteriorly of the sclerotic coat, an inverted image or the field of view will be seen on the retina; but if the lens or other part of the refractive media be removed, the image will become blurred or disappear altogether.

While serving Axcester for ball, rout, and general assembly-room, it had been admittedly dismalits slate-coloured walls scarred and patched with new plaster, and relieved only by a gigantic painting of the Royal Arms on panel in a blackened frame; its ceiling garnished with four pendants in plaster, like bride- cake ornaments inverted.

[Footnote 12: As many of Polonius' aphorismic utterances as are given in the 1st Quarto have there inverted commas; but whether intended as gleanings from books or as fruits of experience, the light they throw on the character of him who speaks them is the same: they show it altogether selfish.

Upon this ground propositions, evidently false or doubtful enough in their first beginning, come, by an inverted rule of probability, to pass for authentic truths; and those which found or deserved little credit from the mouths of their first authors, are thought to grow venerable by age, are urged as undeniable.

table, chart, database; index, inverted file, word list, concordance.

V. be inverted &c; turn round, turn about, turn to the right about, go round, go about, go to the right about, wheel round, wheel about, wheel to the right about; turn over, go over, tilt over, topple over; capsize, turn turtle.

Adj. inverted &c v.; wrong side out, wrong side up; inside out, upside down; bottom upwards, keel upwards; supine, on one's head, topsy-turvy, sens dessus dessous

The two sped down to the shore, where the canoes were drawn up on the rocks, and hastily turning one over sideways and packing all their provisions under it, they carried the other two back to the camping ground and inverted them over the head-ends of the beds, their ends propped up on stones, where, tilted back at an angle which shed the water off backward, they made an admirable shelter.

The whole should be covered with a larger inverted glass, which must not be so close as to prevent a circulation of air.

From this section, which measures exactly one hundred millimeters, carefully separate the epidermal structures in strips, and place the strips at once under an inverted glass to prevent drying; next, separate the pith in a single unbroken piece wholly freed from the ligneous tissue.

It has been said that the historian is an inverted prophet.

In the same way it may be said that a teacher of law is an inverted moralist (viz., a teacher of the duties of justice), or that politics are inverted ethics, if we exclude the thought that ethics also teaches the duty of benevolence, magnanimity, love, and so on.

In the same way it may be said that a teacher of law is an inverted moralist (viz., a teacher of the duties of justice), or that politics are inverted ethics, if we exclude the thought that ethics also teaches the duty of benevolence, magnanimity, love, and so on.

In commemoration of this circumstance, the roof was made in the shape of the bottom of a ship inverted.

The dwellings of the nomads consist of a number of long slender poles bent and inverted towards each other, over which are stretched slips of coarse fabrics of camel's hair.

It was a vast inverted cup of turquoise.

This behemoth was compelled to seat himself on a small inverted saucer and row for dear life with a pair of toothpicks.

The coldest welcome that a threadbare curate ever got at the door of a bishop's palace, the most icy reception that a country-cousin ever received at the city-mansion of a mushroom millionnaire, is agreeably tepid, compared to that which the Rhadamanthus who dooms you to the more or less elevated circle of his inverted Inferno vouchsafes, as you step up to enter your name on his dog's-eared register.

The day was cloudless, and a vast inverted cone of dazzling rays suddenly struck upward into the sky through the gap between the Mรถnch and the Eiger, which, as some effect of perspective shifted its apparent position, looked like a glory streaming from the very summit of the Eiger.

The American flag waved in the wind, and the flag of France over the British in inverted order.

At the point of the toe this membrane sometimes shows a V-shaped depression, into which fits a inverted V-shaped prominence on the inner surface of the wall at this point.

1, Horny laminรฆ covering internal face of wall; 2, superior border of wall; 3, junction of wall with horny sole; 4, the cutigeral groove; 5, the horny sole; 6, the horny frog (that portion of it known as the 'frog-stay'); 7, inverted V-shaped ridge on wall and sole (known as the 'toe-stay'); 8, anterior face of wall; 9, inferior border of wall.

At the bottom of the internal face, at the point where the toe joins the sole, will be noted the before-mentioned inverted V-shaped prominence.

In the centre of its anterior portionthat is to say, at the toewill be seen a small inverted V-shaped ridge, which is a direct continuation of the same shaped prominence before mentioned on the internal face of the wall.

All of the domes are shaped like inverted turnips after the Byzantine style.

I had a lamp, and at my forehead the lighted candle, and I went on quickly, seeing it useless now to choose my steps where there was no choice, through a passage incrusted, roof and sides, with a scabrous petrified lichen, the roof low for some ninety yards, covered with down-looking cones, like an inverted forest of children's toy-trees.

They appear to us from heaven like stage-players, who lie upon their elbows with the body inverted, and put themselves in a walking motion; or like beasts, which lie on their backs, and lift the feet upwards, and from the head, which they plunge in the earth, look towards heaven."

[The letter of the Secretary to the governor of South Carolina was not answered, but was so inverted and folded as to present the subscribed name of the secretary, as the superscription of the same letter to be returned.

The ceiling has iron girders thrown across, and is arched with combs, each having the ends closed, with the exception of a small hole (like an inverted flower-pot), which admits a current of air to circulate through the floor.

Bessie went to the rescue, and separated and inverted the combatants, only the soles of whose boots had been visible a moment before.

Another rising sun has thrown Its beams upon the vine, and shown The splendid Morning-Glory blown, As if some little fairy, When early from his couch he went, On some ethereal journey bent, Had there inverted left his tent Of purple, high and airy.

We allowed her to lay all her eggs, about six in number, and then put the leaf under an inverted glass.

A quid of Navy tobacco suffices for breakfast, and his only other meal consists of a slice of bully beef with a hard biscuit served on an inverted packing-case.

The distance itself was not such as to render it difficult to recognize a form, or a face, when assisted by the glass; but the inverted position of all on board the ship did make a view less certain than might otherwise have been the case.

A vessel filled with water has an inverted vessel within it; a pipe is led to the balloon from the latter and a tube of india-rubber is attached which contains calcium hydrate.

This shows an inverted temperature.

"To the introducing such an inverted order of things.

4.Of these letters, Day gives this account: "M. denotes mille, 1,000; D., dimidium mille, half a thousand, or 500; C. centum, 100; L. represents the lower half of C., and expresses 50; X. resembles V. V., the one upright, the other inverted, and signifies 10; V. stands for 5, because its sister letter U is the fifth vowel; and I. signifies 1, probably because it is the plainest and simplest letter in the alphabet.

"The use of inverted commas derives from France, where one Guillemet was the author of them;

"A while he stands, Gazing the inverted landscape, half afraid To meditate the blue profound below.

ruler of the inverted year, Thy scattered hair with sleet-like ashes filled, Thy breath congealed upon thy lips, thy cheek Fringed with a beard made white with other snows Than those of age, thy forehead wrapped in clouds, A leafless branch thy sceptre, and thy throne A sliding car, indebted to no wheels, But urged by storms along its slippery way; I love thee, all unlovely as thou seemest, And dreaded as thou art.

For a moment the Scotchman halted, grim-jawed, his legs an inverted V; then silent as they, equally swiftly, he followed.

Large holes, called "sink-holes," are numerous along these banks; the shape of them is precisely that of an inverted cone, through the apex of which the water sinks, and works its way into the river.

Her robe, which appeared to be the only garment with which she encumbered herself, fitted her, as they say at sea, "like a purser's shirt on a handspike," and looked for all the world like an inverted sack, with appropriate apertures cut for head and arms; she wore shoes, in compliment to her guestsher hair hung about her shoulders in true Indian style; and altogether she was a genuine sample of backwoods' civilization.

Inverted order after expressions such as ร  peine, aussi, etc., and after direct quotations.

" Sire Edward stroked the table through this while, with an inverted pen.

Mirror inverted.

Mirror inverted.

Mirror inverted.

Mirror inverted.

Mirror inverted.

Mirror inverted.

Mirror inverted.

July 1|2|86| 02.14|135.145|133.00|0.08|1.467|-0.252|257.28|33.311|0.99627|299940|P.M. Mirror inverted.

Moreover, in the latter part of the observations the mirror was inverted, thus producing a positive rotation, whereas the rotation in the preceding sets was negative.

As there is no relation between the way of life, and fallen into the sear, I am inclined to think, that the W is only an M inverted, and that it was originally written, my May of life.

The interpolations are distinguished by inverted commas.

ยฉ 15Aug24, A800485. R93314, 9Apr52, Dele Newman Doke (C) SINCLAIR, BERTRAND W. The inverted pyramid.

The Inverted forest.

ยฉ 15Aug24, A800485. R93314, 9Apr52, Dele Newman Doke (C) SINCLAIR, BERTRAND W. The inverted pyramid.

Place the pots on a bed of ashes in a cold frame, put a small inverted pot over the top of the bulb, and cover the whole with cocoa-nut fibre or cinder-ashes to the depth of about 4 in.

the inverted image of a counterbalancing mental good, which is, or is about to be, perhaps to signify that "God doth not need Either man's works or His own gifts; who best Bear His mild yoke, they serve Him best; They also serve who only stand and wait.

The Gold Ring which is made the Prize of Deformity, is just the Reverse of the Golden Apple that was formerly made the Prize of Beauty, and should carry for its Posy the old Motto inverted. 'Detur tetriori'.

" "By a species of inverted presentiment?"

Indeed, in our country, conservatism, through the presence of Slavery, has inverted its usual order.

It received this appellation from a resemblance to an inverted pudding dish, commonly used by sailors, and is 354 feet high.

"For the soil," he says (C.P. III, 25), "often inverted becomes free, light and clear of weeds, so that it can most easily afford nourishment.

495 His scorn returnshis hate revives; He stoops the Ass's neck to seize With malicethat again takes flight; For in the pool a startling sight Meets him, among the inverted trees.

In the MS. of this poem (1807) the words, "a weed of glorious feature," are placed within inverted commas.

I had certainly seen through those spectacles as clearly as if they had been plain window-glass; and they had certainly given an inverted reflection of the candle-flame like that thrown from the surface of a concave lens.


The inverted position was not a mere temporary accident, as it might have been if the frame had been stood on a shelf or support.

On the other hand, if he had not noticed the inverted position of the photograph he must have been nearly blind or quite idiotic; for the photograph was over two feet long and the characters large enough to be read easily by a person of ordinary eyesight at a distance of forty or fifty feet.

The way in which it came to be inverted is pretty obvious and also rather suggestive.

Disregarding the fact that no one would screw the suspension plates on a frame without ascertaining which was the right way up, and assuming it to be hung up inverted, it was impossible that the misplacement could have been overlooked by Jeffrey.

Could a more inverted scheme of things have been devised in a madhouse?

They were very dark green, the boughs very thick, and the tree in shape like an inverted top.

An excellent precaution, in order to keep them from scorching in case the water becomes low, is to place an inverted saucer or sauce-dish in the bottom of the kettle before putting in the turnips.

The inverted arches are disguised struts inserted in 1338 to prevent the collapse of the central tower.

Private M'D. removed the lining from his, and performed his ablutions in the inverted crown.

" "Abstain from quotations, then," retorts Bobby, dryly; "for you know in conversation one does not see the inverted commas.

Its peculiar characteristics are the perforated and striated scutiform area on the front of the cell and the perforated, or apparently perforated pyramidal lateral processes above each avicularium; these processes are much developed, and give the cell the form of a broad inverted shear-head.

An inverted order quite common in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when the second of two imperatives is construed with an object pronoun.