312 examples of invest in in sentences

Or you may invest in language of your own selection the substance of an address or sermon you have heard, or give the burden of some important conversation in which you have participated, or explain the tenor of an article you have read.

I knew if I could clinch the deal, and get the option, that some friends of mine would invest in it, and I'd have a good thing for myself.

To those about to invest in a Food-Chopper I would recommend the 5/- size.

I had some American silver in my pocket, which I repeatedly offered to exchange for cakes, fruits and refreshments, at the numerous stores and stands which I passed, but no one was willing to invest in my stock of change.

One would have thought that their own half-despairing efforts to invest in worthy outward shape the vague inward impressions of sublimity, and the consciousness of an implicit ideal in the commonest scenes, might have made them susceptible of some disgust or alarm at a species of burlesque which is likely to render their compositions no better than a dissolving view, where every noble form is seen melting into its preposterous caricature.

Norton had persuaded Carolina to invest in the enterprise to defraud the Government, promising her $50,000 clear profit.

He was content with the surplus profits from his landed estates, which he did not invest in trade or even Government paper, but hoarded in a safe.

Nowadays he would not wait to plunder a foreign nation; he would invest in a Dreadnought company, and plunder his own.

He now draped himself in white linen, dark-coloured clothes, a tall hat, and such outward marks of respectability, if not station, going even so far as to invest in kid gloves and an "umbrellier," as he called that instrument.

The method of forming a stock company under the laws of Vermont is very simple and people are generally well disposed to invest in the stock of the new company providing the men at the head are known to be competentthe inventor as an inventor, the business man as a business man and so on all the way through.

We always wanted to invest in real estate there in Abraham Street or Noah Place, or some of its well-established thoroughfares, but are discouraged since we have had these views of the old town.

It has been heretofore limited by the want of capital; but when emigrants shall be relieved from their embarrassments, contracted by the purchase of their lands, the annual profits of their estates, will constitute an accumulating capital, which they will seek to invest in labor.

You can spend a hundred dollars now on the leak and make a perfect leak of it, and have a balance of thirty-seven dollars and sixty-three cents to buy books for the Hottentots or to invest in picture-books for the Blind Asylum library.

He had left a New England state some eight months previous, and was going home to invest in land.

" "I have no money to invest in your trade," the old man answered sternly.

If divided into a number of lots, each of small size, land still fetches its value, and can be readily sold; but that is not always convenient, and purchasers hesitate to invest in extensive estates.

I couldn't import a few hens, invest in a new dog, or order a lawn mower, but a full account would grace the next issue of all the weeklies.

It's no more of a gamble than anything else a Colorado man is likely to invest in.

The funds to invest in these commercial undertakings are originally obtained in nearly all cases from public loans.

The first idea that China should invest in a fleet of her own came up in the course of a friendly conversation between the British Minister and the Officiating Inspector-General.

At his suggestion, Constanze had, a long time ago, rented a little piece of ground outside the Kärnthner Thor, and had raised a few vegetables; so now it seemed quite fitting to invest in a long rake and a small rake and a spade.

The keen observer hesitates in view of all these conditions to advise any young man to invest in real estate for a home beyond a sum which he can afford to lose if need arises to move.

They invest in mediocrity in the confident hope that it will go many hundred per cent.

The efforts of some women to increase their fortune sufficiently to enable them to invest in a military better-half are pathetic from an Anglo-Saxon point of view.

"Better lay in a supply of blow-out patches, unless you're a mind to invest in a new casing."

312 examples of  invest in  in sentences