66 examples of irk in sentences

It was the routine, the dull, common routine, of Laburnum Villa which irked so badly.

She had neither means nor friends, and she was much too thoroughly conversant with the common way of the world with a woman alone to imagine that, by taking her life in her own hands, she would accomplish much more than exchange the irk of the frying pan for the fury of the fire.

And, at the thought of this, we experienced a very pleasurable sense of excitement; yet, before the bo'sun would let us touch the kite, he insisted that we should gather our usual supply of fuel, the which order, though full of wisdom, irked us exceedingly, because of our eagerness to set about the rescue.

The delay irked her, and she became somewhat depressed, and said that she was dubious, in her precarious state of health, whether she would arrive at her destination.

At the same time she was but little irked by it, for the reason that her spirit was not one to be unduly affected by exterior social, intellectual, and physical conditions.

And when that I had gone downward for eighteen hours, and eat and drunk thrice, I ceased from my labour, and did feel about in the darkness, that I come to a level place for my rest; and so did find presently, a place not so bad, and did push and cast away such small boulders as had been like to irk me.

And this thing is plain to you, and needing not of many words, which do so irk me.

displease, annoy, incommode, discompose, trouble, disquiet; faze, feaze^, feeze [U.S.]; disturb, cross, perplex, molest, tease, tire, irk, vex, mortify, wherret^, worry, plague, bother, pester, bore, pother, harass, harry, badger, heckle, bait, beset, infest, persecute, importune.

Such traits are not in a historical point of view matters of difference; we recognize in them the stage of intellectual culture which irked these earliest Roman verse-making schoolmasters, and we at the same time perceive that, although Andronicus was born in Tarentum, Greek cannot have been properly his mother-tongue.

It was work that irked him, because he hated doing things over when the first glad joy of inspiration was gone, but he stuck to it.

That irked him so that he sulked and sneered, and generally made himself so insulting that I slapped him.

And being irked at their lack of rights and ill content with the land, and having no power at all over the wind and snow, and caring little for the powers they had, the demi-gods became idle, greasy, and slow; and the contemptuous dwarfs despised them ever.

And the bear was walking towards the man, very slowly because his wound irked himyet he was now very close.

Especially does this sort of conversation irk me, because it is not fair to the young lady herself.

Ail, irk, and behoove, are regular verbs and transitive; but they are used only in the third person singular: as, "What ails you?""It irks me.""It behooves you."

Even so, the monotony of mere car repairing began to irk him.

Those ways might irk and cramp him sometimes.

By dayby our earthly day, that isthe ghostly vision of the old familiar scenery of Sussexville, all about him, irked and worried him.

" This prospect pleased Edward mightily: but "it irked him to take the name and arms of that of which he had as yet won no tittle."

Though friendly with the philosophers, he did not belong to them, and his wife's piety frequently irked them.

The pick and shovel irked his hands as he swung them; his palms began to itch for the weapons that the soldiers bore.

And to-night the wind was southerly, and his old hurts irked him not.

Mr. Portlethorpe had listenedso it seemed to mewith a good deal of irritation and impatience; he was clearly one of those people who do not like interference with what they regard as an established order of things, and it evidently irked him to have any questions raised as to the Carstairs affairswhich, of course, he himself had done much to settle when Sir Gilbert succeeded to the title.

Muscular arms folded in an idleness that irked them with aching weariness, he sat there, brooding, motionless.

But most, ye helpful angels That send distress and work, Hot task and sweating forehead, To heal man's idle irk, Pity her!

66 examples of  irk  in sentences