10555 examples of irons in sentences

E'en now irons be heating for them, moreover they are, by thy will, to suffer the grievous torment of the pulleys and the wheel, and these, as I do know, be sharp punishments and apt to cause prodigious outcry.

Therefore Allerdyke was able to make out from the journal what James had done during his stay at St. Petersburg, in Moscow, in Revel, and in Stockholm, in all of which places he had irons of one sort or another in the fire.

Wat Danbury got alongside of the huntsman and they galloped together with their stirrup-irons touching, and the hounds within a hundred yards of them.

These are on a very large scale: of course much that we saw was a repetition of what we had seen before, but there were slitting mills, machines for rolling the puddled blooms instead of hammering them, &c., and we had the satisfaction of handling the puddling irons ourselves.

Then he was marched away between two stout men, his irons clanking and rattling.

"He is in the hold in irons.

[He opens a door, and Chrysanthus is seen seated in a chair, with his hands and feet in irons.] CLAUDIUS.

Shirley was in favor of putting the negro in irons.

They would put Cardatas and Nunez in irons, if necessary, and take the Arato back to Valparaiso.

" "I should put him in irons, to begin with," said Shirley, "and then we can consider what to do with him when we have time.

" "I shall not leave him on shore," said the captain, "for that would simply be condemning him to starvation; and as for putting him in irons, that would deprive us of an able seaman.

" "Servant, then," said I, "for the art of disputation I have hitherto chiefly undertaken with my fists and side-irons.

Davis ordered the captain with twenty of his men to come on board, and they were all put in irons except the captain.

He design was to make the governor a present of a few negroes in return for his kindness; then to invite him, with a few of the principal men and friars belonging to the island, to dine on board his ship, and secure them all in irons, until each of them should give a large ransom.

Kitchens are horrid when girls have just gone out of them, and left the dish-towels dirty, and the dish-cloth all wabbled up in the sink, and all the tins and irons wanting to be cleaned.

[Illustration: Gem Irons] GENERAL DIRECTIONS.All materials used for making aërated bread should be of the very best quality.

When egg is used in the bread, less heating of the irons will be necessary, and not so hot an oven as when made without.

Irons well cared for, carefully washed, and occasionally scoured with Sapolio to keep them perfectly smooth, will require no greasing whatever.

In filling the irons, care should be taken to fill each cup at first as full as it is intended to have; it, as the heat of the irons begins the cooking of the batter as soon as it is put in, and an additional quantity added has a tendency to make the bread less light.

Thin the mixture with one cupful or less of boiling water until it will form easily, beat well, and bake in heated irons.

Lastly, stir in the white of the egg beaten to a stiff froth, and bake in heated irons, in a rather quick oven.

It was not when Clemence lay in irons, it is barely now, that our South is casting off a certain apprehensive tremor, generally latent, but at the slightest provocation active, and now and then violent, concerning her "blacks."

The unhappy men, alarmed at this violation of the rights of hospitality and struck with astonishment at the behaviour of their supposed friends, attempted to escape through the cabin windows, but being wounded were obliged to desist, and to submit to be put in irons.

When taken up he was put into irons, and kept in these for a considerable time.

The brigantine shot quickly ahead, and the useless irons fell heavily into the water.

10555 examples of  irons  in sentences