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10555 examples of  irons  in sentences

10555 examples of irons in sentences

E'en now irons be heating for them, moreover they are, by thy will, to suffer the grievous torment of the pulleys and the wheel, and these, as I do know, be sharp punishments and apt to cause prodigious outcry.

To annoy the ships which advanced against their walls, they fixed grappling irons and scythes to joists or beams; then, straining their catapultasan enormous kind of crossbowthey laid those great pieces of timber upon them instead of arrows, and shot them off on a sudden at the enemy.

Little availed their naval arts, such as breaking off the oars of a ship, and eluding the beaks of the enemy by turning aside; for the grappling-irons and other instruments, which, before the engagement, had been greatly derided by the enemy, were fastened upon their ships, and they were compelled to fight as on solid ground.

"Let's agree to deposit all the shooting irons 'til the dance is over.

The men were brought on parade, stripped of their uniforms, and loaded with irons.

But the Americans rustled up some grappling irons and hooks, which they tied to the ends of ropes, and throwing them to the coping, then swarmed up and chased the disconcerted Germans out of their last position in that sector.

Christian then, seeing them lie in this case, went to them, if peradventure he might awake them, and cried, You are like them that sleep on the top of a mast, for the Dead Sea is under you, a gulf that hath no bottom: awake, therefore, and come away; be willing also, and I will help you off with your irons.

Yet was he troubled to think, that men in that danger should so little esteem the kindness of him that so freely offered to help them, both by awakening of them, counselling of them, and proffering to help them off with their irons.

why the valley itself, which is as dark as pitch: we also saw there the hobgoblins, satyrs, and dragons of the pit; we heard also in that valley a continual howling and yelling, as of a people under unutterable misery, who there sat bound in affliction and irons; and over that valley hangs the discouraging clouds of confusion: death also doth always spread his wings over it.

Therefore Allerdyke was able to make out from the journal what James had done during his stay at St. Petersburg, in Moscow, in Revel, and in Stockholm, in all of which places he had irons of one sort or another in the fire.

Wat Danbury got alongside of the huntsman and they galloped together with their stirrup-irons touching, and the hounds within a hundred yards of them.

Sir Timothy did not approve of curling-irons and frippery.

Bring burning irons!

Knocking down the fire-irons, tumbling over the chairs, bumping up against the piano, smothering himself among the curtains, wherever she went there went he!

It is mournful enough to see the old man brought home in irons from the world he had discovered and given to Spain.

After meals they jumped up in their irons for exercise.

The crew landed in their boats, with arms and provisions, leaving the slaves on board in their irons.

These are on a very large scale: of course much that we saw was a repetition of what we had seen before, but there were slitting mills, machines for rolling the puddled blooms instead of hammering them, &c., and we had the satisfaction of handling the puddling irons ourselves.

These depredations were also aggravated by circumstances of great inhumanity and cruelty; the sailors being confined in loathsome prisons, at the Havana, and at Cadiz; or forced to work with irons on their legs; with no sustenance but salt fish, almost putrid, and beds full of vermin, so that many died of their hard captivity.

For the captain, getting wind of the plot, brought two fellows to confess the particulars, and presently no less than sixteen men were seized and put into irons, whereof I was one.

This Harris was afterwards captured by an English man-of-war, and, being laid in irons, died of grief and anger.

He had the admirable custom of carrying out his commissions in the order in which they arrived, so that if he was at work upon a set of fire-irons for a poor client, not even Lorenzo himself (who as a matter of fact often tried) could induce him to turn to something more lucrative.

"Only a little cut on the head, where he banged, up against the top irons, I guess.

Then a clatter of fire-irons downstairs moved her to speech.

" No torture of body like unto it, Siculi non invenere tyranni majus tormentum, no strappadoes, hot irons, Phalaris' bulls, "Nec ira deum tantum, nec tela, nec hostis, Quantum sola noces animis illapsa.

Cupping-glasses. Cauteries, and searing with hot irons, boring. Dropax and sinapismus.

Issues, boring, cauteries, hot irons in the suture of the crown. Subsect.

On this account, the admiral gave the boy a verbal message for the prisoners; saying that he would very soon come to Calicut, where he would anchor as near as possible to the shore; and as the captives were allowed to go about the city without irons, they might find an opportunity to come off to the fleet either in boats or by swimming.

In the morning he put off to sea in chase of the vessel, which he was unable to get up with till towards evening close to the land; after a brave defence, as the ship had many men, she at length yielded; and not chusing to encumber himself with so many prisoners, he landed a part of her company, and made the rest prisoners in irons in his own ship.

Put in irons by the Sultan's command, communication was made with Lorenzo.

If America were to send home to their respective countries, in irons, all who arrive on her shores under suspicion of not being endowed with a Utopian degree of honestyor, if (still better) she were to hang them outright, she would be looked upon as the most pious, moral, and refined nation under the sun, and her climate would rival that of Paradise.

Of course the captain of the steamer was the only person who could order one of the men placed in irons.

Then he was marched away between two stout men, his irons clanking and rattling.

"He is in the hold in irons.

I advised him to put you in irons after you were sent to your roomit seemed to be the easiest way to get you out of the fight.

"You may put the red-headed gentleman in irons, if you please, sir.

All that is then needed is three or four long, round, and pointed irons (about 1/4 to 3/8 inch in diameter) heated to redness.

She too had seen Monohan seated on the after deck, his head sunk on his breast, irons on his wrists.

The enthusiastic visitor looked about for some relique which he might carry away; but he could see nothing lighter than the chairs and the fire-irons.

The approach of the prisoners was signified first by a whisper, and then by the clanking of the irons attached to the limbs of one of them.

A block with a small anvil was placed near the entrance, by which a miserably attired individual was stationed with a candle, for the purpose of lighting the workman who attended to remove the irons.

When about to place his foot on the block, he untied a band, which had passed round his body to sustain the weight of his irons; and as he disengaged it, he let it carelessly fall, with an expression in his countenance which told, so I fancied, that, in this moment, reflecting he should never want it again, the immediate cause and consequence of the miserable relief flashed full on his imagination, with all their concomitant horrors.

It was necessary to support him while his irons were being removed.

When the storm abated, about the 29th, people went off to see if any thing remained, but nothing was left save a few large irons, whereby the work had been so fastened into a clink, that it could never afterwards be disengaged, till it was cut out in the year 1756.

He has modified the shape of the toe to fit the ski irons better.

At the last word Amos-Parr sprang to his feet and seized the harpoon, the boat ran right on to the whale's back, and in an instant Parr sent two irons to the hitches into the fish.

The trouble grew worse and three of the fellows had to be put into irons.

These men were all seized and put in irons as soon as they reached the camp of Ariovistus, and Caesar now prepared in earnest for giving his enemy battle.

If you try to get round him, he'll put you in irons.'

Opening also from the hall are the dining-room with its high colonial mantel and typical Virginia buffet, the French morning-room with its gray green tints and its touches of gilt, and the library with its old chimney-piece, high black fire-dogs, and quaint fire-tending irons.

HALE, JOHN P. Hot irons.

"Burn it into the flesh with hot irons.

"It hovers overhead until it sees, with its sharp eye, a fish ripple the water; then it pounces down like a flash, and grabs the fish with, its long claws, that are made like grappling-irons.

[He opens a door, and Chrysanthus is seen seated in a chair, with his hands and feet in irons.] CLAUDIUS.

Shirley was in favor of putting the negro in irons.

They would put Cardatas and Nunez in irons, if necessary, and take the Arato back to Valparaiso.

" "I should put him in irons, to begin with," said Shirley, "and then we can consider what to do with him when we have time.

" "I shall not leave him on shore," said the captain, "for that would simply be condemning him to starvation; and as for putting him in irons, that would deprive us of an able seaman.

" "Servant, then," said I, "for the art of disputation I have hitherto chiefly undertaken with my fists and side-irons.

Davis ordered the captain with twenty of his men to come on board, and they were all put in irons except the captain.

He design was to make the governor a present of a few negroes in return for his kindness; then to invite him, with a few of the principal men and friars belonging to the island, to dine on board his ship, and secure them all in irons, until each of them should give a large ransom.

Kitchens are horrid when girls have just gone out of them, and left the dish-towels dirty, and the dish-cloth all wabbled up in the sink, and all the tins and irons wanting to be cleaned.

[Illustration: Gem Irons] GENERAL DIRECTIONS.All materials used for making aรซrated bread should be of the very best quality.

These cups or "gem irons" as they are sometimes called, are to be obtained in various shapes and sizes, but for this purpose the more shallow cups are preferable.

When ready to use, beat thoroughly for ten or fifteen minutes to incorporate air, and bake in heated irons.

When egg is used in the bread, less heating of the irons will be necessary, and not so hot an oven as when made without.

If the bread, when baked, appears light, but with large holes in the center, it is probable that either the irons or the oven was too hot at first.

The irons in which batter breads are to be baked should not be smeared with grease; if necessary to oil them at all, they should only be wiped out lightly with a clean, oiled cloth.

Irons well cared for, carefully washed, and occasionally scoured with Sapolio to keep them perfectly smooth, will require no greasing whatever.

In filling the irons, care should be taken to fill each cup at first as full as it is intended to have; it, as the heat of the irons begins the cooking of the batter as soon as it is put in, and an additional quantity added has a tendency to make the bread less light.

In filling the irons, care should be taken to fill each cup at first as full as it is intended to have; it, as the heat of the irons begins the cooking of the batter as soon as it is put in, and an additional quantity added has a tendency to make the bread less light.

Do not beat again after the white of the egg is added, but turn at once into heated, shallow irons, and bake for an hour in a moderately quick oven.

When ready to bake the puffs, whip the white of the egg to a stiff froth, and after vigorously beating the batter for ten minutes, stir in lightly the white of the egg; turn at once into heated irons, and bake.

When the mixture is light and foamy throughout, stir in lightly and evenly the white of the egg, beaten to a stiff froth; turn into heated irons, and bake in a rather quick oven.

Add last the whites of the eggs, beaten to a stiff froth, and bake at once in heated irons.

Turn at once into hissing hot gem irons, and bake in a hot oven.

The best irons for this purpose are the shallow oblong, or round cups of the same size at the bottom as at the top.

Bake at once, in heated gem-irons.

Continue to beat vigorously for ten minutes, then add the stiffly-beaten white of the egg, and bake in heated irons.

Beat the batter vigorously for ten or fifteen minutes, then turn into hot irons, and bake.

Bake in heated irons, in a moderately quick oven.

Thin the mixture with one cupful or less of boiling water until it will form easily, beat well, and bake in heated irons.

Beat vigorously, until full of air bubbles, add the white of the egg beaten stiffly, and bake in heated irons.

Then beat it vigorously five or ten minutes, till full of air bubbles; stir in lightly the stiffly beaten white of the egg, and put at once into heated irons.

Bake in heated irons, in a moderately quick oven.

Lastly, stir in the white of the egg beaten to a stiff froth, and bake in heated irons, in a rather quick oven.

Beat the batter thoroughly; stir in lightly the whites of the eggs, beaten to a stiff froth, turn into heated irons, and bake.

CREAM CORN CAKES.Into one cup of thin cream stir one and one half cups of granular corn meal, or enough to make a stiff batter; beat well, drop into heated irons, and bake.

Bake in heated irons.

Turn into hot gem irons and bake quickly.

Drop into heated irons, and bake for twenty or thirty minutes.

It was not when Clemence lay in irons, it is barely now, that our South is casting off a certain apprehensive tremor, generally latent, but at the slightest provocation active, and now and then violent, concerning her "blacks."

To show his friendship for his victim, he removed all irons, but did not give freedom to Don Ramon's horse, which was led, as before.

Several men, who seemed to be the owners, rode through the corralled cows while the cruel irons were being heated.

Hojeda not only used too much severity to the crew, but behaved haughtily to Talavera, who laid him in irons; but a storm soon arose, and the crew knowing him to be an experienced seaman, set him at liberty, and it was chiefly through his skill that they were enabled to save their lives, by running the ship ashore on the coast of Cuba.

Yet this did not in the least soften his resentment against Olano for deserting him, whom he would have hanged, if he had not been afraid of irritating the men, and instead of that he put him in irons, threatening to send him to Spain in that condition.

Wafler irons are required and can be obtained at any good ironmongers of the Hebrew persuasion.

The unhappy men, alarmed at this violation of the rights of hospitality and struck with astonishment at the behaviour of their supposed friends, attempted to escape through the cabin windows, but being wounded were obliged to desist, and to submit to be put in irons.

When taken up he was put into irons, and kept in these for a considerable time.

The brigantine shot quickly ahead, and the useless irons fell heavily into the water.