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2078 examples of  is bound to  in sentences

2078 examples of is bound to in sentences

Some calls he is bound to obey, at whatever cost of time or strength,illness, certain public duties, and real spiritual needs,but his life must not be at the mercy of cranks, or of idle persons' whims.

One club or the other is bound to have the advantage of an extra game on its own grounds, providing seven games are necessary.

"Johnnie, you're mighty smart about some things; cain't you see that a cotton mill is bound to either kill or cripple a child?

The Court of Nature assumes the law to be, that all men do so; and the individual man is bound to show cause why he does not love any particular woman.

The principle being recognized that Germany alone is responsible for the War which she willed and which she imposed on the rest of the world, Germany is bound to give complete and full reparation within the limits specified by Art.

A man who scores up as you do, is bound to win in the long run, if he only keeps his eyes about him, and don't undertake to go it blind.

Not only the Order but each member is bound to take every opportunity of assisting every other by every method within his power.

Under such conditions, the level of energy production is bound to be low, and to remain low, and the modus of its mobilization slow and unwieldy.

The German people sticks to its militarist imperialism as Mazeppa stuck to his horse; because it is bound to it, and the wolves pursue.

She is bound to forget.

Yore luck is bound to turn.

" "But what," inquired Mr. Pooley, perplexedly, "has Wells Fargo to do with this business?" "Anybody that knows Bill Smith alias Jack Harpe as well as you do," spoke up Mr. Johnson, grimly, "is bound to be of interest to Wells Fargo.

If the case comes into Court, there is bound to be a good deal of unpleasant discussion and still more unpleasant comment in the newspapers.

An escaped convict, however excellent his intentions may be, is bound to be rather handicapped in his choice of action.

The Mussel or Oyster, with shells gaping wide open, is bound to get some of this food with the water which enters the shells.

" "Ay, ay," put in the young sailor, laughing"tell him Sam, that no small part of it is bound to the southward meaning to cross the line in my company, and that right soon.

My name is bound to your benificence, Your hands have been to me like bounty's purse, Never shut up, yourself my foster nurse: Nothing can from your honour come, prove me so rude, But I'll accept, to shun ingratitude.

No man shall be obliged to perform more service for his fee than he is bound to by his tenure.

And the fellow who takes great chances, depending on his good luck, is bound to meet up with trouble.

How much nobler and safer is the doctrine of the Scriptures, and of the unsophisticated language of man's moral constitution, that truth is obligatory on its own account, and that he who undertakes to signify to another, no matter in what form, and no matter what may be the right in the case to know the truth, is bound to signify according to the convictions of his own mind!

The younger brother also, or some other of the kindred, is bound to marry the wives of a deceased brother.

Suppose for the sake of the argument that a war between England and Germany were "inevitable"which is equivalent to the supposition that one of the two Governments is bound to wrong the otherone of the two Governments must take the initiative.

They have not entered with the Old World into that rivalry of armaments in which each nation, though it become exhausted in the effort, is bound to keep on a level with its neighbors, and in which no one will be stronger in the end when the whole world shall be subjugated.

And there are countries at our doors, where men shudder at the mere idea that the law may some day cease to decide for each in what manner he is bound to worship God, that the courts may cease to punish those whose conscience turns aside from the path of the nation.

I think the process is bound to continue, for the old order has broken down and is so thoroughly discredited it can hardly be restored.

Nor have they left the land of the Hittites unexplored, for Germany claims the first rights, politically, in all Anatolia, the right of succession and possession when the Turk is expelled, and German archaeological science is bound to be first on that field.

It would be an eternal source of strife and war: for there is a holy, almost religious tie, by which man's heart is bound to his home, and no man would ever consent to abandon his native land only because his neighbours speak another language than himself.

The justice makes a report of the proceedings in the examination, and files it with the clerk of the court before which the accused is bound to appear for trial.

Every such person is bound to fulfill every legal contract that he makes.

'tis calamities inn, Where seek for any mischief, 'tis within;" and a melancholy man is that true Prometheus, which is bound to Caucasus; the true Titius, whose bowels are still by a vulture devoured (as poets feign) for so doth Lilius Geraldus interpret it, of anxieties, and those griping cares, and so ought it to be understood.

The dramatist is bound to extract from his material the last particle of that particular order of effect which the stage, and the stage alone, can give us.

The playwright who deals with Henry VIII is bound to present him, in the schoolboy's phrase, as "a great widower."

It is bound to put her off her game.

A Ski with its whole surface flattened to the slope is bound to slip especially on hard snow.

The Secretary of State says: Her Majesty's Government, by the Treaty of London of May 8, 1852, is bound to respect the integrity and independence of Denmark.

In any event, our Government is bound to protect the rights of our naturalized citizens everywhere to the same extent as though they had drawn their first breath in this country.

His friend Atherton is bound to show cause why those names are not to be applied to him, as he is bound to show what he means by "living union with Christ," and why he complains of the Mystic for desiring "participation in the Divine nature."

In a country wherein fifteen novelsor is it fifty?are published every day of the year, the publisher's account of the goods he sells is bound to have a certain value.

And so we shall understand what we are to call the duty of an orator, and also what we are to call his end; since we shall call that his duty which he ought to do, and we shall term that his end for the sake of which he is bound to do his duty.

Now in a case of this kind the same topics and the same rules will suit each side of the question, because each party is bound to establish his own law, and to invalidate the one contrary to it.

For there is no kind of oration which can be either more fertile in its topics, or more profitable to states, or in which the orator is bound to have a more extensive acquaintance with virtues and vices.

For the rules which were given in deliberating upon the future, and how they ought to have a bearing upon utility, or a power of producing effects, a man who is arguing upon a fact is bound to collect, so as to show that they must have been useful to the man whom he is accusing, and that the act might possibly have been done by him.

If, with the laudable idea of not interfering with the horn more than is possible, this is practised, the portion of the shoe breaking off is bound to tear away with it more or less of the brittle horn to which it is attached.

In this case, when the entire weight is thrown on to the heels, the portion of wall posterior to the crack is bound to participate unduly in the downward movement, and so tend to widening of the crack at its highest point.

The sole normally is not made to receive this, and harm is bound to result.

From this position any marked deviation inwards ('fine-nailing,' as it is termed) is bound to give to the nail a direction dangerously near the sensitive structures.

Should either of these be neglected, or should the pus formation from the onset take on a slow but gradually spreading form (in other words, should either of these cases run a chronic rather than an acute course) then, with the persistence of the inflammatory phenomena so caused, is bound to result a steady and increasing growth of inflammatory fibrous connective tissue.

A trench will, perhaps, run diagonally across a field, will then go along a hedge at right angles, suddenly give it up and start again fifty yards to the left, in such a position that it is bound to cross the kitchen-garden of a shattered chateau, go through the greenhouse and out into the road.

Know that he who sees his father threatened or roughly handled is bound to risk his own life in this cause.

Jarchi, on the same passage, says, "He is bound to espouse her and take her to be his wife, for the money of her purchase is the money of her espousal.

Congress must not only refrain from laying violent hands on slavery, itself, and see to it that the slaveholders themselves do not, but it is bound to keep the system up to the Maryland and Virginia standard of vigor!

If it has no power to protect one man, it has none to protect anothernone to protect anyand if it can protect one man and is bound to protect him, it can protect every manall menand is bound to do it.

If it has no power to protect one man in the District it has none to protect anothernone to protect anyand if it can protect one man and is bound to do it, it can protect every manand is bound to do it.

If the parties cannot agree about the price, the special magistrate, in connection with two local magistrates, appraises the latter, and the master is bound to take the amount of the appraisement, whatever that is.

The command, "thou shall in any wise rebuke thy neighbor and not suffer sin upon him," is one, which the abolitionist feels, that he is bound to obey, as well in the case of the slaveholder, as in that of any other sinner.

If it has no power to protect one man, it has none to protect anothernone to protect anyand if it can protect one man and is bound to protect him, it can protect every manall menand is bound to do it.

Congress must not only refrain from laying violent hands on slavery, itself, and see to it that the slaveholders themselves do not, but it is bound to keep the system up to the Maryland and Virginia standard of vigor!

Upon the same principle Congress is bound to prohibit emancipation within the District.

If the parties cannot agree about the price, the special magistrate, in connection with two local magistrates, appraises the latter, and the master is bound to take the amount of the appraisement, whatever that is.

It is bound to be William Henry, because the trail leads in that direction.

Any slave producing fifty dollars (ten pounds) as a portion of his ransom-money, the master is obliged to fix a price upon him, at which his ransom may be purchased; he then becomes a coartado, and whatever sums he can save his master is bound to receive in part payment, and, should he be sold, the price must not exceed the price originally named, after subtracting therefrom the amount he has advanced for his ransom.

Further, the State is bound to enlist in its service all the discoveries of modern science, so far as they can be applied to warfare, since all these methods and engines of war, should they be exclusively in the hands of the enemy, would secure him a distinct superiority.

] Under conditions like the present the State is not only entitled, but is bound to put the utmost strain on the financial powers of her citizens, since it is vital questions that are at stake.

And this he has a right to do; and when this is done she is not required to go into mourning; or, if she chooses, she has the right to go to him, and he is bound to support her.

"You call yourself a lawyer, and you have not yet learned one of the first principles of common justice, which is that a woman has some rights which even a besotted lover is bound to respect.

[The public are being passionately warned against the threatened crush at watering-places in August of this year of Peace.] Stoutly we bore with April's icy blizzards; "The worst of Spring," we said, "will soon be through; Summer is bound to come and warm our gizzards

It is the strong able-bodied lusty beggar who is bound to get the best of it in struggles such as I have above described, although he is just the one who could and ought to work and who least needs the charity.

Cinnamon Gardens, as the district is called, forms one of the attractions of Colombo, which every passing visitor is bound to go and see.

An educational system to cover an Empire is not a thing that can be got for the asking, it is not even to be got for the paying; it has to be grown; and in the beginning it is bound to be thin, ragged, forced, crammy, text-bookish, superficial, and all the rest of it.

Still, one is bound to understand as much as one can; one is bound to be able to give some reason for the faith which is in us; and, above all, one is bound not to hold false doctrines, which are contrary to the Athanasian Creed and to the Bible.

Moreover, he is bound to go from bad to worse until he is hopelessly insane, even as regards those points upon which he has hitherto preserved his reason intact.

Can you tell me in confidence (I assure you I will be discreet) whether the ecclesiastical authorities here realize the rush of Socialists that is bound to come, so soon as the Emperor's conversion is publicly announced.

When one has to trust to a lawyer, one is bound to trust to him.'

She emphasizes the importance of this condition, and says that the novelist is bound to use actual experience as his material, and that alone, or else keep silent.

Once under the power of this awful thirst, the man is bound to go on; and, if the foaming glass were on the other side of perdition, he would wade through the fires of hell to get it.

No State is bound to carry into effect enactments conceived in a spirit hostile to that which pervades her own laws....

"She is bound to get all the shocks that flesh is heir to.

At the last moment, some new old thing is bound to get between him and the door.

'If only we can tide over this year,' he says, 'the business is bound to go.'

Now, my whole thesis is that understanding, work, co-operation, adjustment, must be the basis of human society; that conquest as a means of achieving national advantage must fail; that to base your prosperity or means of livelihood, your economic system, in short, upon having more force than someone else, and exercising it against him, is an impossible form of human relationship that is bound to break down.

Lastly, if Sir Charles, the Duke of Brittany, or others, did make war on the king our sovereign lord, or have any treaty or connection with his enemies, the king is bound to proceed against them who should do so, according to what must be done in such case for the tranquillity and security of the realm . . . .

Marot, a poet of wits rather than of genius or of great talent, but full of grace and breeding, who has no passion, but is not devoid of sensibility, has a way of his own of telling and saying things; he has a turn of his own; he is, in a word, the agreeable man, the gentleman-like man, who is bound to be pleasant and amusing, and who discharges his duty with an easy air and unexceptionable gallantry.

Doing it is bound to mean more education and more organization.

Sooner or later the star is bound to fall sick, or get the sulks or the swelled head, and then, if there's no one in the wings who knows her lines, the gallery will rotten-egg the show and howl for its money back.

An you want to scream, I pray you question me not, for what I say is bound to startle you.

'Any one with eyes like yours,' I said to her, 'is bound to have beaux in plenty, but you've only one mother and you'd better hang on to her.'" "Then what did she say?" demanded the interested Honora.

Every member present is bound to vote, unless excused by unanimous consent.

As an appeal always supposes the necessity of a review of the whole case, the lodge is bound to furnish the Grand Lodge with an attested copy of its proceedings on the trial, and such other testimony in its possession as the appellant may deem necessary for his defense.

To say a man is bound to believe, is neither truth nor sense.

"Thank you, Jim," he said fervently, and he continued: "Of course, I see what's going through your head, but I'll accept the favour, for the deal is bound to be successful.

A man is bound to think of all just excuse for his offender, for less than the righteousness of God will not serve his turn.

The reason is, that this child is bound to be of their blood.

"(6) If the seizure of the vessel was not justified the belligerent state is bound to order the immediate release of the ship and cargo and to pay full compensation.

" The Institute of International Law which met at Venice in 1896 declared that the destination of contraband goods to an enemy may be shown even when the vessel which carries them is bound to a neutral port.

My ship is bound to sea; and it is time, Master Tiller, that I know in what berth you are willing to serve the Queen.

Those loyal citizens this Government is bound to recognize and protect, as being Virginia.

He is bound to discharge that duty at whatever hazard of incurring the displeasure of those who may differ with him in opinion.

The President is bound to approve or disapprove every bill which passes Congress and is presented to him for his signature.

The world is bound to recognize one; it is not always unjust.

Lady Susan Strangeways was a high-bred woman, but even high breeding could not prevent her from being overwhelming, especially as there was a great deal more of her than there had been at the last meeting of the friends, so that she was suggestive of Hawthorne's inquiry, whether a man is bound to so many more pounds of flesh than he originally wedded.