25526 examples of islands in sentences

When passing through the islands, he adds, the prospect was extremely beautiful; but my mind was always anxious in the prospect of the long journey before us; but the mercy of my God is great, and deeply humbles me in thankfulness for his goodness.(Letter of 7 mo. 4.)

A proof of the latter occurred when, with his quick-witted wife, he was occupied in conning over the Italian and Modern Greek Grammars, in preparation for their journey to the Ionian Islands.

For twenty years the few intervals of Lord Elgin's residence in these islands were to be counted not by years, but by months; and the majority of those who might be reckoned amongst his friends and acquaintances, remembered him chiefly as the eager and accomplished Oxford student at Christ Church or at Merton.'

These men were banished to islands, as the emperor expressly forbade their being put to death.

Reminiscences of the Islands. CHAPTER XLIV.

In September Commodore Cornish and Colonel Draper took Manilla, the principal of the Philippine Islands; and the treasures found in Manilla alone exceeded the sum here mentioned by Walpole, and yet did not equal those brought home from the Havannah, as Walpole mentions in a subsequent letter.]

"We have a big boat chartered down here at the beach, and we're going to loaf along out to one of the 'desert islands' and camp for the day.

The great power of his imagination caused him, in a peculiar manner, to suffer from the remembrance of what he had witnessed; and, accordingly, his waking as well as his sleeping hours were haunted with visions of noses,noses of stupendous size, which arose, like ocean islands, amid the gloomy tabernacle of his brain, and filled him with utter despair.

According to the mythical geography of the Hindús, the earth consisted of seven islands, or rather insular continents, surrounded by seven seas.

He had seen islands in the lake under which the sky seemed to slip, throwing them above the horizon in mirage, and trees standing like detached bushes on a world rim of water.

Islands within a stone's throw of the settlement, rocky drops in a boiling current, vividly showed their rich foliage of pines.

On one of these islands Father Dablon and Father Marquette had built their first mission chapel; and though they afterwards removed it to the mainland, the old tracery of foundation stones could still be seen.

In that clear, high atmosphere, mainland shores and islands seemed to throw out the evening purples from themselves, and thus to slowly reach for one another and form darkness.

"This was an islandone o' the little islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

The first people who had the courage to plant their tents there, had to raise with their own hands dikes of earth to keep out the rivers and the sea, and lived within them like shipwrecked men upon desolate islands, venturing forth at the subsidence of the waters in quest of food in the shape of fish and game, and gathering the eggs of marine birds upon the sand.

Three times did large bodies get away and rejoin their tribesonce from Sir George Grey's island estate at Kawau, where they had been turned loose on parole; once from a hulk in Wellington Harbour, through one of the port-holes of which they slipped into the sea on a stormy night; the third time from the Chatham Islands.

A free-labor experiment is already in successful operation among the beautiful sea-islands in the neighborhood of Beaufort, which, even under most disadvantageous circumstances, is fast demonstrating how much more efficiently men will work from hope and liberty than from fear and constraint.

It is thirty-five miles in circumference and its coast line is broken by two gulfs, which almost divide it into two different islands, as is the case with Great Britain and Caledonia, now called Scotland.

It is no doubt this fact that has given rise to the exploded belief that there are islands in this ocean peopled entirely by women.

Nine miles to the east of Guadaloupe lie six other islands called Todos Santos and Barbadas.

The pearl islands number in all one hundred and eighty-three, forming an archipelago.

Every one almost says, that the abolition of the Slave-trade must immediately throw the West Indian islands into convulsions, and soon complete their utter ruin.

By these means a valuable body of men were lost to the community in these islands, whose example might have been highly useful; and the poor slave, who saw nothing but misery in his temporal prospects, was deprived of the only balm, which could have soothed his sorrowthe comfort of religion.

Every vessel to pay to government a tax for a register on clearing out to supply our own islands with slaves.

The manner of paying them in the currency of the Islands was the same as at Bristol.

25526 examples of  islands  in sentences