291 examples of it was then that in sentences

It was then that this thought came to this workman, "Write to the Archbishop of Paris.

It was then that Canning seized the Danish fleet at Copenhagen, giving as his excuse for this bold and high-handed measure that Napoleon would have taken it if he had not.

It was then that the all-powerful Italian statesman sent for Garibaldi, who at once obeyed the summons, appearing in his red blouse and with his big stick, and was commissioned to fight against the Austrians.

In 1565, as we have seen, Francis, Cosimo's son, married and was installed in the Palazzo Vecchio, and it was then that Vasari was called upon to construct the Passaggio which unites the Palazzo Vecchio and the Pitti, crossing the river by the Ponte VecchioCosimo's idea (borrowed it is said from Homer's description of the passage uniting the palaces of Priam and Hector)

It was then that Maisie thought of Jerrold, and his sad, drawn face and his sudden sickness the other day.

But indolence was the time of danger: it was then that his spirits, not employed abroad, turned with inward hostility against himself.

It was then that we cut loose, told him to bring the commissaire or the burgomaster to us, and started to walk off.

It was then that, on my wife's suggestion, I resolved to look out for a Double.

It was then that Tibby and her children, with scarce a blanket to cover them, were cast friendless upon the streets, to die or to beg.

And it was then that I saw Barker leaving the Lawrence home.

It was then that you first knew me and you know how my father died and my stepmother married again, and how I undertook to be the tutor of poor Bosio Macomer.

It was then that he told Gretry he was going to buy in the July crops.

Now I am going to report" Something in the Sergeant's eye, which seemed to be travelling over my person generally, made me suddenly glance down at myself, and it was then that, horror-struck, I realised that I was wearing for the first time my new ten-guinea suit.

It was then that Cicero persuaded them to elect Pompey as commissioner of the grain supply and to give him consequently the office of proconsul for five years both within Italy and without.

David's words showed her too suddenly how she had changed, and it was then that she broke down before himbecause she had ceased to care for housekeeping.

It was then that Gaspard saw him coming out of room B.

It was then that Vice-Admiral Beatty sent Sir David Beatty to the conning tower, much to the personal disgust of Sir David, who envied the observing officers aloft their free sweep of vision.

The murder accomplished, no doubt Negoro took to flight, and it was then that he fell into the hands of the Portuguese.

It was then that Maynooth College was established for the education of the Irish priesthood.

It was then that Minnetaki pleaded with him, begged him to go for just one year, and to come back and tell her of all he had seen and teach her what he had learned.

It was then that the whole world was lighted up under it.

It was then that Mukoki, speaking softly, beckoned the others to follow him, and with Wolf at his side went down the ridge.

For it was then that Defoe lived and wrote, being one of the new school of prose writers which grew up at that time and which gave England new forms of literature almost unknown to an earlier age.

It was then that I saw Markovitch's face that had been puckered with pleasure like the face of a delighted child suddenly stiffen, his hand moved forward, then dropped.

It was then that Vera discovered that they were by this time in the dining-room, crowded together near the door and gazing at Nina with interested eyes.

291 examples of  it was then that  in sentences