125 examples of itinerary in sentences

Probably, however, Lamb did not invent it, for (the late W.J. Craig pointed out) in Leland's Itinerary, which Lamb must have known, if only on account of the antiquary's remarks on Hertfordshire, is quoted a poem by William Vallans (fl. 1578-1590), "The Tale of the Two Swans," containing the line The fruitful fields of pleasant Hertfordshire which one can easily understand would have lingered in Lamb's mind very graciously.

Itinerary of Pegoletti between Asofand China, in 1355.

Itinerary of Pegoletti, between Asof and China, in 1355 XV.

" Returning from the battle front our itinerary included a long stretch of the great road that runs between Paris and Brussels, a road much favored formerly by auto tourists, but now used almost altogether for military purposes.

A business-like elastic band encircled its covers, as a precaution against pages becoming loose with much turning; and inside you would have found scarcely a chapter unpencilled,texts underlined, and sermons of special helpfulness noted by date and preacher on the margin,the itinerary of a devout human soul on its way through this world to the next.

But it was well into the afternoon, and if they intended to keep up their itinerary it was necessary for them to be hurrying on.

Our itinerary lay eastwards toward Kara Nor, skirting the base of the Nan Chan mountains, behind which lies the region of Tsaidam.

"Before Leland's time," says Hearne, in his preface to the Itinerary, "all the literary monuments of antiquity were totally disregarded; and the students of Germany apprised of this culpable indifference, were suffered to enter our libraries unmolested, and to cut out of the books deposited there whatever passages they thought proper, which they afterwards published as relics of the ancient literature of their own country.

"The Itinerary of John Leland, Antiquary," was published by the celebrated Hearne, at Oxford, in nine volumes, 8vo., 1710, of which a second edition was printed in 1745, with considerable improvements and additions.

I profited by one of the visits to Athens and Crete to pass through Trieste and take Montenegro and northern Albania in the itinerary.

It went through six editions, this vast antiquarian itinerary, before the natural demand of the vulgar released it from its Latin austerity; and the title-page we have quoted is that of the earliest English edition, specially translated, under the author's eye, by Dr. Philémon Holland, a laborious schoolmaster of Coventry.

It occurs twice in the bookonce in the itinerary, and again in a trifling and unmetrical song, which is probably the duke's own composition; written probably on the eve of his flight with his romantic but guilty companion to Holland: "'With joy we leave thee, False world, and do forgive All thy false treachery.

Dipping into the Itinerary from Calais to Paris, we were reminded of a curious coincidence:

PATERSON, Daniel, British Itinerary, 2 vols., London, 1800.

An indiscreet itinerary.

An indiscreet itinerary; or, How the unconventional traveler should see Holland.

VAN LOON, HENRY B. An indiscreet itinerary.

A pathfinder in the Southwest; the itinerary of Lieutenant A. W. Whipple, 1853 and 1854.

The itinerary of a breakfast.

About this time I so arranged my itinerary that I was able to enjoy two summerthough stormynights and a day at the Summit House on Mount Washington.

See the detailed Itinerary, vol.

The German Government at once entered a strong protest and demanded in rather brusque terms "that orders be given for the immediate release of the steamer and her cargo, for that portion of her cargo which has already been landed to be taken on board again, and for no hindrances to be placed in the way of the ship continuing her voyage to the places mentioned in her itinerary.

In view of this declaration on the part of Great Britain toward neutral commerce Count Hatzfeldt contended that his Government was "fully justified in claiming the release of the Bundesrath without investigation by a Prize Court, and that all the more because, since the ship is a mail-steamer with a fixed itinerary, she could not discharge her cargo at any other port than the neutral port of destination.

Count Hatzfeldt contended that upon this principle, admitted by Great Britain herself, Germany was fully justified in claiming the release of the ship without adjudication since she was a mail-steamer with a fixed itinerary and consequently could not discharge her cargo at any other port than the neutral port of destination.

exclaimed Cecil, who had taken but slight interest in this itinerary.

125 examples of  itinerary  in sentences