195 examples of its charm in sentences

Then, too, the chapels were built out from the nave aisles, upon the north those of St Thomas, St Anna, and St Edmund, upon the south, those of St George and St Clement, things unique in England, and all largely works of the second half of the thirteenth century and the early Decorated style, which indeed give to the Cathedral, with its dark Norman nave, all its charm, its variety and delight.

20 Birds warbled round meand each trace Of inward sadness had its charm; Kilve, thought I, was a favoured place, And so is Liswyn farm.

I read them now without feeling, or with the accustomed feeling minus all its charm; and I became persuaded, that my love of mankind, and of excellence for its own sake, had worn itself out.

" "Gee," muttered the small boy, "gee, ain't he the word-slinger!" He returned to the pool but something of its charm was dissipated.

In the fourteenth century the Mediaeval has lost its charm and faith.

There is no plot in this story, but its charm and power consist in a vivid description of common life, minute but not exaggerated, which enlists our sympathy with suffering and misfortune, deeply excites our interest in commonplace people living out their weary and monotonous existence.

IV ENTERTAIN AN AGENT UNAWARES With the coming of winter I thought the life of a farmer might lose something of its charm.

Its charm lies in a subtle, all-pervading improbability, an infusion of fantasy so delicate that, while at no point can one say, "This is impossible," the total effect is far more entertaining than that of any probable sequence of events in real life.

Bennington fell to its charm.

But its charm, its fascination, its very existence, had disappeared in the first flash of his knowledge that Annie Peyton loved him.

It gives not now the bliss it gave; For Death has made its charm his prey, And joy is buried in her grave.

Intimate intercourse has lost its charm.

Its charm is gone, unless one find it in its native haunts, beside some cascade which streams over rocks that are dark with moisture, green with moss, and snowy with white bubbles.

He presents a spectacle which is by no means without its charm for a disinterested and unincumbered observer.

Just a simple little picture, yet its charm is o'er me still, And again my boyish spirit seems to glow, And once more a barefoot urchin am I wandering at will Down that little country road I used to know.

" There was a quick, suspicious glance from the eye of the governess, as if she apprehended, she knew not what, ere she continued, "Has the sight of the cheerful, blessed soil of America so soon lost its charm in your eye, that you approach it with an air so heedless?

For if its charm does not absorb my time and thoughts, the eager haste to finish and get it out of the way, does.

Whatever their relations and however directly he could trace his present misfortunes to her very door, the illusion of her friendliness was not to be dispelled, and he relinquished himself to its charm with a grateful sense that, for the moment at least, here was sanctuary.

The situation of the house in a richly timbered hollow adds infinitely to its charm.

It showed one of those straight-out-of-the-picture faces which are sometimes so attractive, the eyebrows level above the wonderful eyes, the lips serious and sweet, the head well poised upon the lovely neck, the whole aspect one of youth unconscious of its charm, yet feeling a subtle power of its own.

Then, too, thanks to proximity, the most delicate tones could be heard to the extreme limits of the smorzando, still preserving that slightly veiled timbre unique in its charm, the mysterious interpreter of infinite sweetness and unspeakable tenderness.

Twice only had he shown himself, and then, after a grave bow to Marcus Wilkeson, who returned it with more than the usual inclination of head, the old gentleman had taken a few whiffs at his pipe, looked out of the window with a troubled air, and vanished from the sight of his sympathizing observer, as if the quiet old sitting place had lost its charm for him.

We find here and there pretty designs, short felicitous passages, smiling bits of nature; but obscurity, stiffness of expression, and the dragging in of Fancy by the hair continually mar the reading and take away all its charm.

He dreaded to get back into the harness of a prosaic existence; even his profession as a civil engineer had someway lost its charm.

She has a little beauty, And she flaunts it in the day, While the selfish wrinkles, spreading, Steal all its charm away.

195 examples of  its charm  in sentences