195 examples of its charm in sentences

Then, too, the chapels were built out from the nave aisles, upon the north those of St Thomas, St Anna, and St Edmund, upon the south, those of St George and St Clement, things unique in England, and all largely works of the second half of the thirteenth century and the early Decorated style, which indeed give to the Cathedral, with its dark Norman nave, all its charm, its variety and delight.

The book takes its charm from the whimsical and quixotic temperament of the hero.

The "Pilgrim," on its appearance in 1678, was but a moderate success; but it was not long before its charm made itself felt, and John Bunyan counted his readers by the thousand in Scotland, in the Colonies, in Holland, and among the Huguenots of France.

He inquired after her health, gave her news, exhorted her to religion in a coaxing little gossip that was not without its charm.

Even in the Bargello, where there is an ancient environment, it loses half its charm; while in an English museum it becomes hard and cold.

It has lost none of its charm, even though Marcou's drawings are imaginary and Squier's are exaggerated.

That power, when new and untried, they wrested from our fathers; much less will they now, when once captivated by its charm, endure the loss of: more especially since we do not behave with such moderation in the exercise of our power that they are in no need of the aid of the tribunes."

When the girl took the casket into her hands, its charm fascinated her, and she clasped it tight and covered it with kisses.

Although every one begins by praising the continual verdure and the uninterrupted splendour of spring met with in this country, he is, in the end, but too willing to allow, that even this, in time, loses its charm.

It gives not now the bliss it gave; For Death has made its charm his prey, And joy is buried in her grave.

My room is no less bright and warm, But all its charm and joy have fled; That lonely figure in the storm Leaves both our hearts uncomforted.

It is this very changeful nature of our English climate which gives it more than half its charm.

"Though the maidenhair has a wide range, and grows abundantly in many localities, it possesses a quality of aloofness which adds to its charm.

Reason recommends the latter alternative: and yet, the contrary persuasion is not without its charm.

His poetry of invention, though copious and varied, owed its charm to the unstudied grace of improvisation, and he often undertook subjects where his idyllic rather than dramatic genius failed to sustain him.

There is infinite suggestion in this phenomenon, and in that lies its charm; the suggestion of life, form, colour and movement never less than evanescent, mysterious,no reality.

Do you think that because I must turn myself into a machine to make a photograph of your beauty, I am insensible to its charm?

But what I have elsewhere called "spring-chicken coyness"the disposition of European girls to hide shyly behind their mammasas chickens do under a hen at the sight of a hawkis losing its charm in face of the frank confidingness of American girls in the presence of gentlemen; and as for that phase of coyness which consists in concealing affection for a man, girls usually manage to circumvent it in a more or less refined manner.

I don't say that one is more beautiful than the other, only that each is different in its charm.

It is really beautiful, and its charm is not diminished by a knowledge of the simplicity of the process, which, as I have sat more than once when the Cabinet was almost in profile, I soon detected.

But yet this bold playing with death had, toward the last, lost a little of its charm, and a moment arrived when his courage failed him, and his daring spirit was overpowered by his awed physical nature.

Twice only had he shown himself, and then, after a grave bow to Marcus Wilkeson, who returned it with more than the usual inclination of head, the old gentleman had taken a few whiffs at his pipe, looked out of the window with a troubled air, and vanished from the sight of his sympathizing observer, as if the quiet old sitting place had lost its charm for him.

He dreaded to get back into the harness of a prosaic existence; even his profession as a civil engineer had someway lost its charm.

No doubt, much of its charm lies in its contrast to the life of towns or country places.

She has a little beauty, And she flaunts it in the day, While the selfish wrinkles, spreading, Steal all its charm away.

195 examples of  its charm  in sentences