28786 examples of itself in sentences

There wasn't a man in the company that didn't resent the fact, constantly obtruding itself on the ranks as they marched eagerly onward by every knoll, every bush in the landscape, that Union soldiers had been there before them! that their devouring eyes were not the first to mark these historic spots.

To be tied up here, far from his companions; to seem to enjoy ease, when his regiment was indurating itself by drills, marches, and the rough life of the soldier for the great work it was to do, maddened him.

At the end of the field of roses a Cherokee hedge grew so thick and high that it formed a screen and rampart between the house land and a dense grove of pines which was itself bordered by a stream that here and there spread out into tiny lakelets.

I left my bell to tone itself to silence, with little sighing notes, like a child sobbing itself into sleep, and called after him.

They pretended to catch, refine, reduce, and materialize this indefinable something, so that it might be swallowed in the form of powders, and drops; that, by its penetrating powers, it might insinuate itself into the whole animal frame, invigorate, and consequently qualify it for a longer duration.

The sacred volume itself was interpreted and commented upon by alchymists, with a view to render it subservient to their intended designs.

It is easily reduced to a thin transparent plate, and shows itself to be formed of a multitude of very small lenses, differing in size and shape, and much more transparent than the bands that separate them.

8), where we easily distinguish by their form and dimensions the ligneous cells, aa, and the elements, bb, of the wood itself.

And, if the school itself is ineffective in this regard, how much more so must be the Church, to which immigrant youth is a comparative stranger; or those democratic institutions which are based, to quote the words of Washington himself, upon "the virtue and intelligence of the people.

When a small army is attacked by a large one, it covers itself by earthworks.

The torpedo boat abandoned to itself has a very limited field of action.

On first movement in the gun, this latter by inertia shears a suspending wire and leaves the ball free to escape above it, which it does by centrifugal force, leaving the magazine striker, D, free to fire itself by momentum on the needle shown above it, on impact.

The holder itself is telescopic, and is capable of holding million cubic feet of gas.

Mineog: I tell you there to be any flaw in them, it would have worked itself out in yourself ere this.

It is much she had that itself.

There is not a thing to be got with it as worthy as what it is itself!

Second Hag: It is too lofty McDonough was, and too high-minded, bringing in a woman was maybe no lawful wife, or no honest child itself, but it might be a bychild or a tinker's brat, and he giving out no account of her generations or of her name.

There was no time for the priest itself to overtake her, or to put the little dress of the Virgin in her hand at the last gasp of death.

That might be the thought of a townsman or a trader, or a rich merchant itself that had his estate gained by trafficking, for that is a sort does be thinking more of what they can make out of the living than of keeping a good memory of the dead!

Fate itself is the protagonist, your actor cannot carry much character, it is out of place.

And we are the dreamers of dreams.... We in the ages lying In the buried past of the earth Built Nineveh with our sighing, And Babel itself with our mirth.

"Places change imperceptiblyin detail, at leasta good deal," said the Doctor, making an effort to keep up a conversation that plainly would not go on of itself; "and people too; population shiftsthere's an old fellow, sir, they call Death.

Mr. Rymer, amazed and awestruck, made a movement in his bed; and the figure looked round, with large eyes that in the moonlight looked like melting snow, and stretching its long arms up the chimney, they and the figure itself seemed to blend with the smoke, and so pass up and away.

Its principal volume, however, unfolded itself in a mighty flood down the side of the mountain towards the lake; and that which spread towards and soon enveloped the ground on which he stood was by no means so dense a fog.

And he began striding up the gentle slope of the glen, with many a rock peeping through its sward, and tufted ferns and furze, giving a wild and neglected character to the scene; the background of which, where the glen loses itself in a distant turn, is formed by its craggy and wooded side.

28786 examples of  itself  in sentences