119 examples of jab in sentences

He met Perdosa's rush with two swift blowsa short arm jab and an upper-cut.

You say 'pass,' and when I try to pass, you jab at my innards with that mustick in a rather oncomfortable manner.

He caught the gleam of yellow silk, the poise and downward jab, and with a great heave of muscles went shooting down the slippery channel of the cock's blood.

In a lumber camp, the newcomer would do well to take the initiative, like that little black mare, and meet the first black look with a short-arm jab.

The sergeant hears everything, and his reply to backslack is a straight-arm jab in the jaw.

Montgomery ducked, but got a jab from the left upon the mark.

Froissart in his enthusiasm embraced the unresponsive Dawson, and was laid out by a short-arm jab upon the diaphragm.

The more he tried to jab, the more I said "Hoots, mon," "Begorrah," and "Oy, oy".

[Fr.]; cant; elbow, shoulder, jostle, justle^, hustle, hurtle, shove, jog, jolt, encounter; run against, bump against, butt against; knock one's head against, run one's head against; impinge; boost [U.S.]; bunt, carom, clip y; fan, fan out; jab, plug [Slang].

Well, I don't let any chance go to get a jab at him.

When the mahout or driver wants the elephant to do something, he jabs one of the goads into his hidesometimes one and sometimes the other, and at different places on the neck, under the ears, and on top of the head, and somehow or another the elephant understands what a jab in a particular place means and obeys cheerfully like the great, good-natured beast that he is.

She gave corduroys a jab in the short ribs with her elbow.

The fact that the little man was not in the least afraid of his burly antagonist and that he got in a vicious kick or jab whenever he saw an opening would not, of course, have any effect on the outcome of the unequal contest.

"Jimmy," I gently remonstrated, "don't jab your pen like thatit will spoil it.

" Jab, jab, went Jimmy's pen.

" Jab, jab, went Jimmy's pen.

"Jimmy, did you hear me speak to you?" Jab went the pen.

"James, I am speaking to you!" Jab went the pen again.

And presently, "Jab!"

"Gawd," said the zouave, "you got a dirty jab on your cocanut, didn't you?"

He drew back as if he had a year to hit me, and just as he got good and ready to strike, I pasted him one in the snoot, and followed that up with a left jab in the eye.

He whirled to come back at the girland that time he seemed sure to give that vicious, ripping jab he had so narrowly missed giving before; even the girl saw that he would, and turned a little pale, and Tejon's eyes glazed with terror.

You see he's near-sighted and not used to manual labor, and every time he missed his nail with the hammer, the German coward would jab him in the ribs with the point of his bayonet.

" "You think an infernal falsehood, sir!" "See here, sir," said the doctor, without ceasing to ply his dexterous hands in his art, "I'll jab these scissors into your back if you say that again.

All t' once he med a jab at Ray, 'n' threw up 'is han's, 'n' went back a step er tew, luk a boss with th' blin' staggers, 'n' tumbled head over heels in thet air open grave.

119 examples of  jab  in sentences