13155 examples of jacked in sentences

" While Dick and Sam jacked up the axle of the automobile and put on a new tireinner tube and shoe combinedSam set to work and cleaned up the roadway, throwing all the glass into the bushes.

These ladies always write with crow-quills, Jack.

Jack, for a triumph of more value to me beforehand than an imperial crown!Don't ask me the value of it a month hence.

I have thought of this, Jack.

But mentions something to have happened [My detecting her she means] which has given her very great flutters, confusions, and apprehensions: but which she will wait the issue of [Some hopes for me hence, Jack!] before she gives her fresh perturbation or concern on her account.

But now, Jack, for a brief review of my present situation; and a slight hint or two of my precautions.

[no woman can be ugly, Jack!]

Jack Belford, thought I, knows all mine; and in this I am more ingenuous than any of the three, and a fit match for this paragon.

Perhaps, Jack, she had a thought, that this plea for the women accounted for my contrivance to have her pass to them as married, when I first carried her thither.

But why, Jack, is this dear creature so lovely, yet so invincible?Ever heardst thou before that the sweets of May blossomed in December?

I am only sorry that I am constrained to put questions to this worthier gentleman, [worthier gentleman, Jack!] which, perhaps, I ought not to put, so far as they regard himself.

But, in a passionate accent, again turning towards me, [O how difficult, Jack, for a Harlowe spirit to forgive!] Let her Ladyship come, if she pleases, said she, I cannot, cannot, wish to see her; and if I did see her, and she were to plead for you, I cannot wish to hear her!

Angry people, Jack, should never write while their passion holds.

Now, Jack, this pitiful dog was such another unfortunate one as thyself his arguments serving to confirm me in the very purpose he brought them to prevail upon me to give up.

Women, Jack, [as I believe I have observed* elsewhere,] have a high opinion of what they can do for us.

Thou seest, Jack, that I have provided an excuse, to save my veracity to the women here, in case I should incline to marriage, and she should choose to have Miss Rawlins's assistance at the ceremony. Nor doubted I to bring my fair-one to save my credit on this occasion, if I could get her to consent to be mine.

Women love to be married twice at least, Jack; though not indeed to the same man.

[How averse, Jack, to concede a tittle in my favour!]

When Catiline rebelled in Rome, he got a company of such debauched rogues together, they were his familiars and coadjutors, and such have been your rebels most part in all ages, Jack Cade, Tom Straw, Kette, and his companions.

'Pincher' has him by the hind leg before you could say 'Jack Robinson.'

We gathered up timbers and old bridge material, then jacked up one wheel a little way, and got something under it to hold it there.

With some pieces of timber Lorry jacked up the front of the machine and removed the damaged wheel and axle.

While waiting the next morning, we jacked up the wheel and removed the damaged tire.

All this can be done with the wheel jacked up, but if resting on the tire as suggested, the valve-stem is protected during the efforts to loosen tire.

"Well," continued the foreman, ignoring the interruption, "that old lollypop borrowed two jacks from the trackmen and jacked her up out of there and carried her home on wheels.'

13155 examples of  jacked  in sentences