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490 examples of  jades  in sentences

490 examples of jades in sentences

" Now this is precisely what the New York hackman invariably does before he gathers up the reins and urges on his "galled jades."

so, how if he should be smitten now; the plaguy Jade had sure the Spirit of Prophecy in her; 'tis so'tis shemy Lord.

I hope the Jade will be Turkefied with a vengeance, and have Circumcision in abundance; and the Devil shall ransom her for old Francisco.

Your damn'd little Jade of a Mistress has learned of her Neighbours the Art of Swearing and Lying in abundance, and is Bel.

But well, Francis, how dost think I got the young Jade my Wife? Bel.

There is in it a hall of Buddha, adorned with carved and inlaid work of gold and silver, and rich in the seven precious substances, in which there is an image of Buddha in green jade, more than twenty cubits in height, glittering all over with those substances, and having an appearance of solemn dignity which words cannot express.

Suddenly one day, when by the side of this image of jade, he saw a merchant presenting as his offering a fan of white silk; and the tears of sorrow involuntarily filled his eyes and fell down.

Hizzie, girl, jade.

Jad, jade.

Jauds, jades.

"Of all the saucy little jades," she said to herself"with the air of a duchess, and the fine clothes of her!

O ho ho!" From hidden places sounded the whir of a jade-cutter's wheel, a cobbler's rattle, or the clanging music of a forge.

Two or three jades, or so.

Be they but jades? FRAN.

To some the ivories will always be but crudely carven bone, the jades the potter's sham, the musk and aloes the product of a soap factory, the joss but a cigar-store Indian, and the Oriental dainties of Hong Fah the scrappings of a Yankee grocery store.

I shall know by-and-by, thanks to my merry Virginia jade, who shall be arrayed in resplendent hues, and throned in a golden frame, if she but feed my curiosity generously enough.

He was a bigot, like his clan, And in the streets he wildly sang, O Roly, toly, toly raid, with his old jade.

I fear I shall be tired with this jade.

Andrew Bogue, the ancient henchman of the Rev. Gavin Cassilis, minister of Airlie, who met her at the station, disapproved of her from the first as a foreign jade dressed so that all the men turned and looked at her as if she had been a snare of Satan.

Her taste did not run in the direction of white fox cloaks, named diamonds, and imperial jade plates; she did not use a solid gold toothbrush with emeralds set in the handle, like Ismail Pacha; bridge did not amuse her at all, nor could she derive pleasure from playing at Monte Carlo; she did not even keep an eighty-horse-power motor-car worth five thousand pounds.

But how should these young colts prove amblers, When the old, heavy, galled jades do trot?

Whore, ay, and jade.

Then he lashed his perspiring jades afresh, but indifferent to their jolting, running up against things here and there, not caring if he did, demoralised, and almost weeping with thirst, fatigue, and depression.

beggar, gaberlunzie^, muckworm^, mudlark^, sans culotte, raff^, tatterdemalion, caitiff, ragamuffin, Pariah, outcast of society, tramp, vagabond, bezonian^, panhandler [Slang], sundowner^, chiffonnier, Cinderella, cinderwench^, scrub, jade; gossoon^. Goth, Vandal, Hottentot, Zulu, savage, barbarian, Yahoo; unlicked cub^, rough diamond^. barbarousness, barbarism; boeotia.

let the galled jade wince

villain, rascal, scoundrel, miscreant, budmash^, caitiff^; wretch, reptile, viper, serpent, cockatrice, basilisk, urchin; tiger^, monster; devil &c (demon) 980; devil incarnate; demon in human shape, Nana Sahib; hellhound, hellcat; rakehell^. bad woman, jade, Jezebel. scamp, scapegrace, rip, runagate, ne'er-do-well, reprobate, scalawag, scallawag. roue

[Fr.]; frail sisterhood; demirep, wench, trollop, trull^, baggage, hussy, drab, bitch, jade, skit, rig, quean^, mopsy^, slut, minx, harridan; unfortunate, unfortunate female, unfortunate woman; woman of easy virtue &c (unchaste) 961; wanton, fornicatress^; Jezebel, Messalina, Delilah, Thais, Phryne, Aspasia^, Lais, lorette^, cocotte^, petite dame, grisette^; demimonde; chippy

Are we to keep any terms with the thin-visaged jade, Poverty, after she has broken down a great soul like John Dryden's?

Such is the jade who leads us up hill and down, through jungles and morasses, into deep waters and into swamps, through thick weather and thin, under blue skies and brown ones, in heat and in cold, hungry and thirsty and ragged, and heart-sore and foot-sore, now hopeful and now hopeless, now striding and now stumbling, now exultant and now despairing, now singing, now sighing, and now swearing, up to her dilapidated old temple.

The most part of the faculties of his soul lie fallow, or are like the restive jades that no spur can drive forward towards the pursuit of any worthy designs.

A SOLDIER Is the husbandman of valour; his sword is his plough, which honour and aqua vita, two fiery-metalled jades, are ever drawing.

She commends to them a single life, as horse-coursers do their jades, to put them away.

But (coming back) how gently the Jade went, Did he not, Hardenbergh? Hard.

Painted jades, things of naught!

Oh, to be a free lance of journalism againthat darling jade!

A horse that tills the [370]land fed with chaff, an idle jade have provender in abundance; him that makes shoes go barefoot himself, him that sells meat almost pined; a toiling drudge starve, a drone flourish.

The slender, sharp-pointed triangle that was jade-green last June, this June was yellow-brown.

By August the emerald had turned to red-gold and the jade-green to white.

Oh! this same whorson Conscience, how it jades us!

And this same whoresone conscience, ah how it jades us. l. 5. B] intent.

"'Tis all I wish while sporting with my maids, And all alone no care have we for jades; And if with thee we can in truth confide, We here from all the world may cosey hide.

In all the land were found as grumbling jades, Whose fate it was to have no husbandman, For every woman had a husband then.

Ah, my dear sir, when I have diligently and perseveringly wooed the coquettish jade for twenty years, and she then jilts me, what can I do?

Several of these were painted on the mantle which he wore in the picture writings, and they are occasionally found on the sacred jades, which bear other of his symbols.

She added, to clinch the matter, that the cowl does not make the monk, that she thought herself, for all she did not wear flowers in her hat, a more honest woman than your society ladies, false jades everyone, concluding with her pet proverb: Better a good name than a gilt girdle!

"I suspect you have played me false, you jade," cried Malmayns, writhing with pain.

ye pampered jades of Asia, Can ye not draw but twenty miles a day.

Worthy Mr. Piper, best of contractors who ever furnished four frampal jades, vol. 1, p. 45.

Sir Pitt's first wife was "a confounded quarrelsome, high-bred jade."

In quiet, padded shoes, the sallow-faced, almond-eyed throng shuffled by, us; here a man with a delicate lavender lining showing below his blue coat, there a slant-eyed woman with her sleek black hair rolled over a brilliant jade ornament, leading by the hand a little boy who looked as if he had stepped out of a picture book with his yellow trousers and pink coat.

In mentioning its great and far-spread renown, the author stated then even an English poet, by the name of Milton, had mentioned it in the following lines, which I copied verbatim from the book: "Thick as autumnal scaves that strow she brooks In vallombrosa, whereth Etruian Jades Stigh over orch d'embrover!"

Now, when she was about to mount her horse again, the Waiting-woman said, "By rights your horse belongs to me; this jade will do for you!"

"Go spin, you jades!

So, say, "I cannot deny that there are perverse jades;" and not, with Addison, "I cannot deny but there are perverse jades.

So, say, "I cannot deny that there are perverse jades;" and not, with Addison, "I cannot deny but there are perverse jades.

X. OF THE LETTER J. The consonant J, the tenth letter of the English alphabet, has invariably the sound of soft g, like the g in giant, which some say is equivalent to the complex sound dzh; as, jade, jet, jilt, joy, justice, jewel, prejudice.

"I can not deny but there are Perverse Jades that fall to Men's Lots, with whom it requires more than common Proficiency in Philosophy to be able to live.

Red lily and Chinese jade.

Red lily and Chinese jade.


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The green jade hand.

The green Jade necklace.

Jade Snow Wong (A); 11Apr73; R551950.

Erle Stanley Gardner (A); 26May58; R215123. Carved in jade.

La cote de jade.

The Jade priestess!

A great deal of a somewhat soft and ugly-coloured jade is sent from Yarkand, also agates and carnelian; beads of these are strung into rather uncouth necklets, which may be bought for half the sum first asked.

There were swords simply encrusted with jewelsone with a hilt of carved crystal; another was a curiously-modelled dog's head in smooth silver, and I noticed a beauty in pale jade.

Every part of India and Central Asia contributed the materials; Jaipur, the marble; Fatehpur Sikri, the red sandstone; the Panjab, jasper; China, the jade and crystal; Tibet, turquoises; Ceylon, lapis lazuli and sapphires; Arabia, coral and cornelian; Panna in Bundelkund, diamonds; Persia, onyx and amethyst.

You see now and then some handsome young Jades among them: The Sluts have very often white Teeth and black Eyes.

When I say all this, I cannot deny but there are perverse Jades that fall to Mens Lots, with whom it requires more than common Proficiency in Philosophy to be able to live.

In 1899 her statue of "Peace" was more pleasing, while a hand-mirror of jade and bronze was much admired both in London and Paris, where it was seen in the Exposition of 1900.

Some of these have open-work borders, others are decorated in relief, and the designs are tinted with delicate jade greens, dark blues, or salmon pinks.

As to the latter, she is as lazy and sluttish as her mistress; and because she complains she has too much work, we can scarcely get her to do any thing at all: nay, what is worse than that, I am afraid she is hardly honest; and as she is intrusted to buy-in all our provisions, the jade, I am sure, makes a market-penny out of every article.

How great, though, was his astonishment when, instead of his two glossy, well-fed blacks, he spied a pair of lean, worn-out jades, with bones on which one could have hung things as if on pegs, and with mane and hair matted together from lack of care and attentionin short, the very picture of utter misery in the animal kingdom!

Ought not the churl to thank God that the jades are still alive?"

No sooner, however, had he taken hold of the halter to untie them, than Master Himboldt, his cousin, seized him by the arm, and with the words, "You shan't touch the knacker's jades!" hurled him away from the cart.

By what blunder of the gods had this piece of flawless jade fallen in the windy dust, among the flowers beneath the willow?

In the second compartment were a jade flute and a golden flageolet.

she was an illustrious singing girl, as beautiful as flowers or jade.

An admirable piece of jade was thrown to him who did not deserve it; so that love turned to hate, and a thousand passionate impulses were drowned in the deep water.

Ya-nei perceived the youthful beauty, and thought her so seductive that he immediately composed the following poem: Her soul has the tenderness of Autumn rivers And her pure bones are made of jade.

He could not take his eyes from the rose radiance of this face, peach blossom against flawless jade; from this slender body, from the rare golden lotus of these delicate feet.

At a sign from the Governor, the gaolers threw themselves like tigers upon the little girl, closing a cruel pair of iron nippers on her pellucid and delicate jade hand.

Show-windows of jade and tea and Chinese porcelains.

From thee, false dice, jades, Cowards, and plaguy Summers,

I 'd be willing to wager my best piece of jade his contemplations are something like a cycle from Nirvana, and closer far to a pair of heavily fringed eyes.

Her eyes are of jade, and so fine is the powdered sand she sifts from her tapering fingers it turns the air to an amber haze; so potent its magic spell, it fascinates and enthralls, while it repels.

His cherchia of jade-green silk was bound with a ukal, or fillet of camel's-hair; his burnous, also silk, showed tenderest shades of lavender and rose.

To this, Des Esseintes had joined le Vox populi of Villiers, a superb piece of work in a hammered, golden style after the manner of Leconte de Lisle and of Flaubert, and some selections from that delicate livre de Jade whose exotic perfume of ginseng and of tea blends with the odorous freshness of water babbling along the book, under moonlight.

It was a lovely evening; the spring light was in the air, the tufted trees beside the canal were pink against the pale sky, and thin layers of ice, like fragments of jade, broke the soft blue of the water.

He had permitted himself to be tricked again by the jade; the smart of the wound angered him beyond control.

"Faber rides his hobby well, but the brute is a sorry jade.

The discovery in the new land of the jade or greenstonefar above rubies in the eyes of men of the Stone Agewould at once give the country all the attractiveness that a gold-field has for civilized man.

The Hela was a fickle jade, for no sooner would she shake us up in such an alarming manner than she would seem to regret her violence, and would skim like a bird for an hour or so, with no perceptible motion.

It was I who, under cover of darkness and guided by that old jade Sarah, was to sneak into that garden on the appointed night and forcibly seize the unsuspecting maiden and carry her to the carriage which Rochez would have in readiness for her.

It seems that it was that fickle jade Leah who first imagined the whole execrable plot.