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490 examples of jades in sentences

" Now this is precisely what the New York hackman invariably does before he gathers up the reins and urges on his "galled jades."

Jauds, jades.

"Of all the saucy little jades," she said to herself"with the air of a duchess, and the fine clothes of her!

Two or three jades, or so.

Be they but jades? FRAN.

To some the ivories will always be but crudely carven bone, the jades the potter's sham, the musk and aloes the product of a soap factory, the joss but a cigar-store Indian, and the Oriental dainties of Hong Fah the scrappings of a Yankee grocery store.

But how should these young colts prove amblers, When the old, heavy, galled jades do trot?

Then he lashed his perspiring jades afresh, but indifferent to their jolting, running up against things here and there, not caring if he did, demoralised, and almost weeping with thirst, fatigue, and depression.

The most part of the faculties of his soul lie fallow, or are like the restive jades that no spur can drive forward towards the pursuit of any worthy designs.

A SOLDIER Is the husbandman of valour; his sword is his plough, which honour and aqua vita, two fiery-metalled jades, are ever drawing.

Oh! this same whorson Conscience, how it jades us!

And this same whoresone conscience, ah how it jades us. l. 5. B] intent.

"'Tis all I wish while sporting with my maids, And all alone no care have we for jades; And if with thee we can in truth confide, We here from all the world may cosey hide.

In all the land were found as grumbling jades, Whose fate it was to have no husbandman, For every woman had a husband then.

Several of these were painted on the mantle which he wore in the picture writings, and they are occasionally found on the sacred jades, which bear other of his symbols.

Worthy Mr. Piper, best of contractors who ever furnished four frampal jades, vol. 1, p. 45.

In mentioning its great and far-spread renown, the author stated then even an English poet, by the name of Milton, had mentioned it in the following lines, which I copied verbatim from the book: "Thick as autumnal scaves that strow she brooks In vallombrosa, whereth Etruian Jades Stigh over orch d'embrover!"

"Go spin, you jades!

So, say, "I cannot deny that there are perverse jades;" and not, with Addison, "I cannot deny but there are perverse jades.

So, say, "I cannot deny that there are perverse jades;" and not, with Addison, "I cannot deny but there are perverse jades.

You see now and then some handsome young Jades among them: The Sluts have very often white Teeth and black Eyes.

When I say all this, I cannot deny but there are perverse Jades that fall to Mens Lots, with whom it requires more than common Proficiency in Philosophy to be able to live.

How great, though, was his astonishment when, instead of his two glossy, well-fed blacks, he spied a pair of lean, worn-out jades, with bones on which one could have hung things as if on pegs, and with mane and hair matted together from lack of care and attentionin short, the very picture of utter misery in the animal kingdom!

Ought not the churl to thank God that the jades are still alive?"

No sooner, however, had he taken hold of the halter to untie them, than Master Himboldt, his cousin, seized him by the arm, and with the words, "You shan't touch the knacker's jades!" hurled him away from the cart.

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