437 examples of jagging in sentences

Then he flew back to the shore, alighted on the topmost jag of a stranded iceberg, and began to nod and bow as though he were on one of his favorite boulders in the midst of a sunny Sierra cascade.

"Mr. Oldfield, I tell you Mr. Chester has on a most awful jag, and he fell and almost split open his skull Tuesday morning, and I've had him over at the Barrett House ever since.

Sabrina you certainly do jag my jib to think that you would enter into such a deal.

Yonder, where the slant sun glanced and blinked on windows, must be Sour Creek; and there was the road to town jagging across the hills.

For the first time the thick pale smoke of the fire was visible, rising straight up until it cleared the tops of the willows, and then caught into swift, jagging lines as the soft wind struck it.

In the yard Wrath of God, Jag Ear, and P.D. were tethered.

Deep content illumined the faces of P.D. and Jag Ear; but Wrath of God was as sorrowful as ever.

As he called Firio, his voice unusually high-pitched, he did not look out at P.D. and Wrath of God and Jag Ear.

"And you get P.D. and Wrath of God and Jag Ear and, yes, the big spurs and the chaps, too, to keep to remember me by.

He tickled the sliver of the donkey's ear, whereat Jag Ear wiggled the sliver in blissful unconsciousness that he had lost any of the ornamental equipment of his tribe.

"You are like most of us; we don't see our deformities, Jag Ear," Jack told him.

Will you plow with Pete Leddy's gun drawn by Wrath of God, sir, and harrow with your spurs drawn by Jag Ear?

"By walking through the town with a wisp of alfalfa in one hand and exhibiting the callouses on the other? or will you be drawn on a float by Jag Eara float labeled, 'The Idler Enjoying His Own Reform?'

And now he was in his own yard with Jag Ear and the ponies, rubbing their muzzles alternately in silent impartiality, his head bowed reflectively as Firio came around the corner of the house.

He and his Wrath of God and Jag Ear are away to other worlds!"

"But she is a philosopher and knows that she would look still funnier if she had lost her ears as Jag Ear has.

Good-by, Little Rivers!" Jack gave P.D. a signal and the crowd broke into a cheer, which was punctuated by the music of Jag Ear's bells as his burrohood got in motion.

Jag Ear's bells with their warm and merry notes became a faint tinkle that was lost in the depths of the defile.

Her voice suggested the tinkle of Jag Ear's bells floating away into space.

But we have also ab (from) and ad (to) for prefixes; and jag, rag, in, bur, and but, are other words that conform to the rule.

The effect aimed at is that of horror, of solemn preparation for the advent of death, as by one who fears, in the flutter of mortality, to lose some peculiarity of the skeleton, some jag of the vast crooked scythe of the spectre.

ANDERSON, SHERWOOD. America on a cultural jag.

But a horse is different, and I'm packin' a right fair jag of stuff.

Roll out very thin and cut into long strips with a jagging iron.

"Well," sez Josiah, "I shall go into the woods for a jag of maple, I won't see him, I dassent, for I should fall on him and destroy him if I did.

437 examples of  jagging  in sentences