5 examples of jagirs in sentences

The originator of this report was no other than Rahat Shah Meah, a native in the confidence of our Indian Government, and enjoying the benefits of a jagir or grant of land in the district of Nowshera, given him for loyal services, but a sworn enemy of my two friends.

'Tis but desert and mountain, Sahib, with a few big jagirs and some villages, a good fort, a crumbling tower, and a town on the Caravan Roadbut the Jam Saheb's words are clearly heard and for many miles.

Jagirs, titles and rewards, were plentifully bestowed on us; and we were called hereditary vassals, and old servants; so that these epithets were enrolled in the royal archives.

which is too well known to require mention, then Suraj Mal, the Jat, confiscated our Jagir, and Ahmad Shah the Durrani, pillaged our home.

I conferred also titles jagirs on the khwaja, and fixing on a happy hour, I married him to the wazir's daughter.

5 examples of  jagirs  in sentences