1842 examples of jailed in sentences

No respecters of persons, they harried the rich and taunted the powerful, and would have as soon jailed a bishop or a judge as a pickpocket if he deserved it.

I say it's a conspiracyand yet they jailed a man for it!

It is intended for use against Feisul, first by making the British suspicious of him, second by providing the French with an excuse to attack him, third by convicting him of treachery, for which he can be jailed or executed after he is caught.

Workers were beaten and jailed by the hundreds.

A great number were jailed for indefinite periods on indefinite charges.

Here they would consult about members who had been mobbed, jailed or killed, about caring for their familiesif they had anyabout carrying on the work of propaganda and laying plans for the future progress of their union.

For these alleged crimes thousands of us have been jailed in foul and filthy cells throughout this country, often without charge, for months and in some cases, years, and when released re-arrested and again thrust in jail to await a trial that is never called.

Lee Haines is jailed in Elkhead.

They thought they were slick; but there were others just as slick, laying lines to beat 'em; and here I am, without officers or crew or ship, and jailed in my own fo'c'sle.

(And so he sits and meditates over the point in his career where as a business man he first jailed.

They feel so strong that if he was jailed they'd lynch him.

"Then surely he must not be jailed.

When the police attacked the students and jailed some, more demonstrations and student strikes and finally a general boycott of Japanese imports were the consequence.

But the biographer contradicted his own beautiful portrait by telling how poor Pierre sang once too well to a married woman, whose husband took him, jailed him, and pierced his linnet tongue.

I'm tired of being jailed, even in a traveling jail.

Silly fatuous geese!and then talking the wildest piffle about the 'burning question of the hour' and making the seditious rotters groan at their ineptitude and folly, until they cheer them up sudden-like with a bit of dam' treason and sedition they ought to be jailed for.

George Harmon Coxe (A); 9Jan62; R288904. Jailed.

Ivan Vosco, sanitary inspector, is jailed.

George Harmon Coxe (A); 9Jan62; R288904. Jailed.

Ivan Vosco, sanitary inspector, is jailed.

Won't you let him hit his own trail, foot-loose?" "I'd like to see him arrested and jailed," said Gus, "

Do you suppose I'd surrender my own private ideas of honor to a casual ruling from a judge who very likely hadn't the remotest idea of what I think is honorable?" "You'll be jailed for contempt before you get through!"

I let your uncle go because he would have given you away to save himself the minute I jailed him in Sonora.

They say that a poor musician is jailed instantly, while the woman of fashion, who is perhaps equally guilty, is allowed to go free.

In 1962 a military coup overthrew Goulart, drove him into exile, jailed and disenfranchised his supporters and lined up Brazil, largest and most populous nation of Latin America, solidly behind the Monroe Doctrine of United States supremacy in the Americas, implemented by Washington's burgeoning "Pentagon diplomacy.

1842 examples of  jailed  in sentences