129 examples of jailor in sentences

Jailor of Nottingham, Sheriff, Messenger, Boy, Colliers, &c. QUEEN ELINOR.

A PRISON Is the grave of the living, where they are shut up from the world and their friends; and the worms that gnaw upon them their own thoughts and the jailor.

But, slave, if I command, A cruel jailor shall thy freedom seize.

He is involved with a nobleman in an attempt to abduct a lady from a nunnery, and would have been tortured had not the jailor's wife eloped with him to England.

" "JAILOR'S NOTICE.Was committed to the jail of Shelby County, on 25th January, a Negro Boy named Silas.

"E. W. HARREL, "Jailor." "Feb. 13.3tW."

If that apostle Paul had neglected his reading and writing, that jailor would have never, perhaps, seen need to have cried out, 'what must I do to be saved,' or if Mr. Burritt had neglected his reading and writing very likely I should never have been able to read or write.

The custode showed us a stone post at the side of the cell, with the hole in the top of it, into which, he said, St. Peter's chain had been fastened; and he uncovered a spring of water, in the middle of the stone floor, which he told us had miraculously gushed up to enable the Saint to baptize his jailor.

He came to Lynchburg, and desired the jailor to permit him to whip the negro, to make him confess, as there was no proof against him.

He came to Lynchburg, and desired the jailor to permit him to whip the negro, to make him confess, as there was no proof against him.

Mr. D. Judd, jailor, Davidson Co., Tennessee, in the "Nashville Banner," Dec. 10th, 1838.

" William Craze, jailor, Alexandria, La. in the "Planter's Intelligencer."

" John A. Rowland, jailor, Lumberton, North Carolina, in the "Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer," June 20, 1838.

" John H. Hand, jailor, parish of West Feliciana, La., in the St. "Francisville Journal," July 6, 1837

On the morning succeeding my conference with the jailor, it so happened, whether I overslept myself, or the turnkey went his round earlier than usual, that I was roused from my sleep by the noise he made in opening the cell next to my own; and though I exerted the utmost diligence, yet having to grope for my materials in the dark, I was unable to fasten the chain to the staple, before he entered, as usual, with his lantern.

I know not indeed whether this is to be regarded as gratuitous tyranny on the part of the jailor; the law having providently directed, in certain cases, that the water to be administered to the prisoners shall be taken from "the next sink or puddle nearest to the jail.

With such precautions, a jailor might depend on the safe keeping of his charge, but yet we overcame it all.

We had pewter spoons, and our jailor was probably ignorant of the use which prisoners could make of them.

No books or printed papers shall be admitted into any prison for the use of the prisoners, except by permission of the Superintendent, and the jailor shall keep a catalogue of all books and printed papers admitted into the prison.

It shall be the duty of the minister or instructor admitted to visit any prison, to communicate to the jailor any abuse or impropriety in the prison which may come to his knowledge, on pain of being prohibited from visiting the prison.

The jailor's wife silently observed her for some time as she worked, and then coming to her with a large piece of white bread and butter, she said, "One can easily see that this is not the first time you have done this work; you might well engage yourself as a servant.

" "That cannot be," interrupted the jailor, "you have not yet been examined, but your brother will not remain long here."

The old woman came at length and certainly she did not seem a very pleasant jailor or guardian; nor did she seem to favour the request of the chief to allow us to see the girls, as she regarded us with anything but pleasant looks.

Thus, as a captain of salvation, he leadeth them out as a conqueror; having paid the price, he delivereth also by power and authority from the hand of this jailor.

The judge motioned impatiently to the jailor, and strong hands impelled the prisoner from the front of the dock.

129 examples of  jailor  in sentences