101 examples of james' in sentences

Will you meet me to-morrow morning at half-past ten by the summer-house near the wood that runs up to James' farm?

Lawyer Watson and Uncle John were there, looking as grave as the important occasion demanded, and the former at once proceeded to relate the scene in James' room, his story of the death of Thomas Bradley, and the subsequent finding of the will.

The jury was absent forty minutes, and it appears that in the mind of every one of them there remained, in spite of Sir James' arguments, a firmly rooted convictioncall it instinct, if you likethat Edith Crawford had done away with Lady Donaldson in order to become possessed of those jewels, and that in spite of the pompous jeweller's many contradictions, she had offered him some of those diamonds for sale.

" Jack found that the count had not spoken too confidently as to the state of Olga's feelings towards him, and a month later a gay wedding took place at St. James' Church, the count and his wife staying at the Bristol Hotel, and Jack's father, mother, and elder brother and sisters coming up to the wedding.

Did our English Elizabeths, James', and Charles', ever doubt their full right of sovereignty?

Thirty years later, on his return to take up arms on behalf of James' son Charles"bonnie Prince Charlie"when he also drew the sword in an attempt to regain the throne of his fathers, Radcliffe was captured and beheaded.

Here a narrow thoroughfare, with a broad, smooth pavement, bears off to the left, parallel with the mews, and, as I arrived at the corner and glanced up the little street, I saw a man on a bicycle gliding swiftly and silently towards Little James' Street.

As I realised this, and at the same moment recalled the bicycle that we had seen in the station, the fugitive swung round into Little James' Street and vanished.

* "System?" said Hewitt, with a shrug of the shoulders, an hour or two after in Sir James' study.

As the caprices of King James' translators were not inspired, we need stand in no special awe of them.

In what sense King James' translators used the word "convenient" any one may see who will read Rom.

In what sense King James' translators used the word "convenient" any one may see who will read Rom. i. 28 and Eph.

Mr. Truelove was therefore compelled to suffer his sentence, but memorials, signed by 11,000 persons, asking for his release, were sent to the Home Secretary from every part of the country, and a crowded meeting in St. James' Hall, London, demanded his liberation with only six dissentients.

That offers of purchase were no less likely than those of sale to be prompted by such considerations is suggested by another Georgia letter: "I have made every attempt to get the boy Frank, the son of James Nixon; and in order to gratify James have offered as far as five hundred dollars for himmore than I would pay for any negro child in Georgia were it not James' son."

His majesty, on his arrival from Windsor, had been lodged in St. James' Palace, and as this was completely surrounded by the Roundhead troops, there was no chance of effecting an invasion thence.

Uncle James' shoes, by Doris and Samuel Webster.

My informant told me that his name waswell, it sounded like Rumo, possibly Roumeaux, as most of the wealthy settlers were of French origin, that he lived in St. James' Ward, and that when he bought slaves and sent them down to his plantations, they each received twenty-five lashes as they entered his gates, as an example, of what they would receive if they did not please him.

Next came a song"Old Folks at Home"and in spite of her resentment Ethelyn found herself listening intently as James' rich, deep bass, and John's clear tenor, and Andy's alto joined in the chorus with Melinda's full soprano.

She knew how out of place they were, and fully appreciated the puzzled expression on James' face when he saw the blue velvet smoking cap.

But Melinda's mind was not yet made up, and as she was too honest to encourage hopes which might never be fulfilled, she would not even look up into the handsome eyes resting so admiringly upon her as she tied the bow of the cravat and felt James' breath upon her burning cheeks.

Perhaps it was the resolution formed that night, and perhaps it was the answer to Andy's prayer that God would have mercy upon Ethie and incline her and his mother to pull together better, which sent Ethelyn down to breakfast the next morning and kept her below stairs a good portion of the day, and made her accept James' invitation to ride with him in the afternoon.

The base of King Charles' statue at Windsor, the font of St. James', Piccadilly (round the base of which are figures of Adam and Eve), are his work, as is also the lime-tree border of festoon work over the communion table.

CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS, King Street, St. James' Square, London.

There's a delightfully exclusive woman in one of Henry James' novels, who refuses to be introduced to a family.

Instead, he drove straight back to his rooms in St. James' Street, and, getting comfortably into his pet chair, he steadily set himself to think.

101 examples of  james'  in sentences