2408 examples of janet in sentences


Janet H. Washburn (E); 21Aug62; R300382-300384, 300379, 300385-300387, 300380.

Begun by Henry Kitchell Webster, completed by Janet Ayer Fairbank & Margaret Ayer Barnes.

SEE Janet March.


For works claimed by Janet Ward SEE GIBBS, WOLCOTT.


Janet Lewis Winters (W); 25Feb71; R501949.

Janet Robson, artist.

Frontispiece by Janet Robson.

Janet Robson, artist.

Lilian Steichen Sandburg (W), Margaret Sandburg, Janet Sandburg & Helga Sandburg (Mrs. George Crile, Jr.) (C); 9Apr76; R631027.

Art by Janet Laura Scott.


Janet and Gibert also produced sleep in a woman at a distance, by 'willing' it, at hours which were selected by a system of drawing lots.

They were on the same track, in each case, as Lubbock, Tylor, Spencer, Bastian, and Frazer, or as Gurney, Richet, Myers, Janet, Dessoir, and Von Schrenck-Notzing.

Though the subjects may be selected partly because of the physical phenomena of convulsions which they exhibit, and which favourably impress their clients, they are also such subjects as occasionally yield that evidence of supernormal faculty which is investigated by modern psychologists, like Richet, Janet, and William James.

"Poor souls, they'll not taste turkey agin this many a day, I'm thinkin', Janet.

I'll teach you how to keep Christmas, Janet, woman!"

But it's not for such as you to talk of the Five Points, Janet," rousing himself.

"Christ's coming would have more meaning, Janet, if this were a better world.

On asking one of the lasses standing about, what it was, she answered, "Ou, it's just a wedding o' Jock Thamson and Janet Frazer."

The minister met a certain Janet of his flock, and accosted her very kindly.

He remarked, "Bad prospect for the har'st (harvest), Janet, this wet.

Minister"Na, Janet, deil as muckle as that't ever you saw.

2408 examples of  janet  in sentences