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410 example sentences with  jeopardy

410 example sentences with jeopardy

As chance would have it, passing by 130 I saw you in that [20] jeopardy: A word from me was like a charm; [D] Ye pulled together with one mind;

"Thou hast saved all our lives, bold mariner," he said; "and there are those in the bark who will know how to reward thy courage and skill, Forget, then, thy dog, and indulge in a grateful heart to Maria and the saints, that they have been our friends and thine in this exceeding jeopardy.

Maso had now obtained complete command of the Winkelried, as much by the necessity of the case, as by the unrivalled skill and courage he had manifested during the fearful minutes of their extreme jeopardy.

The manner in which thou interposedst to save his life, when we were in that fearful jeopardy of the tempest, disproves thy words.

They felt that the occasion was one of extreme jeopardy, that nothing could save them but resolution, and that every minute of time was getting to be of the last importance.

He had not planned any smiles (knowing that he must "board round"), and it was not for ordinary occurrences to alter his arrangements; so that when he was betrayed into a relaxation of the muscles, it was "in such a sort" as if he was putting his bread and butter in jeopardy.

It is perfectly true that Portugal has often been in jeopardy; and equally true that England has never failed to fly to her assistance.

But I know enough to satisfy me she has been excessively imprudent, and has placed herself voluntarily in situations of the utmost jeopardy."

Then stood the realm in great jeopardy a long while, for many weened to have been king.

We were once put in some jeopardy by a drove of mules, laden with coffee.

The appalling discovery forced from her the confession that she considered her life in jeopardy.

In this situation, I see a great deal of the property of the people of Virginia in jeopardy, and their peace and tranquillity gone away.

I will only add, that this, as well as every other property of the people of Virginia, is in jeopardy, and put in the hands of those who have no similarity of situation with us.

I apprehend if, through the interference of the general government, the slave-trade was abolished, it would evince to the people a disposition toward a total emancipation, and they would hold their property in jeopardy.

Like other Legislatures, Congress has power to abate nuisancesto remove or tear down unsafe buildingsto destroy infected cargoesto lay injunctions upon manufactories injurious to the public healthand thus to "provide for the common defence and general welfare" by destroying individual property, when such property puts in jeopardy the public weal.

We were once put in some jeopardy by a drove of mules, laden with coffee.

He was obliged, by the jeopardy of his life, to renounce the service of other process on the west side of the Allegheny Mountain, and a deputation was afterwards sent to him to demand a surrender of that which he had served.

Every moment increased his jeopardy; the storm augmented; and, at each growing blast, he expected to be torn from his cables, and dashed to atoms against the rocks.

The "Caroline" received the blast like a stout and buoyant ship, yielding readily to its impulse, until her side lay nearly incumbent on the element in which she floated; and then, as if the fearful fabric were conscious of its jeopardy, it seemed to lift its reclining masts again, struggling to work its way heavily through the water.

Mistaken acquittals by these courts were beyond correction, for in the South slaves like freemen could not be twice put in jeopardy for the same offense.

It is simply a form, which many years ago had some meaning, and, having once been used, cannot be discontinued without putting the Constitution in jeopardy.

"He wants me to send him money to fee a counsellor," she said, while her eyes wandered over the pictures on the wall, and back again to the looking-glass; and certainly she did not look as if his jeopardy troubled her very much.

'And he is to be your guide even when your daughter's soul is in jeopardy?'

He had complained in his defence that the trial had been hurried on,that time had not been allowed for full inquiries, seeing that the character of the deed by which his client had been put in jeopardy depended upon what had been done on the other side of the globe.

But when she understood the point which had been raised and made as to the postmark,which she did understand thoroughly,then she comprehended also her own jeopardy, and hurried up to London to see Crinkett.

However, in this day, when the ideal George Washington of story is being ruthlessly brushed aside in the search for the real flesh-and-blood man, any canvas also that has idealized him is somewhat in jeopardy.

Concord in jeopardy, by Doris Leslie.

Double jeopardy.

SEE Avery, Stephen Morehouse. Lady in jeopardy.

(In Collier's magazine, Oct. 10, 1925) Ā© 28Sep25, B668267. R115019, 23Jul53, Marian Baldwin Avery (W) & Phyllis Avery Taylor (C) Lady in jeopardy.

Precious jeopardy.

DOUGLAS, LLOYD C. Precious jeopardy.

Precious jeopardy.

Jungle lord in jeopardy.

The whole party was at once cast into the utmost confusion; but Clark soon made the guide understand that he was himself in greater jeopardy than any one else, and would forfeit his life if he did not guide them straight.

The king said that there was nothing in the world he would not do to thrust the King of England out of the realm, save only that he would never consent that the English should have a bit of territory there; and, rather than suffer that, he would put everything to jeopardy and risk."

It may sound revolting at the present day to suppose a case in which a foreigner was thrown by violence into the military service of a nation, and then was put in jeopardy of his life because he used a privilege of nature to fly from such persecution as soon as circumstances placed the means in his power.

God has relieved you from this great jeopardy, and your duty is to strive to act as it is evident he intends you to do.

Her disorder did not indeed much alarm me, but I cannot say as much of her medical assistants, and it seems to me to be almost supernatural that she has escaped the jeopardy of their prescriptions.

Scarcely were the 'prentices seated, than Sir Francis Mitchell was brought down to them, and the poor knight, beginning to comprehend the jeopardy in which he was placed, roared for help as lustily as the half-drowned Alsatian captain, and quite as ineffectually.

Though Ludlow felt, at the instant of this interruption, that he stood in jeopardy of his life, the concern it awakened was momentarily lost in the spectacle before him.

Now, I am not going to be in jeopardy here any longer, nor let myself be kept hostage for his Highness.

In common with other Western powers, our relations with Japan have been brought into serious jeopardy through the perverse opposition of the hereditary aristocracy of the Empire to the enlightened and liberal policy of the Tycoon, designed to bring the country into the society of nations.

Kate led going into Double Jeopardy, eliminating Michael for the last spot in the semifinals.

Koji and his colleagues, who saw him as in jeopardy, quickly stopped in front of the seven-member group and hindered their progress, so Ken rushed to Chino's house by a small margin.

Many college champions have been invited to later Jeopardy!

Starting in 1985 and continuing until 1997, the sets were designed to have a blue background for the Jeopardy! round and a red background for the Double Jeopardy! and Final Jeopardy!

Starting in 1985 and continuing until 1997, the sets were designed to have a blue background for the Jeopardy! round and a red background for the Double Jeopardy! and Final Jeopardy!

Starting in 1985 and continuing until 1997, the sets were designed to have a blue background for the Jeopardy! round and a red background for the Double Jeopardy! and Final Jeopardy!

The Final Jeopardy! round is made up of just one category and one clue.

Unlike Jeopardy!, there were no returning champions.

During the ski season on Mount Higginbotham, the males had to cross a road which put their survival in jeopardy.

According to a report in the Springfield News-Leader, Missouri State president Clif Smart told the schoolā€™s board of governors that the game had been in jeopardy because of Oklahomaā€™s positive COVID-19 cases.

But this is so obviously a kind of racist and xenophobic double jeopardy, it beggars belief that the Labour opposition, fronted by an actual human rights lawyer and former Director of Public Prosecutions, cannot argue the case.

CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie testified Thursday at a House of Commons committee that the leagueā€™s future is ā€œvery much in jeopardyā€, and that the most likely scenario is that the upcoming season gets cancelled outright.

Charles Howell III, ranked 67th in the world and one of the players who would be in jeopardy of being on the outside looking in at these PGL star-status fields, didnā€™t sound averse to the idea.

Diana's secret identity is in jeopardy, however, and it makes for a very entertaining episode from beginning to end.

During the press conference, Cuomo addressed concerns that the prolonged quarantine was putting businesses in the state in jeopardy.

ā€¢ Eric and JP discuss Andyā€™s love of ā€œJeopardy!ā€ and whether it would have been cruel to spoil the result of the showā€™s GOAT tournament on social media while Andy was covering the game in Brooklyn.

From a very young age, he has always thoroughly enjoyed reading for hours at a time which helped him to become the household Jeopardy champion.

From the Associated PressNibir Sarma has become the first winner of the ā€œJeopardy!ā€

He said severe lack of equipment and breathing gear puts firemen ā€“ and the city ā€“ in jeopardy.

Holzhauer, one of only two people to rack up more than $2 million in winnings on Jeopardy!, earned both fans and detractors for his unusual game strategy.

Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) has been making some huge changes at GH ā€“ ones that could put the hospitalā€™s patients in jeopardy.

In September, 1984, Trebek hosted his first episode of ā€œJeopardy!

Instead, state inspectors were told to focus on infection control and ā€œimmediate jeopardyā€ complaints linked to allegations of resident abuse, neglect or death.

In the United States, athletes in diving and table tennis could lose qualifying opportunities, and the final qualifying event for the Olympic baseball competition ā€” scheduled for Taiwan in June ā€” could also be in jeopardy.

A museum ā€“ house in Vancouverā€™s oldest building ā€“ is in financial jeopardy.ā€™

Like the premiere, night two of ā€œJeopardy: The Greatest Of All Timeā€ delivered strong ratings.

New criminal charges against actor Jussie Smollett do not violate his right against double jeopardy, a Cook County, Illinois judge ruled Friday.

NEW YORK -- 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek says he's already rehearsed what he's going to say to the audience on his final show, whenever that may be.

Shows slated to be performed at Hiroshima Prefectural Citizenā€™s Culture Center, for example, have all been called off, with the fate of fall festivals now in jeopardy.

As a result of all this, the future of both versions of O'Brien are in serious jeopardy, and if you're looking to cash in on the termination of his head coaching career, you can do that.

A senior member of the International Olympic Committee said the future of the Tokyo Games could be in jeopardy.

"The core of it is that he knows he's in deep, multi-dimensional legal jeopardy & this defines his every action.

The court said that life has to go on despite the virus outbreak and that it could not put the careers of students in jeopardy by interfering in the National Testing Agencyā€™s decision to hold these in September.

The new policy forces international students either to transfer to another school where they can take in-person courses or leave the country, putting them in jeopardy of losing their visas for the upcoming school year.

There is no need to set the country on fire because the interests of a few elites are endangered or in jeopardy.

The terms have also made 21 Final Jeopardy appearances ā€” including two whose correct response is ā€œWho is Atticus Finch?ā€ and one correctly answered by ā€œWho is Harper Lee?ā€

To have done otherwise would have put the future of many candidates in jeopardy.

Trumpā€™s ultimatum puts the $740.5 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) ā€” considered essential as it helps pay the salaries of people serving in the armed forces ā€” in jeopardy.

Attorneys for Boucher argued that a resentencing hearing violates his constitutional rights entitling him to due process and protecting him against double jeopardy.

ā€œWe therefore take a joint stand with our Northern friends onthe end insecurity campaign, as a matter of necessity, indeed we did all to avert this double jeopardy but yet the inevitable occurred.ā€

With open gyms, which typically start in mid-May, in jeopardy, Aadland expects coaches to upload a new drill at least once every other week once school ends.

Despite modern technological marvels and enormous information storage capacities, our post-1850/70 archival heritage is probably in far greater jeopardy than that which precedes it.

IBMā€™s Watson is popularly known for its success in defeating two human champions in the quiz show Jeopardy in Januaryā€¦

"If members of the public service come to believe that it is career suicide to work, and do a good job, for the Information Commissioner, the future viability and effectiveness of the Commissioner's office is in grave jeopardy," he writes.

In addition to his jeopardy of being in possession of illegal drugs the accused also assaulted a police officer that was guarding him.

In my view, he knew that his jeopardy on the division of assets issue was less than $25,000.

Instead, having chosen to drive through it, she failed to maintain control of her vehicle thereby placing Patterson in jeopardy by partially blocking both lanes of traffic, and preventing Patterson from passing or avoiding striking her vehicle.

In turn, the unity of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States is now in jeopardy, with Qatar, Oman and Kuwait building an alliance with Iran (as well as Turkey), to the detriment of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

It should not be in jeopardy for our students,ā€ Lecce said.

Kingstonā€™s overdose prevention site at the Street Health Centre may be in jeopardy.

Like all good plots, moreover, an emotion also has a theme: this refers to the aims or objects of the self which are currently being furthered or put in jeopardy, which the emotion monitors and to which it alerts us.

"Marketing exec Skye Colton suddenly disappears, putting the Roaring Springs Film Festival in jeopardy.

My dad is a jeopardy clue!"

No one knows that jeopardy better than the people of Beit Mirsim: the regularity with which collective punishment is meted out in the West Bank and the crimes the IDF is capable of.

Other pollinators, including bats and wild bees, are also in jeopardy.

So we are not going to put any Yukoner in jeopardy of losing their rights.

Strange, then, that people can anonymously reply with the email 'go expletive yourself' celebrating an announcement that has put several jobs in jeopardy.