183 examples of joshing in sentences

"Blamed if he'll stand a bit of joshing on that subject!"

Andy ventured to say, and he was thrilled when his companion, turning toward him just at that moment, went on to say: "Perhaps in less time than that, Andy; with the glasses you might glimpse it even now!" CHAPTER XX OVER LAND AND SEA "Are you joshing me, Frank?" demanded the other Bird boy, as he swung eagerly around, so as to fix his glasses upon the far off horizon ahead of them.

They did not wish to inform the girls that they were undertaking a night watch, as that would have led to all sorts of questions, and if their fears proved ungrounded they felt pretty sure of coming in for a lot of "joshing.

"I should think Cannonball would be a better name for him," struck in Jimsy, with that funny, serious face he always assumed when 'joshing'.

23. See also Josh.

See also Josh. xxii.

iv. 20; Josh. xiii.

He speaks of himself as "Old Joe Bagstock," "Old Joey," "Old J.," "Old Josh," "Rough and tough old Jo," "J.B.," "Old J.B.," and so on.


Josh Billings's Alminax (1870).

Josh., i, 1. 'Phinehas' wife.'

Gaiety and laughter and comradeship and "joshing" are here among men to whom wounds and death are a part of the game.

" Heretofore their joshing had not bothered him.

" "I should like to know, young man," remarked Uncle Josh, "whether you raly got into the college, I should.

" "Well, Mr. Burnett, I raly did not, I didn't," mimicking Uncle Josh.

" "I should raly like to know," said Uncle Josh, "what you are thanking the Doctor for, I should.

"The fact is, I thought that that retreat of the sciences might hold that little learning, which is a dangerous thingas you used to not quote exactlyand I thought it prudent to avoid that 'Pierian spring.'" "What is the young man talking about now?" inquired Uncle Josh.

" "The young man didn't know anything at all, before," declared Uncle Josh, "and he seems to know less now, amazingly.

" This was Uncle Josh's sincere opinion, and was received with a shout of laughter, in which Bart heartily joined.

"That young man will not come to a single darn," said Uncle Josh; "not one darn.

" "Uncle Josh is thinking about Bart's sketch of him, clawing old Nore Morton's face," said Uncle Jonah.

He was with you, wa'n't he, studyin' something or other?" asked Uncle Josh; "don't you agree with me?"

You will see" "You will see, too, that he will not come to a darn," said Uncle Josh, regarding that as a sad doom indeed.

The captain was joshing the prisoner about his poor shooting when Ramrod brought him into camp and they were dressing his wounds.

GERIZZIM, a mountain of 2848 ft. in height in the S. of the valley of Shechem, opposite EBAL (q. v.), and from the slopes of which the blessings were responded to by half the tribes of Israel on their arrival in Canaan (Josh. viii.

183 examples of  joshing  in sentences