379 examples of jovial in sentences

" Norine looked very vexed, particularly when her sisters, speaking both together, told her that the future husband was Auguste Benard, a jovial young mason who lived on the floor above them.

room for all!'" As the spirit imitated the various calls, as only a jovial bell-sprite could, the others gave him a chime of laughter, and vowed they would each adopt some tuneful summons, which should reach human ears and draw human feet more willingly to church.

Now, if other people have their boasts, then, say, why should not we, For we can drink our jovial toast and sing with three times three; For there’s not a country in the world where all that’s fair prevails As here it does in this our land, our sunny New South Wales.

One of the air pilots was trying to sing a song, being in jovial mood after receiving a letter that he admitted was from his "girl in the States" and the others manifested a desire to join in the chorus, though none of them dared let their voices out, since it was against the rules.

Tell me, ye jovial sailors, tell me true, If my sweet William sails among the crew.

From his studiesof his success in which we know nothinghe returned to his native county, and there, says Johnson, "was distinguished as a poet, a gentleman, and a skilful and useful justice of the peace;"we may add, as a jovial companion and a daring fox-hunter.

Once more, ye jovial train, your courage try, And each clean courser's speed.

The owner mourns The unpeopled rivulet, and gladly hears The huntsman's early call, and sees with joy The jovial crew, that march upon its banks In gay parade, with bearded lances armed.

" His cheeks suffused with the most jovial red I have ever seen.

2. Aristippus, or the Jovial Philosopher; presented in a private shew, to which is added the Conceited Pedlar.

sunny, palmy; hopeful &c 858. merry as a cricket, merry as a grig^, merry as a marriage bell; joyful, joyous, jocund, jovial; jolly as a thrush, jolly as a sandboy^; blithesome; gleeful, gleesome^; hilarious, rattling.

Adj. amusing, entertaining, diverting &c v.; recreational, recreative, lusory^; pleasant &c (pleasing) 829; laughable &c (ludicrous) 853; witty &c 842; fun, festive, festal; jovial, jolly, jocund, roguish, rompish^; playful, playful as a kitten; sportive, ludibrious^. funny; very funny, hilarious, uproarious, side-splitting. amused &c v.; pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw

Adj. sociable, companionable, clubbable, conversable^, cosy, cosey^, chatty, conversational; homiletical. convivial; festive, festal; jovial, jolly, hospitable.

a crowd is not company [Bacon]; be bright and jovial among your guests tonight

Here was quartered a captain of cavalry, who found timeso brisk was he and so high-spiritedto welcome us to the best the place afforded, to help set the table for our belated supper, and to keep on terms of jovial yet punctilious amiability with the woman proprietor and her good-looking daughters; also, to require his troopers to pay the women, in salutes and spoken thanks, for every small office performed.

we are then drunk with pleasure, and perceive nothing:" yet as the prodigal son had dainty fare, sweet music at first, merry company, jovial entertainment, but a cruel reckoning in the end, as bitter as wormwood, a fearful visitation commonly follows.

Kennedy landed from the Tam o'Shanter at the little point that still bears the jovial name, and bade farewell to Owen Stanley in good spirits, and with no dread premonitions.

Here a guard of the 60th Rifles kept watch and ward with some of the jovial little Goorkhas of the Kumaon battalion.

There are others thoroughly brave, courteous, frank, and jovial, who, although poor, find means to please by graceful speech, frequenting courts, and making themselves agreeable there; these, well versed in courtesy and politeness, appear in noble attire, and figure conspicuously at the tournaments and military games, proving themselves good judges and good company.

Sometimes Ralph found Mrs. Heeny, ruddy and jovial, seated in the arm-chair opposite Mrs. Spragg, and regaling her with selections from a new batch of clippings.

He had a good-humoured, jovial countenance, the mirthful expression of which even his sightless orbs could not destroy.

Solemnblessed, if you willbut no, not jovial.

Of the rest, comprised in one small volume, perhaps the best known are 'The Jovial Supper,' 'The Echo,' and the 'Counsel to a Widow.' SLEEP Sleep is no servant of the will, It has caprices of its own: When most pursued,'tis swiftly gone; When courted least, it lingers still.

THE JOVIAL SUPPER In Jaen, where I reside, Lives Don Lopez de Sosa; And I will tell thee, Isabel, a thing The most daring that thou hast heard of him.

[The several courses are ended, and the jovial diner resolves to finish his story.

379 examples of  jovial  in sentences