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14723 examples of  joy  in sentences

14723 examples of joy in sentences

Women whose costly jewels and magnificent robes were the livery of sin, the outside garnishing of moral death; the flush upon whose cheek, was not the flush of happiness, and the light in their eyes was not the sparkle of innocent joy,women whose laughter was sadder than their tears, and who were dead while they lived.

" A bright flush overspread the cheek of Jeanette Roland; there was a sparkle of joy in her eyes as she seemed intently examining the flowers on her mother's carpet, and she gently referred him to Papa for an answer.

" Paul's heart gave a sudden bound of joy.

How my heart bounded with joy.

The latter wins, but his victory is transient, for the light, though conquered and banished by the darkness, cannot be slain, and is sure to return with the dawn, to the great joy of the sons of men.

It was rather early; the day was pleasant and as his wife followed him, he lingered awhile upon the steps, loth to leave a scene of such holy joy.

And I can never feel the night When all around is gloom; For joy looked pleased upon my birth, And cast a ray e'en on the earth; And fairies spun it in a ring, With a feather from their wing, And called it hopea charm for tears, And chained it to their silken ears.

As he approached the stall of his favourite horse, which was the uppermost of the right-hand row, the good steed neither neighed, nor shook his head, nor stamped with his foot, nor gave the usual signs of joy at his lord's approach; a faint moaning, as if he implored assistance, was the only acknowledgment of the baron's presence.

Iola Fuller McCoy (Iola Fuller) (A); 12Apr67; R408030. MCCOY, OTIS L. Eternal joy.

Every end, reason, motive, object of desire or aversion, ground of sorrow or joy that we feel is in the world of finite multifariousness, for only in that world does anything really happen, only there do events come to pass.

Joy brings tears, melancholy a sardonic smile.'

By what arts can they, who have long had no joy but from the civilities of a soldier, now amuse their hours, and solace their separation?

The morning and evening authors might divide an event between them; a single action, and that not of much importance, might be gradually discovered, so as to vary a whole week with joy, anxiety, and conjecture.

Ah! in all this misery it is good news, it is joy that Dingo has brought me!

He could not contain his joy.

Then he turned and came towards them at a long, swinging walk that was a joy to behold.

On such a morning, when the air was like summer and all the birds were rehearsing most industriously their parts in the opening chorus with which Spring meant to celebrate her return to the northern land, a ride down the valley was pure joy to any man whose soul was tuned in harmony with the great outdoors; and trouble lagged and could not keep pace with the riders.

'Tis his usual custom, And requisite he should: he has now put off The Funeral black, (your rich heir wears with joy, When he pretends to weep for his dead Father)

Jac. Here comes our joy, Where has my dearest been? Asc.

'Tis the curse Of great Estates to want those Pledges, which The poor are happy in: They in a Cottage, With joy, behold the Models of their youth,

The bed, a valuable heirloom which had stood in its own particular corner of the cabin for nearly a century, which had been Mary's mother's bed, the pride and joy of Mary's heart, and the envy of the neighbours.

"Friends from Kenogami House came down to meet them," mused Rod, and as he turned back in the direction of the camp he formed a picture of that meeting in the heart of the wilderness, of the glad embraces of husband and wife, and the joy of the pretty girl with the tiny feet as she kissed her father, and perhaps her big brother; for no girl could possess feet just like Minnetaki's and not be pretty!

Wabi broke all table etiquette by giving vent to a warlike whoop of joy at this announcement, and once more Rod's spirits rose high above his temporary disappointments.

While they are thus gaining new and valuable qualities, they have never lost, in spite of many hardships, the peculiar joy and lofty idealism in work which are, in part, a reaction from ages of economic and personal dependence.

Alike in University, secondary school, and elementary school there is the joy of service, and the power to train, "To riper growth the mind and will.

It cannot be too often insisted that every intelligent child who is worthy of a junior or senior scholarship, is not therefore of necessity predestined to the profession of teachinga profession so arduous, so full of drudgery and of disappointment that it should be entered by those only who are sure of their mission, and full of the spirit that makes learning and teaching a lasting joy.

It ensured a spirit of joy in work for the whole staff; for the Headmistress and her band of like-minded colleagues were co-workers in experiments towards development and sharers in the realisation of ideals.

The air was close and hot, and now and then a peal of thunder broke overhead; but a profound peace and tranquillity, slightly troubled by his new joy, held possession of him.

" She flung her arms suddenly about his neck and kissed him, while old Oliver trembled with intense joy.

His daughter was coming home to him, and his heart was full of unutterable joy and gratitude; but he did not know exactly how they should go on in the future.

His joy had fled, and his unmingled gladness had faded quite away.

I cried for my mother, and for joy at being able to think of her again, and for guilt, and with such a mingling of feeling that finally I started to rush off into the darknessbut Virginia clung to me and wiped away my tears and would not let me go.

This observance, which corresponds so strikingly with the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles that, together with other customs, it has led many to believe the Indian nations the descendants of the lost ten tribes of Israel, made it a season of general joy and festivity.

The time at length arrived when, her heart bounding with joy, little Nelly was placed on horseback to accompany her Indian brother to the Great Council of the Senecas.

Everything was joy and amusement.

As we sat, at a late hour, at the open window, listening to every sound, with what joy did we at length distinguish the tramp of horses!

To our infinite joy, we saw the chief of the party dismount, and all the others following his example and approaching to shake hands.

Neechee (friend) Muh-no-mo-nee!" All was now joy and gladness.

To Dorothy it seemed that they had always lived in a cabin on the Blue Mesa and that Lorry had always been their neighbor, whom it was a joy to tease because he never showed impatience, and whose attitude toward her was that of a brother.

To ride the high trails of the Arizona hills is in itself an unadulterated joy.

So sad they seemed that it was as if nothing in heaven or earth, neither joy nor sorrow, life nor death, could have power to change their expression of immeasurable sadness.

"But, at the same time, to my great joy, arrived the Little Playmate back to me.

"God knows that I, Hugo Gottfried, am not worth all this!" "Nay," she said, with a kind of joy in her voice and in her eyes, "that matters not.

As on a dark April day, with a lowering sky, you have seen the wind suddenly stir high in the heavens, and the sun look through on the dripping green of the young trees and the gay bourgeoning of the flowers, so, looking on my love's face as she took in my words, there awakened a kind of springtime joy.

Nay, wherefore need I say a kind of joy only.

And, indeed, I deserve so much, for I have not known much joy in my life, save in the old days when I was your Little Playmate.

And there, amid a turmoil of joy and the ringing of every bell in the city, we, that had gone out to be together in death, were joined in the bonds of youth and life.

"The folk of the city are full of joy," he said.

Dill, looking after him queerly, turned and saw Mama Joy standing in the doorway.

Dill was on the floor with Mama Joy, and at a glance he saw how it was; the Pilgrim had "butted in" and come along with them.

He was not quite comfortable in the hall, anyway, for he had caught Mama Joy eying him strangely, and he thought she was wondering why he had not asked her to dance.

Charming Billy was not by nature a diplomat; it never once occurred to him that he would better treat Mama Joy as if that half minute in the kitchen had never been.

Nor had he gone to watch Mama Joy dimple and frown by turns and give him sidelong glances which made him turn his head quickly away.

Then, as if that statement seemed to him too bald, in view of the fact that they had never discussed Mama Joy, he added, "It is very hard for Flora.

He did not mean that he wished her father had taken Flora to Klondyke, though he openly implied that he wished Mama Joy had gone.

He could not see Flora without having Mama Joy present alsoor if he did find Flora alone, Mama Joy was sure to appear very shortly.

He could not see Flora without having Mama Joy present alsoor if he did find Flora alone, Mama Joy was sure to appear very shortly.

And when he once asked Flora to ride with him he straightway discovered that Mama Joy had developed a passion for riding and went along.

Flora had only time to murmur a rapid sentence or two while Mama Joy was hunting her gloves.

"Mama Joy has been taking the Ladies' Home Journal" she said ironically, "and she has been converted to the idea that a girl must never be trusted alone with a man.

He did not get an answer, because Mama Joy found her gloves too soon, but he learned his lesson and did not ask Flora to ride with him again.

He knew that Flora was worrying over her father, and he would like to have cheered her all he could; but he had no desire to cheer Mama Joy as wellhe would not even give her credit for needing cheer.

Why must his first and only love affair be hampered by an element so disturbing as Mama Joy?

He could not help seeing that Flora was worrying a great deal over her father, and that the relations between herself and Mama Joy were, to put it mildly and tritely, strained.

Then one morning he came in to breakfast and saw that the chair of Mama Joy was empty; and Flora, when he went into the kitchen afterward, told him with almost a relish in her tone that Mrs. Bridgershe called her that, also with a relishwas in bed with toothache.

There is no telling when the dishes would have been washed that day if Mama Joy had not begun to pound energetically upon the floorwith the heel of a shoe, judging from the sound.

So Flora went to see what Mama Joy wanted, and Billy hurried somewhat guiltily out to find what was the matter with the gray horse, and practical affairs once more took control.

It is true that Mama Joy recovered disconcertingly that afternoon, and became once more ubiquitous, but Billy felt that nothing could cheat him of his joy, and remained cheerful under difficulties.

It is true that Mama Joy recovered disconcertingly that afternoon, and became once more ubiquitous, but Billy felt that nothing could cheat him of his joy, and remained cheerful under difficulties.

When he turned to see a malicious light in the round, blue eyes of Mama Joy and a spiteful satisfaction in her very dimples, it suddenly occurred to him that he would certainly have something to say to Miss Flora.

Billy never suspected that Mama Joy read his face and left them purposely together after supper, though he was surprised when she arose from the table and said: "Flora, you make Billy help you with the dishes.

Only once did he address her directly by name, and then he called her Miss Bridger with a stiff formality that made Mama Joy dimple with spiteful satisfaction.

Also, he rode reluctantly to the Double-Crank ranch, wondering, as he had often done in the past few weeks, what would become of Flora and Mama Joy.

Behind her husband, Mama Joy flashed at him a look he did not try to interpretof a truth it was rather complex, with a little of several emotionsand he lifted his hat a half-inch from his forehead in deference to her sex.

At the time they did not seem to concern him at all, though they involved taking Flora and Mama Joy away to Seattle to spend the winter, and in the spring moving them on to some place in the Northa place that sounded strange in the ears of Billy, and was straightway forgotten.

He slammed the stable-door behind him and went off down the street, singing exultantly: "I have been to see my-wife, She's the joy of my life" He jerked open the door of the shack, gave a whoop to raise the dead, and took Dill ungently by the shoulder.

"Oh, winged rapture, feathered soul of spring: Blithe voice of woods, fields, waters, all in one, Pipe blown through by the warm, mild breath of June, Shepherding her white flocks of woolly clouds, The bobolink has come, and climbs the wind With rippling wings that quiver not for flight But only joy, or yielding to its will Runs down, a brook of laughter through the air.

"Let us glance around us: not a pleasure which is not followed by disappointment or satiety; not a joy which does not entail some trouble; not an affection which does not conceal some bitterness, some grief, and often some remorse!

Struck by the analogy between this greeting and the unstudied attitude which I had assumed under the action of a genuine emotion, I cried in a transport of joy which bewildered my innocent cousin: "Leave medon't disturb meI've got itwait for mestay where you areI've got it.

But instinctthat marvelous agent of divine reasonin that case turns the arms away from the object which they might injure by the rapidity of their sudden extension, and directs them toward heaven, leads them to rise as if expressing thanks for an unexpected joy, so true it is that everything is turned to use and is modified under the empire of our instinct.

Judge of my joy!

After his men had been healed at Bath-town, the lieutenant proceeded to Virginia, with the head of Black Beard still suspended on his bowsprit-end, as a trophy of his victory, to the great joy of all the inhabitants.

It is impossible to describe our joy and triumph on this occasion.

Poor Pet threw her soft white arms around the thick neck of her protectress, and cried for joy.

"I wish you joy," said he.

"We crossed at the time," wrote Wordsworth to his sister, "when the whole nation was mad with joy in consequence of the Revolution.

I, 341, with "the pomp of a too-credulous day" and the "homeless sound of joy" of the sonnet.

Of fancies fair, and milder hours of youth, 20 Hybloean murmurs of poetic thought Industrious in its joy, in vales and glens Native or outland, Lakes and famous Hills; Or on the lonely high-road, when the stars Were rising; or by secret mountain streams, 25 The guides and the companions of thy way!

too well thou know'st, of what sad years 75 The long suppression had benumbed my soul, That, even as Life returns upon the Drown'd, The unusual Joy awoke a throng of Pains Keen Pangs of LOVE, awakening, as a Babe, Turbulent, with an outcry in the Heart!

Yes! There was a time when though my Path was rough This Joy within me dallied with distress.'

somewhat vain he was, Or seemed so, yet it was not vanity, But fondness, and a kind of radiant joy Diffused around him ...' Passing over numerous military incidents, on the 26th of June 1796 Beaupuy received seven or eight sabre-cuts at Jorich-Wildstadt.

As I ascended the stairs, they surrounded me with shrieks and yells of joy, uttering exclamations of delight and amazement at my rowing.

To my joy, however, in one of my daily visits to the banking house the courteous young partner told me that a telegram had come in some roundabout way from Paris and they were prepared to pay me the full amount on my letter of credit.

His little daughters were in the room, pretty children with whom the father played with evident pride and joy, interrupting the conversation to caress the curly pates, and trotting them on his knee.

But now once more the finger was raised, the arm extended, shaking violently, and Joe Cumberland turned upon them a glance which flashed with a delirious and unhealthy joy.

And to Byrne, more terrible than the joy of Joseph Cumberland or the dread of Buck Daniels was the smile and the closed eyes of the girl.

His brown hair was thick and dark and every touch of wind stirred it, and his hazel eyes were brilliant with an enduring lightthe inextinguishable joy of life.

A feeble cry that had in it pride and joy and inextinguishable devotion passed many a fevered lip in the cockpit.

Joy go with you.

Their faces was filled with light enough to take a photograph, and I could almost see their hearts swelling with transcendent joy.