14723 examples of joy in sentences

All of us felt this, but with many it meant merely remarking that "the Chink is getting off his head," and a wish that he would not obtrude his grief when we were filled with the joy of sunny skies and a merry company.

The captain, though grim from a gripping religion that had squeezed all joy from his scripture-haunted soul, added an anecdote to the entertainment.

" Though a confirmed invalid, and condemned to spend most of his days on a sofa, Mr. Smedley managed to write several fine novels, full of the joy of life, and free from the least taint of discontent or morbid feeling.

She said priests and custom and convention had robbed the world of much joy.

" Joy ran through me at his words.

" A joy, unbidden and instantly suppressed, pervaded me as he spoke.

" In spite of our imminent parting, joy rushed through me at his words.

And I do not think any one, seeing Antony calmly handing me into the hired brougham Augustus had sent to me, would have guessed that we were parting forever, and that, to me at least, all joy in the world had fled.

Her joy was great to see me there, her only regret being she had not known I was coming that she might have had the fires lit.

It was hard to have known the joy of communion with his warm heart, and deeply seeing mindand now to accept the solitude again.

There would have been a positive and enduring joy, had he not gone from her to another.

The dews of joy were upon David Cairns.

The people greeted with joy the accession of the first Phanariote to the throne of the principality of Moldavia' (1711).

He was an artistic gentleman named Crawley, the happy manager of a puppet show which used to bring joy into the hearts of the merry people thronging the famous Bartholomew Fair.

Then we have a song setting forth how: "Sabina with an angel's face By Love ordain'd for joy, Seems of the Siren's cruel race, To charm

It is among the blessed privileges which help to make life cheerful and sunny, for, when all is said, what would be the joy of existence if we might not criticise those whom Providence has placed above us.

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So sad they seemed that it was as if nothing in heaven or earth, neither joy nor sorrow, life nor death, could have power to change their expression of immeasurable sadness.

"But, at the same time, to my great joy, arrived the Little Playmate back to me.

And, indeed, I deserve so much, for I have not known much joy in my life, save in the old days when I was your Little Playmate.

Her act is regarded in the cold light of a calculated payment, undisguised by any joy of passionate surrender.

14723 examples of  joy  in sentences