14723 examples of joy in sentences

Women whose costly jewels and magnificent robes were the livery of sin, the outside garnishing of moral death; the flush upon whose cheek, was not the flush of happiness, and the light in their eyes was not the sparkle of innocent joy,women whose laughter was sadder than their tears, and who were dead while they lived.

" A bright flush overspread the cheek of Jeanette Roland; there was a sparkle of joy in her eyes as she seemed intently examining the flowers on her mother's carpet, and she gently referred him to Papa for an answer.

" Paul's heart gave a sudden bound of joy.

How my heart bounded with joy.

The latter wins, but his victory is transient, for the light, though conquered and banished by the darkness, cannot be slain, and is sure to return with the dawn, to the great joy of the sons of men.

It was rather early; the day was pleasant and as his wife followed him, he lingered awhile upon the steps, loth to leave a scene of such holy joy.

And I can never feel the night When all around is gloom; For joy looked pleased upon my birth, And cast a ray e'en on the earth; And fairies spun it in a ring, With a feather from their wing, And called it hopea charm for tears, And chained it to their silken ears.

As he approached the stall of his favourite horse, which was the uppermost of the right-hand row, the good steed neither neighed, nor shook his head, nor stamped with his foot, nor gave the usual signs of joy at his lord's approach; a faint moaning, as if he implored assistance, was the only acknowledgment of the baron's presence.

This observance, which corresponds so strikingly with the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles that, together with other customs, it has led many to believe the Indian nations the descendants of the lost ten tribes of Israel, made it a season of general joy and festivity.

The time at length arrived when, her heart bounding with joy, little Nelly was placed on horseback to accompany her Indian brother to the Great Council of the Senecas.

Everything was joy and amusement.

As we sat, at a late hour, at the open window, listening to every sound, with what joy did we at length distinguish the tramp of horses!

To our infinite joy, we saw the chief of the party dismount, and all the others following his example and approaching to shake hands.

Neechee (friend) Muh-no-mo-nee!" All was now joy and gladness.

To Dorothy it seemed that they had always lived in a cabin on the Blue Mesa and that Lorry had always been their neighbor, whom it was a joy to tease because he never showed impatience, and whose attitude toward her was that of a brother.

To ride the high trails of the Arizona hills is in itself an unadulterated joy.

Nay, wherefore need I say a kind of joy only.

He was not quite comfortable in the hall, anyway, for he had caught Mama Joy eying him strangely, and he thought she was wondering why he had not asked her to dance.

He could not help seeing that Flora was worrying a great deal over her father, and that the relations between herself and Mama Joy were, to put it mildly and tritely, strained.

So Flora went to see what Mama Joy wanted, and Billy hurried somewhat guiltily out to find what was the matter with the gray horse, and practical affairs once more took control.

"Oh, winged rapture, feathered soul of spring: Blithe voice of woods, fields, waters, all in one, Pipe blown through by the warm, mild breath of June, Shepherding her white flocks of woolly clouds, The bobolink has come, and climbs the wind With rippling wings that quiver not for flight But only joy, or yielding to its will Runs down, a brook of laughter through the air.

But now once more the finger was raised, the arm extended, shaking violently, and Joe Cumberland turned upon them a glance which flashed with a delirious and unhealthy joy.

And to Byrne, more terrible than the joy of Joseph Cumberland or the dread of Buck Daniels was the smile and the closed eyes of the girl.

His brown hair was thick and dark and every touch of wind stirred it, and his hazel eyes were brilliant with an enduring lightthe inextinguishable joy of life.

A feeble cry that had in it pride and joy and inextinguishable devotion passed many a fevered lip in the cockpit.

14723 examples of  joy  in sentences