365 examples of joyously in sentences

And the second and third time, she too called, "KazanKazanKazan!"and all that part of him that was dog, and not wolf, trembled joyously at the sound of her voice, and he almost crept in to take his beating.

Joyously she sprang forth to meet him.

Gray Wolf could smell it and she whined joyously, with her blind face turned toward it.

Swiftly Gray Wolf understood and caressed him joyously.

"You are happy again, Joan," he laughed joyously.

It was on this horse's back that I took my first ride, when I was scarce out of petticoats, and often after that, held carefully before him on the saddle, or, as I grew older, bumping joyously behind, my arms about his waist.

Poor farms of the Ile-de-France!dwellings of old time, into whose barns the rich harvests of the fields had been joyously gathered year by yearold tiled roofs, clothed with ancestral mossplain hospitable rooms where masters and servants met familiarly together:you are no more than calcined and blackened stones!

" "Ay, marry, that will I abide thy coming, and joyously, too," quoth the stranger; whereupon he leaned sturdily upon his staff to await Robin.

Miss Caroline laughed joyously as she turned to greet me.

His heart leaped joyously.

and Skinny flushed while his heart hammered joyously.

Then they went and entered into Raguel's house, and Raguel received them joyously, and Raguel, beholding well Tobias, said to Anna his wife: How like is this young man unto my cousin!

cried Marcantonio, joyously.

"And because he is necessary to Venice!" The chimes of the chapel sounding joyously broke in upon these demonstrations, and two little choristers came running back to tell them that, by order of Fra Gianmaria, a Te Deum for the safety of Fra Paolo would be sung, in lieu of the interrupted vesper service.

And, as he spurred his horse into the forest, Aucassin sang right joyously: Track of boar and slot of deer, Neither do I follow here.

As he said himself, he wrote "out of a full head," chiefly for his own pleasure or recreation; and one who writes joyously generally awakens a sense of pleasure in his readers.

the latter would shriek joyously, and bear down on the shrinking de Laney.

Joyously he smelled of Thor's huge footprints, and followed them.

"You are getting better every minute," she cried joyously.

" Though hotly pursued by the assailants, "she rode so fast and so well that she and the greater part of her folks arrived at the castle of Brest, where she was received and feasted right joyously.

'Time was;' you joyously affirm for man to come to the knowledge of an eternal self.

"No letters have arrived," said she, smiling joyously, "but happiness has come.

At one time everybody sang it, joyously, aloud.

Passengers and crew packed the music-room to witness the ceremony, and joyously drank the health of the lovers at the supper the Captain hastily ordered.

Across the fields and along shaded wood paths they ran joyously to a sheltered bay with a sandy beach from which the open fjord could be seen in the distance.

365 examples of  joyously  in sentences