655 examples of judas in sentences

We are informed by the Scripture that when a successor to Judas in the apostolate was to be chosen, the lot fell on St. Mathias.

Judas Maccabeus was strategist enough to gird himself early to the capture of Gezer, and Simon fortified it to cover the way to the harbour of Joppa and caused John his son, the captain of the host, to dwell there.

The Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum) was one of their favourite retreats, perhaps on account of its traditionary association with the apostle.

Faithful labourers may be expected from thence; but if it is Christ's college, a Judas will certainly be found among them.

Can this be he who rode into Jerusalem, as on this day, meek and lowly, upon an ass's colt; who on the night that he was betrayed washed his disciples' feet, even the feet of Judas who betrayed him?

So St. Paul, speaking of our SAVIOUR'S having died to save sinners, says, "of whom I am the chief[905];" yet he certainly did not think himself so bad as Judas Iscariot.' BOSWELL.

Yet their repudiation of all art was better than the Judas-kiss which Romanism bestows on it, in the meagre eclecticism of the ancient religious schools, and of your modern Overbecks and Pugins.

I'm as false as Judas; an' Ananias wouldn't be seen walkin' arm in arm with me in the place

So Judas did to Christ: but he, in twelve Found truth in all but one; I in twelve thousand none.


After the heroic ages of Joshua, Gideon, and David, no warriors appeared in Jewish history equal to Judas Maccabaeus and his brothers in bravery, in patriotism, and in noble deeds.

The conquests of Judas especially were marvellous, considering the weakness of the Jewish nation and the strength of its enemies.

But before I present the wonderful career of Judas Maccabaeus, we must look to the circumstances which made that career remarkable and eventful.

(Here JESUS shall clap his hands, and the sparrows shall fly away, chirruping.) Judas.

And "Blessed be Mordecai!" Come hither, Judas Iscariot.

Why howl the dogs at night? Judas.

Well, boy! now say, if thou art wise, When the Angel of Death, who is full of eyes, Comes where a sick man dying lies, What doth he to the wight? Judas.

And now, my Judas, say to me What the great Voices Four may be, That quite across the world do flee, And are not heard by men? Judas.

And now, my Judas, say to me What the great Voices Four may be, That quite across the world do flee, And are not heard by men? Judas.

And yet he had not hesitated to do it, and to do it by a piece of lying sufficiently cold-blooded and deliberate to make Judas pale with envy.

Flowering Judas.

Judas betrayed his master for thirty pieces of silver, and afterward hung himself.

Though a stranger to his countenance, Friend Hopper was well aware that he was noted for hunting slaves, and being unable to disguise his abhorrence of the odious business, he said, "Judas betrayed his master for thirty pieces of silver; and for a like sum, I suppose thou wouldst seize thy brother by the throat, and send him into interminable bondage.

Indignation blazed forth against the fugitives; they were called rope-dancers; and God was prayed to treat them as the traitor Judas.

I wouldn't let Jimmie know of it for the world, but it has been quite a trial to me to live in the house with Judas.

655 examples of  judas  in sentences