655 examples of judas in sentences

last Week I pawn'd my best Petticoat, as I hope to wear it again, it cost me six and twenty shillings besides Making; then this Morning my new Norwich Mantua followed, and two postle Spoons, I had the whole dozen when you came first; but they dropt, and dropt, till I had only Judas left for my Husband.

He had very certainly never known anybody who in his opinion merited the torments of his orthodox Gehenna; so that in imagination he vaguely populated its blazing corridors with Nero and Judas and Caesar Borgia and Henry VIII, and Spanish Inquisitors and the aboriginal American Indiansexcepting of course his ancestress Pocahontasand with Benedict Arnold and all the "carpet-baggers" and suchlike other eminent practitioners of depravity.

We are informed by the Scripture that when a successor to Judas in the apostolate was to be chosen, the lot fell on St. Mathias.

The English even paid a Judas reward of twenty to fifty shillings for every German, living or half-dead, who was brought in by the natives.

He used the softest language to Judas, to the soldiers, to Pilate and Herod, to the priests, etc.

Follow me not, lest I belabour you, You half-fac'd groat, you thick-cheek'd chittyface; You Judas-villain!

And like a Judas, on some rotten tree, Hang up this rotten trunk of misery, That goers-by thy wretched end may see.

As Judas did, so I intend to do, For I have done already as he did: His master he betray'd, so I have mine.

For even as Judas sold his master Christ, Men buy and sell their wives at highest price, What will you give me?

Had Napoleon died at the Bridge of Lodi, he would have passed down in history as a Judas Maccabaeus.

The school-books have given to him and to Benedict Arnold an infamous immortality, comparing the one with Cain, and the other with Judas Iscariot.

Of Magdalene, more vile than Judas, what should be said?

The singing done, of which the choir still had an entire monopoly, the Doctor read the 14th chapter of Mark; and as he read the awful story of our Lord's betrayal, I could not help thinking that the only difference between some of the Southern slave-dealers and Judas was, that had they been in his place, they would have made a "smarter" bargain.

<pb id='187.png' n='1971h1/A/1603' /> SANDERS, J. H. Chains of shadows; a romance of Judas Iscariot.

Flowering Judas, and other stories.

Indignation blazed forth against the fugitives; they were called rope-dancers; and God was prayed to treat them as the traitor Judas.

When the Saracens began to be fought, not only by swords and faith but by the aid of Jewish money, and with the pomp and circumstance of war, then already Judas had been to the priests.

When the knight or baron bequeathed the thirty Jewish pieces to the monastery Judas was already kissing the Master.

"Judas H. Priest!"

Judas Maccabaeus, the Jewish hero, who freed his country from the tyranny of Antiochus Epiphanes.

Recollect how his Judas kiss betrayed Somerset.

"Judas Iscariot!

"Where are we?" "Judas Priest!

Judas Priest!" I was filled with joy at the sight of D'ri, and put my arms about him and lifted him off his feet, and, faith!

"Judas Priest!" said D'ri.

655 examples of  judas  in sentences