86 examples of jugurtha in sentences

Hercules, Romulus, Alexander (by Olympia's confession), Themistocles, Jugurtha, King Arthur, William the Conqueror, Homer, Demosthenes, P. Lumbard, P. Comestor, Bartholus, Adrian the fourth Pope, &c., bastards; and almost in every kingdom, the most ancient families have been at first princes' bastards: their worthiest captains, best wits, greatest scholars, bravest spirits in all our annals, have been base.

Jugurtha also sent envoys with plenty of money, to be given first to his old comrades, and then to men likely to be useful.

[Sidenote: Jugurtha bribes the commissioners.

This man, whom Cicero extols as a most excellent citizen, had opposed Jugurtha at Rome but being in consequence treated by the king in Numidia with marked deference, joined the majority of his colleagues in swallowing the bribes offered to them.

[Sidenote: Jugurtha assails Adherbal, who appeals to the Senate.]

[Sidenote: A second commission, hoaxed or bribed by Jugurtha.]

Jugurtha came to them, and said that his merits had won Scipio's approval, and that, conscious of right, he could not submit to wrong; he then gravely charged Adherbal with plotting against his life, and promised to send ambassadors to Rome.

After these and similar home-thrusts, he called upon the people to insist on Jugurtha being brought to Rome, for so they would test the reality of his surrender.

The praetor Cassius was sent to bring Jugurtha under a promise of safe-conduct.

Jugurtha hesitated.

Jugurtha was fast becoming the national hero instead of the chief of a faction, and might have even then dreamt of defying Rome.

[Sidenote: Jugurtha comes to Rome, and bribes the tribune Baebius.]

The soldiers threw away their arms, and next day Jugurtha forced Aulus to agree to go under the yoke, to make peace, and, perhaps, in mockery of the Senate's treatment of the Numidian envoys, to leave Numidia in ten days.

Another tribune now stepped forward to impeach all, whether soldiers or civilians, who had assisted Jugurtha to the prejudice of the State.

[Sidenote: Banishment of Romans who had taken Jugurtha's bribes.]

The state of society could not be more succinctly summed up than in the words with which Jugurtha quitted Rome.

Jugurtha's plan was masterly, but it had failed.

[Sidenote: Jugurtha keeps up a guerilla warfare.]

At last they came to Zama; and, while Metellus was attempting to storm the town, Jugurtha surprised his camp.

That traitor urged Jugurtha to surrender, and the king gave up his elephants, the deserters, and a large sum of money.

Jugurtha's cause even now was not hopeless.

[Sidenote: Attempts of Jugurtha to surprise his march.]

The artisans of the city and the country class from which he sprang thronged to hear him abuse Metellus, and boast how soon he would capture or kill Jugurtha, and he was triumphantly elected consul for the year 107.

Marius fumed at the credit gained by these aristocrats; and when Bocchus dedicated on the Capitol a representation of Sulla receiving Jugurtha's surrender, he could not conceal his wrath.

Somewhere close to this place are shewn the ruins of the Mamertine prison where Jugurtha was incarcerated and died.

86 examples of  jugurtha  in sentences