128 examples of juke in sentences


For a short time at Oxford he had given the Church a trial, even felt real admiration for it, under the influence of his friend Juke, and after hearing sermons from Father Waggett, Dr. Dearmer, and Canon Adderley.

Juke had a look at once languid and amused, a well-shaped, smooth brown head, blunt features, the introspective, wide-set eyes of the mystic, and the sweet, flexible voice of the actor (his mother had, in fact, been a well-known actress of the eighties).

Their landlady, said Juke, on Sunday, had looked coldly on him when he went out with his fishing rod in the morning.

This would not have been Potterism, but merely a respectable bigotry, had the lady had genuine conscientious scruples as to this use of Sunday morning by the clergy, but Juke had ascertained tactfully that she had no conscientious scruples about anything at all.

The Pharisees were Potterites....' The others listened to Juke on religious Potterism tolerantly.

None of them (with the doubtful exception of Johnny, who had not entirely made up his mind) believed in religion; they were quite prepared to agree that most of its current forms were soaked in Potterism, but they could not be expected to care, as Juke did.

And Gideon, because he was the cleverest, found out the most; and Katherine, because she was the next cleverest, saw all that Gideon found out; and Juke, because he was religious, was for ever getting on to Potterism its cure, before they had analysed the disease; and the twins enjoyed life in their usual serene way, and found it very entertaining to be Potters inquiring into Potterism.

A certain amount, said Juke, is part of the make-up of very nearly every human being; it has to be fought down, like the notorious ape and tiger.

He made Juke, who was an Englishman and an Etonian, and had more of both, uncomfortable sometimes.

Juke also was now, painful to him though it was to be so, in agreement with the Potter press.

'Juke's going,' he said. '

It might, he said to Juke, be a capitalists' war or any one else's; the important thing was not whose war it was but who was going to win it.

I'd rather say, like the Daily Mail, that we're fighting to capture the Hun's trade; that's a lie, but at least it isn't cant.' 'Let them talk,' said Juke lazily.

That friend of yours, Juke, hasn't a leg to stand on; he's merely in revolt.' 'Oh, old Juke always is, of course.

That friend of yours, Juke, hasn't a leg to stand on; he's merely in revolt.' 'Oh, old Juke always is, of course.

He really did, Mr. Juke.

I suppose you'll despise me, Mr. Juke, but I just couldn't help going on loving him.

What is one to do about it? PART VI: TOLD BY R.M. CHAPTER I THE END OF A POTTER MELODRAMA 1 While Clare talked to Juke in the vestry, Jane talked to her parents at Potter's Bar.

You had the same feeling with Katherine that you had sometimes with Juke, of being analysed and understood all through.

And there was Juke, with his white, amused face and heavy-lidded eyes that seemed always to see a long way, and Katherine Varick talking to a naval officer about periscopes (Jane kept in with some of the Admiralty), and Peacock, with whom Gideon had quarrelled two hours ago at the Fact office, and who was now in the middle of a group of writing young men, as usual.

The Juke box spoke and the juke box said; newspaperman.

The Juke box spoke and the juke box said; newspaperman.


CORN OFF THE COB Corn is frequently cut from the cob after it is cooked and served in milk or butter; but by this method much of the flavor and juke of the corn itself is wasted; It is better to cut the corn from the cob before cooking.

128 examples of  juke  in sentences