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8894 example sentences with  jump

8894 example sentences with jump

The frog that after falling into the churn found that it couldn't jump out and wouldn't try, was drowned.

A screechy fife, a bass drum's beat Is wonderful music to marching feet; A scratchy fiddle or banjo's thump May tickle the toes till they want to jump.

With a jump like that of a dog released from the leash, the motor cycle seemed to spring forward.

"And when I found I couldn't stop him, and knew we were headed for the broken bridgewell, I wanted to jump out, but I didn't dare.

"Besides, I've been on the jump too much to allow an ordinary bird the chance.

But what's that you're reading; and what do you mean about being on the jump?

"Let's go down and see how they're coming on with the new bridge, where the horse tried to jump over the ravine," suggested Blake, and, a little later they were speeding in that direction.

"You hear Alcando and someone else talking about a machine, and you at once jump to the conclusion that it's a camera."

"Will we really have to jump overboard?" asked the Spaniard.

He was waiting for me, and scarce giving my horse time to recover his stride after the jump, he came rushing at me, every bristle erect, with a vicious grunt of spite and rage.

Up jump Geoffrey!

Up jump Owen!!

Then up jump Phyllis!!!

He was dressing himself; I did put in my head; he did jump out of the other window and I stood there wondering.

Promotions come with a hop, skip, and jump, in these times, when demerit resigns and merit stands ready to step to the front.

He tore off their choking collars and binding coats, and invented a uniform which, though too flashy and conspicuous for actual service, was very bright and dashing for holiday occasions, and left the wearer perfectly free to fight, strike, kick, jump, or run.

"I should think he would be just the kind to jump at the opportunity."

He could jump higher and farther, and he could run faster, than any of his fellows; and there was no one, far or near, who could lay him on his back.

All this was seen at a glance, and almost at once I concluded that I could not jump the crevass and began to try along the cliff lower down, but without success, for the ice rose higher and higher until at last farther progress was stopt by the cliffs becoming perfectly smooth.

With an ax it would have been possible to cut up the side of the icewithout one, I saw there was no alternative but to return and face the jump.

If the jump should be successful, well; if not, I fell into the horrible chasm, to be frozen in, or drowned in that gurgling, rushing water.

Everything depended on that jump.

" "Jarvis, you old bogie-man, hiding in the dark, to jump out and say 'Boo!'

Jump into that boat" (for the boats had by this time pulled round the headland), "and you, my lads, make way for the factor in the stern-sheetshe shall be the first man this day that shall strike the fish."

Erle Stanley Gardner (A); 31Dec59; R249387. One jump ahead.

Elenor Hosta Lawson (W); 28Mar67; R406604. Jump whenever the financier pulls the string.

R58448, 7Feb50, Edna St. Vincent Millay (A) I SAW THE RACER COMING TO THE JUMP ...

Hop, skip, and jump.

Johnny jump up.

Why I. S. Cobb didn't jump in the river.

Why I. S. Cobb didn't jump in the river.

Why I. S. Cobb didn't jump in the river.

Why I. S. Cobb didn't jump in the river.

Rob was a-fraid that Jack was go-ing to be drowned and was just a-bout to jump in af-ter him, when one of the mill hands held him fast.

The child who had been given the name "green-eyes" was supposed to jump up and snatch the pie tin before Billy had finished counting to ten.

The writer makes a jump to the year 1209, when Carcassonne, then forming part of the realm of the viscounts of Bรฉziers and infected by the Albigensian heresy, was besieged, in the name of the Pope, by the terrible Simon de Montfort and his army of crusaders.

yelled Bob, thinking the man was going to Jump overboard and swim ashore.

Then the commander, carrying a few of his possessions and with a last look around his beloved ship, made the same jump and was in his gig.

But if they knew how to manage us in the right way, believe me, they would accustom our good nature to everything, and Michel, your neighbor's tom-cat, would even at times be pleased to jump through a hoop for the king.

And then jump into the water here GOTTLIEB.

She tried to jump up when she saw him, and not being able, leaned on one elbow, half-crying as she laughed.

I now jump to another topic; I find all this letter will be detached scraps; I can't at all contrive to hide the seams: but I don't care.

It occurred to me that the distance across this cove was too far for accurate shooting, but it never occurred to me to jump on my horse and ride around the head of the cove.

I could make one jump at even a thousand yards.

He jump off few stepsstick up his earslook at horse all same like he thought him deer too.

I knocked him down again and this time he began to kick and jump down the slope.

In bad places Stockings braced his forefeet, sat on his haunches, and slid, sometimes making me jump to get out of his way.

Carefully and steadily she went along, selecting a place before putting down a foot, and when she came to the narrow ledge leaned gently on the rope, never making a sudden start or jump, but cautiously as a cat moved slowly along.

For there are few men who can aver, with perfect accuracy, that they have never added a foot or two to their longest shot, or to the highest jump of their favourite horse, and have never, in short, exaggerated a difficulty in order to increase the triumph of overcoming it.

And you'll jump at the job as a joy, not a task!

Now jump in here and come along; I've got a little matter that may be of interest."

J-type (jump) and I-type (immediate) instructions are fully given by op.

JUMP, and with Nakayama Yuma from B.I.Shadow. They provided the theme music for the women's volleyball World Grand Prix 2009.

Jumpers try to get as close to the foul line as legally possible before initiating their jump.

Jumping spiders can jump long distances for their size, as much as 16 cm. citation p11 When they jump, they use their hind legs.

Jumping spiders can jump long distances for their size, as much as 16 cm. citation p11 When they jump, they use their hind legs.

One day, they get a request from the Galactic Police to respond to a pirate attack on Jack Station, and they jump at the chance.

One of these is the decathlon, which includes two short-distance races, a mile run, a hurdles race, javelin, discus, shot-put, high jump and pole vault.

Pumas stalk their prey, which means they walk slowly and quietly, they hide and then when close, they jump or run fast to catch their prey by surprise.

Red-eyed tree frog tadpoles can jump out of the water to catch flying insects.

Tarsiers can catch prey like birds even if they are in motion as the tarsiers jump from tree to tree to catch their prey.

The move is similar to the spinning heel kick but the wrestler does not jump off of the ground which makes it a leg lariat of some sorts.

This and the previous OVA were later released on DVD in Australia under the title Naruto Jump Festa Collection.

This caused the water to jump up when the engines were powered up just before the crash.

This causes electricity to jump the gap, making a spark which ignites fuel.

To prevent injury, dachshunds should not climb stairs or jump unless they really have to.

Whether or not the jump alienated fans or gained more viewers is unknown, but it was an interesting move nonetheless.

White hoops appear around the arena, and players must jump or dive through them to earn points for their team.

He also challenged and defeated racehorses although as he revealed later, the trick was to race a high-strung thoroughbred horse that would be frightened by the starter's pistol and give him a good jump.

His second jump of 18.29 m made him the first to jump 60 feet.

His second jump of 18.29 m made him the first to jump 60 feet.

After hitting a pair of free throws, he threw down a dunk on a breakaway and then hit a long jump shot for six straight points.

After initially breaking it off, Annie messages him and says she's missing him, inspiring Phil to walk out on a lady, grab flowers and jump on a train.

After one season at CWU, Bills is taking over as the offensive coordinator for Dixie State University, a program that will be making the jump from Division II to Division I-FCS next fall.

Before we jump into that, let's look at what took place last week.

Before we jump into vertical leader development and how to engage in it, letโ€™s begin with an area of study most of us are now familiar with โ€“ neuroscience.

Before we jump off what can fans expect from your mixtape when it drops?

But a 45 per cent jump in commercial break-and-enters was perfectly predictable.

But after Quanesha Banks won her first American championship in the long jump Saturday, she walked across the track and then qualified for the 60-meter finals.

But apart from a one-day, 6-percent jump on May 5 when 104 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed, the numbers of new cases found have not jumped significantly day to day.

But assuming this new film will adapt all of the events of the arc, a second season of the series will jump right into the next set of intense battles with new foes stronger than the last.

But Pizza Hutโ€™s U.S. sales grew just 1% in the April-June period; rival Dominoโ€™s Pizza, which has smaller, carryout-focused stores, posted a 20% jump in U.S. sales.

The epidemic spread through the country throughout the fall until the excess deaths leveled off in mid-December and then seemed to jump slightly later in the winter.

The episode wades through a dream and memory landscape, and the timelines jump without an explanation.

โ€œThey have proven that success rates can jump as high as 80 per cent when youโ€™re using a nesting structure, as opposed to anywhere from zero to 10 percent as the average without any kind of nesting structures.โ€

This followed the US reporting its biggest jump in new cases in five days, including nearly 20 states reporting single day increases of more than 1,000 infections."

This game was announced in the hit Japanese shounen manga magazine Jump in an upcoming issue.

When the host accosted them, they asked him to hold his ears and jump in a squatting position repeatedly, a punishment colloquially known as โ€˜frog jumpโ€™ โ€“ Punch.

When the host accosted them, they asked him to hold his ears and jump in a squatting position repeatedly, a punishment colloquially known as โ€˜frog jumpโ€™ โ€“ Punch.

When they jump to humans, initially the viruses are ill-adapted to their human hosts.

"When you jump, you fly," Frankel said about her decision to leave after season 11. "I left a big financial paycheck there, but I knew that something amazing was going to happen and that the journey was just going to take me in a great place.

Friday saw Ryan top an 11-horse jump-off to win the $10,000 Vermont Bird Place Open Welcome Stake, Presented by Manchester Designer Outlets, riding No Worries for owner and breeder Barbara Rowland.

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Ginnie wanted some food too but would not jump off the nest box to the metal platform.

โ€œHaving to jump through a bunch of hoops to be โ€˜qualifiedโ€™ before they can start undertaking R&D is a disincentive,โ€ the member wrote.

He always said, โ€˜The train is passing by, jump on,โ€™โ€ says Pellerin in her rapid delivery, stopping occasionally to chat with a machinist or to check in with a technician.

I'd have to be pretty thirsty to jump in that water just for a drink.

An approximation method for jump diffusion processes, which is based on Markov chains, is used to model molecular propagation in such scenarios.

If the jump feature is active, typing '' will produce a prompt where you may enter the shortcut name.

Suddenly a polite cough made Ellie jump and a deep voice said, โ€œExcuse me, Princess Aurelia.โ€