5919 examples of jump in sentences

TOBY-DOG Once in a while, squatting down, She eagerly scratches the earth, toils and sweats over it; then I jump 'round her, delighted to see her at something so useful and so familiar.

Watch me jump and arch my neck like a little horse and try to catch my stubby tail.

If you jump down from that table don't land with a big thump.

A vertical jump, with aerial danse du ventre!

One jump ahead.

Johnny jump up.

R58448, 7Feb50, Edna St. Vincent Millay (A) I SAW THE RACER COMING TO THE JUMP ...

I saw the racer coming to the jump ... R61279.

"I don't see it," said Tommy, and the silence that followed should have been unpleasant to him; but he went on calmly: "Doubtless it was a mere impulse that made him jump into the pool, and impulse is not courage."

It seems to have the power of moving very quickly on a tree; sometimes holding tight with its fore feet, and bringing its hind feet up together with a jump; at other times climbing ordinarily.

In some old writers there are accounts of the leopard being taken in trap, by means of a mirror, which, when the animal jump against it, brings a door down upon him.

Then the princess asked "If I mount you, will you jump over all these horses and this wall and escape?"

The princess said "That is my look-out: it is settled that on the day I want you you will jump over the wall and escape."

Mr. Sellers here resumed and completed the reading of his minutes, as follows: The experiment attempted on the second day, of causing a slate pencil to jump from a slate without any disturbance of the slate, was here repeated.

I would write to him now, but I am afraid he would jump in and correct abuses too quickly.

Mr. Duckett and a waterman were waiting for them at the stairs, and, barely giving them time to jump in, pushed off and pulled with rapid strokes to the schooner.

"Gracious!" exclaimed Jim Travers, "he's going to jump up here and eat us up!

"I'd load up again, but the powder and bullets are down-stairs, and before I could do it he'd be on us, if he means to jump into this window.

exclaimed Jim angrily; "who ever heard of such a thing?" "Well, he looked as though he wanted to laugh, and then trotted down the road; I seen him jump over the fence and make for the woods.

The most interesting character in this game was a black boy called Jacob (Peter's lieutenant), who made things lively for us by always keeping one eye opena wise precaution to guard himself from danger, and to keep us on the jump.

If you should tell me to go to the top of the church steeple and jump off, I would readily do it, if thereby I could save my soul; but I do not know how to go to Jesus.

" "Very well, then; jump in.

He rode himself, too, as much as he could; but he was obliged to jump off very frequently, to keep the oxen in a right direction.

the day before we started the General hadn't a squad under his orders; but when Schuyler called for volunteers, and his brigadiers began to raise hell at the idea of weakening the army to help Stanwix, Arnold came out of his fit of sulks on the jump!

Go on de run an' come back on de jump.

5919 examples of  jump  in sentences
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