5919 examples of jump in sentences

It is one of the hop-step-and-a-jump tours that your fashionable folks make for making acquaintances and then making books.

Mark how they jump: critics would regulate Our theatres, and Whigs reform our state: Both pretend love, and both (plague rot them!) hate.

His and the next pony got across, but the third made a jump at the edge and sank to its stomach in the middle.

He held his Grandma's hand quite tight, as he went with her along the hall, and felt disposed to ask her not to go further, when they got to the first landing; but then, remembering that Harry had expressed a wish to see them, he thought it would be selfish and cruel to refuse; and so he walked on bravely, though his little heart went pit-a-pat, and sometimes seemed about to jump into his throat!

Now, then, jump on, two of you!

"Jump down on the ice, boys, and search for footprints.

"Jump down below, Fred, and fetch my rifle and sword; there are the natives!"

Jump on the sledge, Grim and Buzzby; O'Riley, you go too.

Away with you, Meetuck.Look after Awatok, Grim; O'Riley will see that Aninga does not jump off.

The pinnacle on which Blunderbore stood was so low that the Big Bear, by standing up on its hind legs, could just scratch his toes, which caused the giant to jump about continually; but the sides of the iceberg were so smooth that the bears could not climb up it.

"Let's have leap-frog," shouted Davie; "we can jump along as well as walk along.

Hop-step-and-jump raised the animal thermometer considerably, and the standing leap, running leap, and high leap sent it up many degrees.

This would jump with Mr. White's often-recurring suggestion of the Elizabethanism of our provincial dialect.

A long reflective pause, then: "ButDoryWell, my advice is to think it over before you jump clear in.

One jump ahead.

Azuma-zi from behind the engine saw him jump off and curse at the peccant coil.

I went up the companion again, and as my eyes came up flush with the deck, a thundering great crab gave a kind of hysterical jump and went scuttling off sideways.

But, before you do that, jump into your clothes and open the door.

"'Wait till I jump under the shower,' says Jerry, 'and I'll be with you again.

Mourn for him, and then when find him jump into the cold river to save him.

The writer makes a jump to the year 1209, when Carcassonne, then forming part of the realm of the viscounts of Béziers and infected by the Albigensian heresy, was besieged, in the name of the Pope, by the terrible Simon de Montfort and his army of crusaders.

"I don't see it," said Tommy, and the silence that followed should have been unpleasant to him; but he went on calmly: "Doubtless it was a mere impulse that made him jump into the pool, and impulse is not courage."

And you'll jump at the job as a joy, not a task!

Now jump in here and come along; I've got a little matter that may be of interest.

"You must face the jump.

5919 examples of  jump  in sentences