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49 examples of  june's  in sentences

49 examples of june's in sentences

Why aren't we going with him tomorrow?' 'Surely June's just the nice time in London, Bruce,' said Vincy, in his demure voice.

My hen's rich nest through long grass scarce espied; The cowslip-gathering in June's dewy prime; The swans that with white chests upreared in pride 215 Rushing and racing came to meet me at the water-side!

The cowslip-gathering in June's dewy prime; 1820.

During the rest of the meal Carolyn June's eyes looked frequently and curiously at the unused plate at her right.

" A ripple of laughter came from Carolyn June's room.

Carolyn June's own feet were in the sand.

The strain drew on Carolyn June's arms till it seemed they would be pulled from the sockets.

"Carolyn June's all wet

Ophelia cried, shuddering when she heard of Carolyn June's narrow escape from the quicksand.

When Parker and the cowboys reappeared at the house it was plain that all had disobeyed Carolyn June's injunction not to "dress up."

Carolyn June's proposal had broken up Old Heck's evening alone with the widow.

Carolyn June's words, spoken of the Gold Dust maverick: "It would be fun to see her run!" and uttered lightly and in a spirit of coquetry that morning when she teased him to enter the outlaw filly in the race against the Thunderbolt horse from the Vermejo, came to his mind.

In the heart of each was a thrill, caused by the memory of some secretor what he thought was a secretmanifestation of Carolyn June's interest.

In addition to Carolyn June's seductive advances he had the memory, also, of Ophelia's attentions.

Carolyn June's sole accomplishment in the art of preparing food was the making of coffee-jelly.

Carolyn June's eyes moistened and she felt a thrill of pride.

Parked next to the Clagstone "Six" was a handsome touring car, occupied by a party consisting of a girl about Carolyn June's own age, a woman a few years older and a couple of immaculately dressed young men who wore flaring brimmed black felt hats that contrasted absurdly with their expensively tailored suits.

Before any of the others could speak Carolyn June's eyes blazed with sudden wrath.

Old Heck chuckled with delight at Carolyn June's show of temper.

A groan went up from the crowd in the grandstand and Carolyn June's cheeks paled with horrorit looked as if one horn of the creature had pierced Charley's breast.

You boys go look for him; I'll, keep my eyes open here!" As Old Heck said "dirty" the picture of Mike Sabota flashed into Carolyn June's mind.

He saw the agony in Carolyn June's eyes and started to speak.

Carolyn June's face was as white as marble.

His fingers gripped Carolyn June's hand an instant and then relaxed.

"It's all right," was the laughing rejoinder, "IIwanted to say it myself!" Carolyn June's eyes glowed.

While we all thought he'd gone to pieces and was drunk!" Carolyn June's cheeks suddenly turned pale.

In the shed at the side of the corral, on the spot where, that first morning, the Ramblin' Kid's saddle had rested and the cowboy slept, Carolyn June's own riding gear was lying.

" His face grew thoughtful, then the rogue Lisped out: "Well, this is most in vogue: An acorn-cup of sugar first, Sprinkle quite well with bubbles burst, Then add a pinch of down that lies All over June's brown butterflies.

Then I come back to Arkansas I got with Mr. June's son and I been here since.

Imagine the pleasure of plunging at will into June's leafy copses of hazel and lime, Of scudding through acres of grasses knee-high, and of snuffing the fragrance of clover and thyme.

Six little Bunkers at Mammy June's. R57517.

AT MAMMY JUNE'S, by Laura Lee Hope.

June's first lame duck.

June's first lame duck.

June's first lame duck.

June's first lame duck.

Six little Bunkers at Mammy June's. R57517.

AT MAMMY JUNE'S, by Laura Lee Hope.

June's first lame duck.

June's first lame duck.

June's first lame duck.

June's first lame duck.

Ask of the winter rain June's withered rose again: Ask grace of the salt sea: She will not answer thee.

What was the secret of Jenny June's charm and power?

Jenny June's recognition of this vital truth brought her into sympathy with a world-wide movement.

Jenny June's eminent distinction was that she was a leader in this movement.

What possesses the weather to start in like this, before June's half over?

Ez ef to sell all Natur' by vendoo; One word with blood in 't's twice ez good ez two: 'Nuff sed, June's bridesman, poet o' the year, Gladness on wings, the bobolink, is here; Half-hid in tip-top apple-blooms he swings, Or climbs aginst the breeze with quiverin' wings, Or, givin' way to 't in a mock despair, Runs down, a brook o' laughter, thru the air.

The empty ruins, lapsed again Into Nature's wide domain, Sow themselves with seed and grain As Day and Night and Day go by; And hoard June's sun and April's rain.