5 examples of jupiters in sentences

Reams of the Carleton papers are covered with descriptive lists of claimed and counter-claimed niggersJulius Caesars, Jupiters, Venuses, Dianas, and so on, who were either 'stout wenches' and 'likely fellows' or 'incurably lazy' and 'old worn-outs.'

Hesiod reckons up at least 30,000 gods, Varro 300 Jupiters.

"We can't all be Jupiters, Remsen," answered Joel calmly.

"What are the Jupiters and Junos of the heathens to such a God?"Burgh's Dignity, i, 234.

When we are at School it is necessary for us to be acquainted with the System of Pagan Theology, and may be allowed to enliven a Theme, or point an Epigram with an Heathen God; but when we would write a manly Panegyrick, that should carry in it all the Colours of Truth, nothing can be more ridiculous than to have recourse to our Jupiters and Junos.

5 examples of  jupiters  in sentences