97 examples of jutland in sentences

"Yes, Fritzie got it at Jutland; but these new mark gadgets are top-hole.

(3) The improvement of the arrangements made, after our experience in the Jutland action, for preventing the flash of exploding shell from being communicated to the magazines.

With our older pattern of shell, as used by the Fleet at Jutland and in earlier actions, there was no chance of the burst of the shell, when fired at battle range, taking place inboard, after penetrating the side armour of modern German capital ships, in such a position that the fragments might be expected to reach and explode the magazines.

We had pressed for a shell of this nature as the result of our experience during the Jutland action, and it was badly wanted.

We had experienced the need for an efficient Star Shell both in the Grand Fleet and in southern waters, and after the Jutland action the attention of the Admiralty had been drawn by me to the efficiency of the German shell of this type.

Important experiments were carried out in 1917 on board H.M.S. Vengeance to test the Anti-flash arrangements with which the Fleet had been equipped as the result of certain of our ships being blown up in the Jutland action.

AEfeldan are, as King Alfred calls them, Wolds or Wilds; as there still are in the middle of Jutland, large high moors, covered only with heath.

That is, both inhabiting North Jutland and the islands of Funen, Zeeland, Langland, Laland, and Falster.

It was a story of the battle of Jutland.

Without giving military aid could you recover Schleswig and Holstein, and even Jutland from the Austrian and Prussian forces?

Men praised his name in whatever realm they talked of gallant deedsIreland, Norway, and Wales, yea, from Jutland even to Albania.

At last the long vigil in the North Sea has ended in the glorious if indecisive battle of Jutland, the greatest sea fight since Trafalgar.

Within a week of Jutland the Empire has been stirred to its depths by the tragic death of Lord Kitchener in the Hampshire, blown up by a mine off the Shetlands on her voyage to Archangel.

On the day of the battle of Jutland these critics had moved the Prime Minister to declare that Lord Kitchener was personally entitled to the credit for the amazing expansion of the army.

The Battle of Jutland.

The riddle of Jutland, by Langhorne Gibson & J. E. T. Harper.

James Eric Hossack (NK); 13Mar62; R292039. HARPER, J. E. T. The riddle of Jutland.

CATTEGAT, an arm of the sea, 150 m. in length and 84 of greatest width, between Sweden and Jutland; a highway into the Baltic, all but blocked up with islands; is dangerous to shipping on account of the storms that infest it at times.

FÜNEN (221), the second in size of the Danish islands, separated from Zealand on the E. by the Great Belt and from Jutland on the W. by the Little Belt; is flat except on S. and W., fertile, well cultivated, and yields crops of cereals.

JUTLAND, at the mouth of the Baltic Sea, is the only European peninsula that stretches northward; it comprises the continental portion of the kingdom of Denmark.

If Germany should be at war, munitions of war might be run in with practically no hindrance through the neutral harbors of Jutland.

[Footnote 4: That was the beginning of the Slesvig-Holstein question that troubled Europe to our day; for the fashion set by Abel other rulers of his dukedom followed, and by degrees Slesvig came to be reckoned with the German duchies, whereas up till then it had always been South-Jutland, a part of Denmark proper.]

Next the wild hordes of the Holstein counts overran Jutland.

There is hardly a farm in all west Jutland to-day that has not one, even if the moor waits just beyond the gate.

While the population in the rest of Denmark is about stationary, in west Jutland it grows apace.

97 examples of  jutland  in sentences