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104 example sentences with  jutland

104 example sentences with jutland

They could come along here without any trouble, or they could make the effort farther north, say near Jutland."

We know that on the night of May 31which is tomorrowour fleet will strike the British off Jutland."

The main portion of the fleet lies to the south and will be unable to reach Jutland in time to save the portion of the British fleet there from destruction.

"The German high sea fleet, in almost full strength, will attack our patrol squadron in the Skagerak, off Jutland, tonight!"

The message read as follows: "German high sea fleet to attack off Jutland tonight.

Indefatigable, Defense and Black Prince also steaming for Jutland to lend a hand.

"Shape your course for Jutland proper," ordered Captain Raleigh.

Orders have been sent to the three ships off Jutland to fall back before the approach of the enemy until we can join them, if they sight the enemy before we arrive.

The German fleet was due off Jutland at almost any moment.

"German battle squadron, steaming at twenty knots, sighted five miles off Jutland, sir!

The scene of the battle was laid off Jutland and Horn Reef, on the southern extremity of Denmark.

From the reef of Heligoland, the main German base in the North Sea, to Jutland, is about one hundred miles as the crow flies.

As the German fleet approached Jutland on the night of May 31, it was shrouded in darkness.

Gathered from various parts of the North Sea, they had steamed toward Jutland, and, arriving there at almost the same time, they had assumed battle formation in the darkness.

CHAPTER XIX ADRIFT The great naval battle of Jutland was over.

But, no matter with which side rested the victory, there was no gainsaying the fact that the battle of Jutland was the greatest naval struggle of all time.

"After your defeat off Jutland you should be willing to cry for peace."

"Naval victory?" "Sure; the battle of Jutland.


CONTENTS No. 1 England's EffortRapid March of EventsThe Work of the NavyA Naval BaseWhat the Navy has doneThe Jutland BattleThe Submarine PerilGerman LiesShipbuildingDisciplined

Who does not remember the shock that went through Englandand the civilised worldwhen the first partial news of the Battle of Jutland reached London, and we were told our own losses, before we knew either the losses of the enemy or the general result of the battle?

"Yes, Fritzie got it at Jutland; but these new mark gadgets are top-hole.

The text of the first British admiralty statement was in part as follows: "On the afternoon of Wednesday, May 31, a naval engagement took place off the coast of Jutland.

Other German sailors, rescued by Scandinavian steamers, described the Teutonic losses in the Jutland battle as colossal.

Bodies of both British and German sailors were washed ashore on the coast of Jutland.

Survivors who arrived at Edinburgh on June 5 from British destroyers which made a massed attack on a German battleship in the battle off Jutland, were convinced that they sent to the bottom the dreadnaught Hindenburg, the pride of the German navy.

Admiral Sir John Jellicoe was appointed First Sea Lord of the Admiralty, being succeeded in command of the grand fleet of Britain by Admiral Sir David Beatty, who commanded the British battle-cruiser fleet in the battle of Jutland.

In one of the smallest towns of Jutland served as maid in a plain burgher's house a poor girl of the Mosaic faith; this was Sarah.

The Battle of Jutland having been fought in the previous year, any future movement of the High Sea Fleet into the North Sea would probably be merely with the object of drawing our capital ships into prepared areas so as to bring about a process of attrition by mines and torpedoes.

(3) The improvement of the arrangements made, after our experience in the Jutland action, for preventing the flash of exploding shell from being communicated to the magazines.

With our older pattern of shell, as used by the Fleet at Jutland and in earlier actions, there was no chance of the burst of the shell, when fired at battle range, taking place inboard, after penetrating the side armour of modern German capital ships, in such a position that the fragments might be expected to reach and explode the magazines.

We had pressed for a shell of this nature as the result of our experience during the Jutland action, and it was badly wanted.

We had experienced the need for an efficient Star Shell both in the Grand Fleet and in southern waters, and after the Jutland action the attention of the Admiralty had been drawn by me to the efficiency of the German shell of this type.

Important experiments were carried out in 1917 on board H.M.S. Vengeance to test the Anti-flash arrangements with which the Fleet had been equipped as the result of certain of our ships being blown up in the Jutland action.

On May 25 two copies of my faked Notes were shepherded through to Holland and reached the Germans; on May 31 was fought the Battle of Jutland.

Our guest had commanded a destroyer in the Jutland battle, and assured us that the handling of the German battle squadrons had been masterly.

They had diffused themselves from the northern parts of Germany and the Cimbrian Chersonesus, and had taken possession of all the sea-coast from the mouth of the Rhine to Jutland; whence they had long infested by their piracies all the eastern and southern parts of Britain, and the northern of Gaul

That religion, which had easily made its way among the British Saxons by insinuation and address, appeared shocking to their German brethren, when imposed on them by the violence of Charlemagne, and the more generous and warlike of these pagans had fled northward into Jutland, in order to escape the fury of his persecutions.

Gorm, likewise, about the same time, united the petty states of Jutland and the Danish islands into one kingdom, as Ingiald Illrode had done long before in Sweden.

p. 14, in which Forster endeavours to fix this place at Aarhuus in Jutland.

The late Mr Murray placed Sciringes-heal at Skanor, in the southern extremity of Sweden; but I cannot think that this place could be five days sail from Haethum in Jutland, as it is expressly declared to have been by Ohthere.

3dly, Konga-hella is too near Jutland to have required five days for the voyage between it and Haethum.

As, in the district of Aarhuus in Jutland, there is an extensive track of land called Alheide, which is in fact a heath, I shall take the liberty to suppose, that the town, in the ninth century, lay higher up towards Al-heide, or All-heath; for the town of Aar-huus is new, and its name signifies in English Oar-house.

AEfeldan are, as King Alfred calls them, Wolds or Wilds; as there still are in the middle of Jutland, large high moors, covered only with heath.

That is, both inhabiting North Jutland and the islands of Funen, Zeeland, Langland, Laland, and Falster.

We may still think, therefore, of the first Angles as hook-men, possibly because of their fishing, more probably because the shore where they lived, at the foot of the peninsula of Jutland, was bent in the shape of a fishhook.

The imperial armies had already conquered Holstein and Jutland,provinces that belonged to Sweden.

Cherron[=e]sus, a peninsula of Africa, near Alexandria Cherson[=e]sus Cimbr[=i]ca, a peninsula on the Baltic, now Jutland, part of Holstein, Ditmarsh, and Sleswic Cherusci, a great and warlike people of ancient Germany, between the Elbe and the Weser, about the country now called Mansfield, part of the duchy of Brunswick, and the dioceses of Hildesheim and Halberstadt.

It was a story of the battle of Jutland.

To the north of them in Jutland was the tribe called the Jutes, and to the south of them, in what we now call Holstein and Friesland, dwelt the Saxons.

Other naval cadets were sent to Germany for their training, and Turkish officers were present at the battle of Jutland in June 1916, and of course were decorated by the Emperor in person for their coolness and courage.

Without giving military aid could you recover Schleswig and Holstein, and even Jutland from the Austrian and Prussian forces?

We all remember their entrance into Jutland.

It consists of the peninsula of Jutland, formerly called Cimbria, and several islands in the Baltic.

"Jutland, including Holstein, is about 280 miles long and 80 miles broad; the islands, of various dimensions, are Zealand, Funen, Langland, Laland, Falster, Mona, Femeren, Alsen, &c. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a large, rich, and well-fortified town, situated on the island of Zealand; the population about 100,000."

"The islands west of Jutland which you observe, viz.: Nordstrand, Fera, Sylt, Rom, Fanoe, and others, suffer greatly from the fury of the ocean.

Towards the north of Jutland is an extensive creek of the sea, Lymfiord, which penetrates from the Cattegat, within two or three miles of the German Ocean; it is navigable, full of fish, and contains many islands."

The Sand-Hills of Jutland.

*** The beggar who has been going about telling a pitiful story of being wounded by a trench-mortar during the Jutland battle is now regarded by the police as an impostor.

It is also not inconceivable that England may land troops in Schleswig or Jutland, and try to force Denmark into war with us.

Men praised his name in whatever realm they talked of gallant deedsIreland, Norway, and Wales, yea, from Jutland even to Albania.

[Illustration: THE LOST CHIEF In Memory of Field-Marshal Earl Kitchener, Maker of Armies] Within a week of Jutland the Empire has been stirred to its depths by the tragic death of Lord Kitchener in the Hampshire, blown up by a mine off the Shetlands on her voyage to Archangel.

On the day of the battle of Jutland these critics had moved the Prime Minister to declare that Lord Kitchener was personally entitled to the credit for the amazing expansion of the army.

THE JUTLAND SCANDAL by Admiral Sir Reginald Bacon Daily News."...

a concise exposition of the tactics at Jutland and a stinging rebuke to those who accuse of having missed a glorious opportunity through over-caution and lack of fighting spirit.

The riddle of Jutland, by Langhorne Gibson & J. E. T. Harper.

James Eric Hossack (NK); 13Mar62; R292039. HARPER, J. E. T. The riddle of Jutland.

FROST, HOLLOWAY H. The Battle of Jutland.

The Battle of Jutland.

The riddle of Jutland, by Langhorne Gibson & J. E. T. Harper.

James Eric Hossack (NK); 13Mar62; R292039. HARPER, J. E. T. The riddle of Jutland.

The Battle of Jutland.

They came from afar, northward, from the Cimbrian peninsula, nowadays Jutland, and from the countries bordering on the Baltic which nowadays form the duchies of Holstein and Schleswig.

Thirty pages further on there is a note by J. Reinhold Forster, the naturalist and navigator, who wrote it for Barrington in full confidence that the translation was correct:"The ร†feldan," he says, "are, as king Alfred calls them, wolds; there are at present in the middle part of Jutland, large tracts of high moors, covered with heath only.

The more warlike of the Pagans flying into Jutland, from whence the Saxons had issued forth, were received with kindness, and furnished with the means of punishing their persecutor, by harassing his coasts.

AALBORG (19), a trading town on the Liimfiord, in the N. of Jutland.

AARHUUS (33), a port on the E. of Jutland, with a considerable export and import trade, and a fine old Gothic cathedral.

BELSHAZZAR, the last Chaldean king of Babylon, slain, according to the Scripture account, at the capture of the city by Cyrus in 538 B.C. BELT, GREAT and LITTLE, gateways of the Baltic: the Great between Zealand and Fรผnen, 15 m. broad; the Little, between Fรผnen and Jutland, half as broad; both 70 m. long, the former of great depth.

CATTEGAT, an arm of the sea, 150 m. in length and 84 of greatest width, between Sweden and Jutland; a highway into the Baltic, all but blocked up with islands; is dangerous to shipping on account of the storms that infest it at times.

CHERSONE`SUS (i. e. continent island), a name which the Greeks gave to several peninsulas, viz., the Tauric C., the Crimea, the Thracian C., Gallipoli; the Cimbric C., Jutland; the Golden C., the Malay Peninsula.

DOGGER BANK, a sandbank in the North Sea; a great fishing-field, extending between Jutland in Denmark and Yorkshire in England, though distant from both shores, 170 m. long, over 60 m. broad, and from 8 to 10 fathoms deep.

FรœNEN (221), the second in size of the Danish islands, separated from Zealand on the E. by the Great Belt and from Jutland on the W. by the Little Belt; is flat except on S. and W., fertile, well cultivated, and yields crops of cereals.

JUTLAND, at the mouth of the Baltic Sea, is the only European peninsula that stretches northward; it comprises the continental portion of the kingdom of Denmark.

WORSAAE, JANS JACOB, eminent Danish archรฆologist, born in Jutland; has written on the antiquities of the North, specially in a Scandinavian reference (1821-1885).

Their superiority in number and discipline ensured success in the military operations; the Danes evacuated their first position at the Dannewirk; the German troops occupied the whole of Schleswig, then after some further delay advanced into Jutland, and finally began the siege of the strong fortification of the Dรผppel.

We were supplied with a similar volume on the "Great German naval victory of Jutland."

But Verdun and Jutland faded in succeeding months before the terrible first-hand evidence that the constant diminution of food made life a struggle day after day and week after week.

If Germany should be at war, munitions of war might be run in with practically no hindrance through the neutral harbors of Jutland.

This was a quest for a new wife named Alfsol, a princess of Jutland, with whom, in spite of his advanced years, he had fallen passionately in love.

[Footnote 4: That was the beginning of the Slesvig-Holstein question that troubled Europe to our day; for the fashion set by Abel other rulers of his dukedom followed, and by degrees Slesvig came to be reckoned with the German duchies, whereas up till then it had always been South-Jutland, a part of Denmark proper.]

Next the wild hordes of the Holstein counts overran Jutland.

There is hardly a farm in all west Jutland to-day that has not one, even if the moor waits just beyond the gate.

While the population in the rest of Denmark is about stationary, in west Jutland it grows apace.

Aalborg is in Northern Jutland, near the Limfjord.

She was part of the Battle of Jutland, and in the fight she hit another German ship and made it sink.

The police were forced to close off some roads in Mors, northwest Jutland, on December 30 after a wind turbine went rogue.

At Jutland and the Denmark Strait, they were deployed like capital ships, where they proved too fragile (though for an alternate view, see ).

Vanguard served with the Grand Fleet for most of the war, surviving Jutland and several other less consequential actions.

It is similar in overall design to Bjernede on Zeeland and Thorsager in Jutland and they differ from the four more famous round churches on Bornholm in having five pillars in the round room instead of only one central one.

With its approximately 200,000 inhabitants, it is the fourth largest city in Denmark and the capital of region of northern Jutland, which has more than 600,000 inhabitants and thereby is the third largest region in Denmark.