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166 examples of  kaiser's  in sentences

166 examples of kaiser's in sentences

Thus he was obliged on December 11, in his final manifesto, to announce not only the Kaiser's trial and that of all those responsible for atrocities, but to promise the most extensive kind of indemnity from Germany and the compensation of all who had suffered by the War.

A few months after the Turks entered the war it was obvious that unaided they could never realise the Kaiser's hope of cutting the Suez Canal communications of the British Empire.

On the Kaiser's birthday, military bands played everywhere.

I had crossed the Atlantic with Prince Henry, the Kaiser's brother and Admiral of the German Navy, in February, 1901, when the Prince brought his party of a dozen or so militarists to this country to "further cement the amity and good will" existing between the great republic and the great empire.

They were up against two of the Kaiser's redoubtable divisions, the Two Hundredth Jaegers and the Two Hundred and Sixteenth reserve division.

The army of the little State was quickly mobilized for defense and its operations, while ineffectual in stopping the Kaiser's irresistible force, delayed its advance for three invaluable weeks, giving time for the complete mobilization of the French and for the landing of a British expeditionary force to co-operate with the latter in resisting the German approach to Paris.

This town, 16 miles from Ghent, was fired in several places before the Kaiser's troops passed on.

After overwhelming the Belgians the Kaiser's great advance army swept quickly into deadly conflict with the allies.

Losses were frightfully heavy, but the Kaiser's order was "Take Paris!"

Paris prepared for the worst when the Kaiser's conquering army reached La Fรจre, about seventy miles away.

The Germans evacuated a number of towns, after setting them afire, and a considerable part of the Kaiser's eastern field forces was bottled up in military centers.

After capturing Antwerp the Germans pushed on to Ostend, an "open" or unfortified town, and occupied it with slight resistance from the Belgian army, which was reforming its broken ranks to the south, between Ostend and the French frontier, and preparing to contest the passage of the Kaiser's forces across the River Yser.

The lone regiment is the Second Prussian regiment of the guard, the emperor's own, the elite of the Kaiser's army, 2,500 of the brawniest, most disciplined men in the world.

Ten times the shattered remnants of the Kaiser's proud regiment charged, and ten times was thrown back, first against the French, then against the British.

With the Russian armies in full retreat and their double line of fortresses all fallen to the invader, the apparent calm on the Western front continued to be the marvel of the European campaign, as up to September 7 no development on the Western front indicated that any effort was being made to distract the Kaiser's attention from his victorious expedition into the territory of the Czar.

The Allies then became interested in the Kaiser's probable choice of a line of defense for the winter on the northern section of his Russian front.

But while the French were certain that victory would ultimately be theirs, the German papers and people were just as fully persuaded that this finest of the fortresses of France would finally fall before the determined assaults of the Kaiser's army, which no fort had, as yet, stopped.


Unter den Linden, in expectation of the Kaiser's return, was overfilled with excited, waiting throngs.

The Kaiser pointed out to the Czar the gulf between monarchical interests and the outrage at Serajewo; he begged him to give his personal support to the Kaiser's endeavour to smooth out the antithesis between Vienna and St. Petersburg.

Moreover, no less a personage than the Kaiser's brother confirmed this view.

The Leipziger Folkszeitung, second in importance only to the Vorwรคrts nailed down a phrase in the Kaiser's speech from the throne, which stated: "We are inspired by no desire for conquest."

Yet they are absolutely convinced that these same men are immediately transformed into chivalrous knights so soon as they don the Kaiser's uniform.

For reasons easy to understand the reverend gentleman does not introduce the Kaiser's name into his booklet, but in the introduction he remarks: "Finally the refutation of such fairy-tales is a patriotic duty.

In pursuing this end it has suited her purpose to declare all attempts at maintaining the outward appearances of equality between the Powers of Europe to be Machiavellian schemes against her existence; or to cite the Kaiser's own words, "to deprive Germany of her place in the sun.

The same ideals led to her endeavours to shatter the ententes, and it is alone the general acceptance of this gospel, which explains the remarkable unanimity with which the German nation has stood behind the Kaiser's Government in each trial of strength.

"Bill, are you goin' in with me after this pard of the Kaiser's?" inquired Jake, leisurely stretching himself as the car halted.

Why couldn't that soak he got have been on the Kaiser's head?

Whatever his youth or his impelling spirit of manhood, the fact was that he inspired many of these veterans of the bloody years to Homeric narratives of the siege of Verdun, of the retreat toward Paris, of the victory of the Marne, and lastly of the Kaiser's battle, this last and most awful offensive of the resourceful and frightful foe.

In centuries to come they will hang as a heavy weight on the Kaiser's memory and the conscience of Germany.

Novara's sad mischance, The Kaiser's sword and fetter-lock,

Wanted to be with a lot of fellowsknock the Kaiser's block offend war, get a French girl.

* Headline in The Yorkshire Daily Observer: "KAISER'S 1904 PLOTS" No doubt there were quite as many as that, but we should like to know how our contemporary arrives at the exact number.

The Imperial Chancellor, who is the only Imperial Minister, is chosen by the Kaiser and is responsible to him alone: he countersigns all the Kaiser's orders and edicts, and has the function, it may be added, of explaining away his indiscretions.

The Kaiser's crusading appeals are not hypocritical or consciously insincere: they are simply many centuries out of datea grotesque medley of medieval romanticism and royal megalomania.

Here, far better expressed than in the Kaiser's speeches, we see the spirit of the Prussian Junker at its best.

What is important for us here is the general attitude of mind among the German public of the Kaiser's generation, which has rendered possible the prosecution of the cherished ideas of their ruler.

The Kaiser's speeches on naval matters, notably his famous declaration that "our future is on the water," provide an official confirmation, if one were needed, of the real nature of Germany's naval ambitions.

" A distinct infringement of the KAISER'S prerogative.

But, after the first few hours, we took heart unto ourselves; for everywhere we met only kindness and courtesy at the hands of the Kaiser's soldiers, men and officers alike.

It is known that when Metternich succeeded Wangenheim as German Ambassador in Constantinople, he brought with him a speech, written in Berlin, which, by the Kaiser's orders, he was to read when presenting his credentials to the Sultan.

It was a case of out of the firing line into the frying-pan, for the side road led us into a trap from which there was no turning backthe territory patrolled by the burly pickets of the Ninth German Army Corps, forming part of the Kaiser's army of occupation in Brussels.

" Several weeks later, after I had come out of the Kaiser's realm, a representative of the "Boston Journal," who had been looking for me all over the Continent, ran me down just as I was leaving The Hague for England.

One of the first atrocity accounts which I heard in Belgium, as well as one of the most persistent, had to do with scores of children whose wrists had been cut by the Kaiser's troops.

** The KAISER'S health, says a contemporary, is still a cause of anxiety.

He showed him his ships with their hundred oars, And their sides like a castle wall, That fetch home the plunder of all the world, At the Kaiser's beck and call.

Now they are gone into the Kaiser's palace To eat the peacock fine, And they are gone into the Kaiser's palace To drink the good Greek wine.

Now they are gone into the Kaiser's palace To eat the peacock fine, And they are gone into the Kaiser's palace To drink the good Greek wine.

And now the Goths are the Kaiser's men, And guard him with lance and sword, And the little Baltung is his sworn son-at-arms, And eats at the Kaiser's board,

And the Kaiser's two sons are two false white lads That a clerk may beat with cane.

Oh the fairest flower in the Kaiser's garden Is Rome and Italian land:

They had taken, in a swift rush, that nothing could stay, a position the Kaiser's generals had assured him would never be lostcould never be reached by mortal troops.

Could it be that the web of treachery and destruction the Kaiser's busy agents were weaving had its deadly strands fastened

He was a little puffy under the eyes, had a firm mouth, rather thick lips, and his small black moustache was turned up like the Kaiser's, which gave him a cockily self-assured appearance.

One Belgian had sought for his own benefit to conciliate the Germans, and as the Kaiser's troops at the turn of the road came upon his house, there was the Kaiser's emblem with the double- headed eagle raised to greet them.

One Belgian had sought for his own benefit to conciliate the Germans, and as the Kaiser's troops at the turn of the road came upon his house, there was the Kaiser's emblem with the double- headed eagle raised to greet them.

Underneath it were the words: "The Belgians have a short, sharp method of dealing with the Kaiser's rat-hole spies.

Every one but this old lady, who stood there bidding defiance to all the Kaiser's horses and all the Kaiser's men.

Every one but this old lady, who stood there bidding defiance to all the Kaiser's horses and all the Kaiser's men.

With this she lifted her coal-hammer and brought it down with all her force on the KAISER'S head.

If Mr. Punch's awakening was gradual he at least recognised the dangerous elements in the Kaiser's character as far back as October, 1888, when he underlined Bismarck's warning against Caesarism.

You may know a man by the company he keeps, and the Kaiser's friends are now the Jolly Roger and Sir Roger Casement.

Meanwhile the Hamburg Fremdenblatt asserts that, "We Germans would gladly follow the Kaiser's lead through the very gates of hell, were it necessary."

] The results of the battle of the Somme are shown in a variety of ways: by the reticence and admissions of the German Press, by its efforts to divert attention to the exploits of the commercial submarine cruiser Deutschland; above all, by the Kaiser's fresh explosions of piety.

The Kaiser's protestations of his love for his people become more strident every day.

The choice was the Kaiser's when, as Attila's understudy, "Go forth," he said, "my sons.

-combatantsmen, women and childrenhave been murdered by the Kaiser's command.

The Germans have reached Sevastopol, but the Kaiser's Junior Partner in the South is only progressing in the wrong direction.

It began with the recovery of Soissons; a week later it was the turn of the British, and Sir Douglas Haig struck hard on the Amiens front; since then the enemy have been steadily driven back by the unrelenting pressure of the Allies, Bapaume and Noyon have been recaptured, and with their faces set for home the Germans have learnt to recognise in a new and unpleasant sense the truth of the Kaiser's saying, "The worst is behind us."

*** Some explanation of the KAISER'S anxiety for peace and the GERMAN CHANCELLOR'S statement in the Reichstag has just come to hand.

At ol' Kaiser's a mighty foxy goat.

Was Lille threatened by the Kaiser's troops?

His heart was in the days of old; Into the minstrel's heart he gazed, That tale the Kaiser's own had told.

With torch and dynamite the Germans turned those masterpieces into ashes, and all the Kaiser's horses and all his men cannot bring them back again.

The Kaiser's memoirs.

THE KAISER'S MEMOIRS, by Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany, 1888-1918; translated by Thomas [Russell] Ybarra.

SEE The Kaiser's memoirs.


Long and hard she had trained; while the outside world, thinking of the Paris of the boulevards, thought that she could not resist the Kaiser's legions.

When again, in the shuffle of European politics, would the audience see the Tsar of Russia or the King of England by the Kaiser's side?

There must have been at least ten out of the Kaiser's millions.

Two or three thousand German dead altogether, perhapsnot many out of the Kaiser's millions.

'Come, drink to our success and the Kaiser's health!'

Back she goes to her mother like a parcel of returned goodsaye, if she were the Kaiser's daughter herself!"

Do you mind how you snicked Axelstein, and clipped Duke Casimir of his little finger at the back of the barn, when we were all lads at the Kaiser's first diet at Augsburg?" Old Dessauer smiled, well pleased enough at the excellence of the Prince's memory.

The women of the suffrage States differ so little from the women of other States, and women in general, that the chief concerns of their lives are the home, the school, and the baby,the Kaiser's "Kirche, Kรผche, und Kinder" over again.

There is all the difference in the world between the instinct of satire, which, seeing in the Kaiser's moustaches something typical of him, draws them continually larger and larger; and the instinct of nonsense which, for no reason whatever, imagines what those moustaches would look like on the present Archbishop of Canterbury if he grew them in a fit of absence of mind.

In the hospital at Rouen, they called me 'The Kaiser's Masterpiece.'

The face he now suddenly beheld, under the clear white light of the cabin, was not the hideous, mangled wreck of humanityThe Kaiser's Masterpiecehe had expected to see.

"If that is the Kaiser's Christmas greeting to his loving followers," observed Wagstaffe drily, "I think he might safely have left it to us to deliver it!"

Well, the KAISER's a "kid," I suppose it's his play.

One of the most momentous battles of history was being fought in the West, and the Kaiser's armies were in full retreat from the Marne to the Aisne, but Berlin knew nothing of this.

There are many people who will tell you that if von Wiegand is not an actual attache of the German Press Bureau, his "enterprise" almost always takes the form of very effective Press agent work for the Kaiser's cause.

Despite Cardinal Mercier's denunciation of German methods in Belgium, this monk's views were the same as the rest of the Kaiser's subjects.

The League selected January 27th, 1916, the Kaiser's birthday, as a suitable occasion for Mueller and Marten, not even hyphenates, solemnly and in the presence of a great crowd to place an immense wreath at the base of the statue of Frederick the Great on the Linden, with the inscription "Wilson and his Press are not America.

He was elected by a big majority in 1913, the votes of the large working-class population of the division, including Spandau (the Prussian Woolwich), being more than enough to offset the military vote which the Kaiser's henchmen mobilised against him.

The Hotel Adlon and others in Berlin are excellent hotels as such, but mixed up with spying upon strangers; Herr Adlon, senior, a friend of the Kaiser's, assists the Government spies when any important or suspicious visitor registers.

In the first months of the war I heard so much talk in Germanytalk based upon articles in the Pressof how the Alsatians, like the rest of the Kaiser's subjects, "rushed to the defence of the Fatherland," that I was filled with curiosity to go and see for myself if they had suddenly changed.

The blaze and roar fill one with the overpowering sense of the Kaiser's limitless resources for war-making.

There was not the least trace of the cheerful, confident expression of the days when all believed that the Kaiser's armies would hammer their way to an early peace"in three months," as people used to say during the first year and a quarter of the war.