166 examples of kaiser's in sentences

Paris prepared for the worst when the Kaiser's conquering army reached La Fère, about seventy miles away.

The Germans evacuated a number of towns, after setting them afire, and a considerable part of the Kaiser's eastern field forces was bottled up in military centers.


The Kaiser pointed out to the Czar the gulf between monarchical interests and the outrage at Serajewo; he begged him to give his personal support to the Kaiser's endeavour to smooth out the antithesis between Vienna and St. Petersburg.

In pursuing this end it has suited her purpose to declare all attempts at maintaining the outward appearances of equality between the Powers of Europe to be Machiavellian schemes against her existence; or to cite the Kaiser's own words, "to deprive Germany of her place in the sun.

Why couldn't that soak he got have been on the Kaiser's head?

In centuries to come they will hang as a heavy weight on the Kaiser's memory and the conscience of Germany.

Wanted to be with a lot of fellowsknock the Kaiser's block offend war, get a French girl.

The Imperial Chancellor, who is the only Imperial Minister, is chosen by the Kaiser and is responsible to him alone: he countersigns all the Kaiser's orders and edicts, and has the function, it may be added, of explaining away his indiscretions.

The Kaiser's crusading appeals are not hypocritical or consciously insincere: they are simply many centuries out of datea grotesque medley of medieval romanticism and royal megalomania.

" A distinct infringement of the KAISER'S prerogative.

But, after the first few hours, we took heart unto ourselves; for everywhere we met only kindness and courtesy at the hands of the Kaiser's soldiers, men and officers alike.

It was a case of out of the firing line into the frying-pan, for the side road led us into a trap from which there was no turning backthe territory patrolled by the burly pickets of the Ninth German Army Corps, forming part of the Kaiser's army of occupation in Brussels.

" Several weeks later, after I had come out of the Kaiser's realm, a representative of the "Boston Journal," who had been looking for me all over the Continent, ran me down just as I was leaving The Hague for England.

And now the Goths are the Kaiser's men, And guard him with lance and sword, And the little Baltung is his sworn son-at-arms, And eats at the Kaiser's board,

] The results of the battle of the Somme are shown in a variety of ways: by the reticence and admissions of the German Press, by its efforts to divert attention to the exploits of the commercial submarine cruiser Deutschland; above all, by the Kaiser's fresh explosions of piety.

The Kaiser's protestations of his love for his people become more strident every day.

-combatantsmen, women and childrenhave been murdered by the Kaiser's command.

With torch and dynamite the Germans turned those masterpieces into ashes, and all the Kaiser's horses and all his men cannot bring them back again.

THE KAISER'S MEMOIRS, by Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany, 1888-1918; translated by Thomas [Russell] Ybarra.

There is all the difference in the world between the instinct of satire, which, seeing in the Kaiser's moustaches something typical of him, draws them continually larger and larger; and the instinct of nonsense which, for no reason whatever, imagines what those moustaches would look like on the present Archbishop of Canterbury if he grew them in a fit of absence of mind.

Despite Cardinal Mercier's denunciation of German methods in Belgium, this monk's views were the same as the rest of the Kaiser's subjects.

He was elected by a big majority in 1913, the votes of the large working-class population of the division, including Spandau (the Prussian Woolwich), being more than enough to offset the military vote which the Kaiser's henchmen mobilised against him.

The Hotel Adlon and others in Berlin are excellent hotels as such, but mixed up with spying upon strangers; Herr Adlon, senior, a friend of the Kaiser's, assists the Government spies when any important or suspicious visitor registers.

There was not the least trace of the cheerful, confident expression of the days when all believed that the Kaiser's armies would hammer their way to an early peace"in three months," as people used to say during the first year and a quarter of the war.

166 examples of  kaiser's  in sentences