38 examples of kelp in sentences

With our glasses we could make out the heads of seals fishing outside the surf, and a ragged belt of kelp.

swearin' I'd get him yet, him an' Gus Ingle an' Preacher Ellson an' the first Brodie an' Jimmy Kelp

and the Big storm drov me back and all I can see is Jimmy Kelp and the parson if I had not of killed them they would killed me sure and big Brodie's gone he is crazy and cant never make it back across the mountains in this storm, and

So it was my purpose this year to again use one in skirting the shores of the deep bays, and in looking for bears, which show themselves in the early spring upon the mountain sides, or roam the beach in search of kelp.

This light exercise lasts for a week or so, when he sets out to feed upon the beach kelp, which acts as a purge.

My Aleuts seemed to think that the bears were probably near, having come down to the shore in search of kelp.

And waking, I beheld her there Sea-dreaming in the moted air, A Siren sweet and debonair, With wristlets woven of colored weeds, And oblong lucent amber beads Of sea-kelp shining in her hair.

He could not kelp feeling flattered.

When the early sun bronzed the bog, and streaked the dark pool below with gold, Paddy and his father began to feed the dried wavy strands of kelp between the hungry brown furrow lips.

That stuff he's selling us isn't as good as kelp, and he won't tell us what it's made of.

The Vansittart's employment had been the examination of the north-east extreme of Tasmania, some portions of which were found to be nine miles out in latitude; the greater part was fronted with kelp and rocky patches.

The most outlying and remarkable are the St. George's Rocks, a cluster of grey granite boulders, 66 feet high; a patch of moored kelp, however, on which the water sometimes breaks, lies three miles East-South-East from the Black Reef.

When within two cables and a half of the Shear Beacon, the course should be changed in the direction of the Red Beacon on the Barrel Rock, the first on the eastern side, to avoid a patch of kelp, extending one cable and a half in an easterly direction from the Shear Beacon, the depth, there, at low-water is 9 fathoms, and the least in the channel is 4 fathoms, on a ledge, apparently extending from Low Head to the Middle Ground.

The Western Channel is two cables wide, with a depth, in the shoalest part, of 10 fathoms; it is formed by the Middle Ground on the eastern side, and the Yellow Rock Reef on the western; the latter is an extensive patch of kelp, with a double light-coloured rock near its extremity.

When abreast of the Shear Beacon, steer for the next beyond on the west side of the channel, to avoid a long patch of kelp, with three and five fathoms in it, extending two cables and a half to the South-South-West of the Barrel Rock.

The master of her states, that he sounded on it in seven fathoms, and saw moored kelp occupying the space of about half a mile.

The kelp might have been adrift, and the sea, in that neighbourhood, often breaks irregularly as if on foul ground.

About dark we had made sufficient offing and turned northward, plowing through large fields of kelp.

KELP, an alkaline substance derived from the ashes of certain sea-weeds, yielding iodine, soda, potass, and certain oils; kelp-burning was formerly a valuable industry in Orkney and the Hebrides.

KELP, an alkaline substance derived from the ashes of certain sea-weeds, yielding iodine, soda, potass, and certain oils; kelp-burning was formerly a valuable industry in Orkney and the Hebrides.


Surely somehow, in some measure XLIV O but my delicate lover XLV Softer than the hill-fog to the forest XLVI I seek and desire XLVII Like torn sea-kelp in the drift XLVIII

10 XLVII Like torn sea-kelp in the drift Of the great tides of the sea, Carried past the harbour-mouth To the deep beyond return, I am buoyed and borne away 5 On the loveliness of earth, Little caring, save for thee, Past the portals of the night.

Rauparaha, lowered down a sea-cliff, hid among the kelp by the rocks beneath.

Seaweed and kelp wave to us as we pass, long-stemmed sea grasses moving by the action of the waves, like a feather boa worn by some sea nymph, twist and turn like a thing alive; tall, feathery plumes, as white as snow, or as green as emerald, toss to and fro, and make obeisance to old Neptune.

38 examples of  kelp  in sentences