119 examples of kendal in sentences

His views on the Christian ministry Visit of Hannah Field Is recorded a minister Visits Kendal and Lancaster, in company with Joseph Wood Visit to Friends at Barnsley Journey to York Letters to Thomas Yeardley CHAPTER III.

Of Kendal, which was one, he says it appeared to him "as if a remarkable revival was taking place in those parts;" and he concludes his short account of the journey with an acknowledgment of the satisfaction he felt in having given up to this little service.

On the 13th John Yeardley accompanied Joseph Wood to Kendal.

On the 14th we attended their meetings in Kendal.

These and many other Epigrammatists, the Latin tongue hath; Q. CATULLUS, PORCIUS LICINIUS, QUINTUS CORNIFICIUS, MARTIAL, CNOEUS GETULICUS, and witty Sir THOMAS MORE: so in English we have these, HEYWOOD, DRANT, KENDAL, BASTARD, DAVIES.

" The Duchess of Kendal, the king's mistress, had rooms in the palace, and, toward the close of his reign, George I. assigned apartments there on the ground floor to a fresh favorite, Miss Anne Brett.

the Countesses of Yarmouth and Suffolk took possession of the apartments of the Duchess of Kendal.

The former was staged by Mr. and Mrs. Kendal, and had a run of sixty-seven nights; the latter also was staged with liberal magnificence, by Irving, and met with considerable success.

From Keswick we made many excursions in the Lake District, visited Mr Southey and Mr Wordsworth, descended a coal mine at Whitehaven, and returned to Edensor by the way of Ambleside, Kendal, and Manchester.

He often dined, after shooting, at Sir Robert Walpole's house on Richmond Hill; where he indulged his partiality for punch to such an extent, that the Duchess of Kendal enjoined the Germans who usually accompanied him, to restrain him from drinking too much: but they went about their task with so little address, that the King took offence, and silenced them by the coarsest epithets in their mother tongue.

Kendal Dodge Reynoso (C); 27Jan75; R596614.

Kendal Dodge Reynoso (C of David Dodge); 17Jun75; R607813.

Kendal Dodge Reynoso (C of David Dodge); 17Jun75; R607813.

Kendal Dodge Reynoso (C); 27Aug76; R639578. R639579.

KENDAL, MILNE & CO., Manchester. KENNETT, W. B., 89, High Street, Sandgate.

RABBITS, W. T., 6, Cadogan Gardens, S.W. RADCLIFFE, H. MILES, Summerlands, Kendal.

Mrs Kendal takes her children to visit a duchess, and has naughty chorus girls to tea, and tells them of the joy of respectability.

Mrs Kendal nurses children all day and strives to play Rosalind at night.

Simple, you will say; yes, but better than a fricassée of Faust, garnished with hags, imps, and blue flame; better, far better than a drawing-room set at the St James's, with an exhibition of passion by Mrs and Mr Kendal; better, a million times better than the cheap popularity of Wilson Barrettan elderly man posturing in a low-necked dress to some poor trull in the gallery; nor is there in the hall any affectation of language, nor

The sketch is slight, but is welcome and refreshing after the eternal drawing-room and Mrs Kendal's cumbrous domesticity; it is curious, quaint, perverted, and are not these the aions and the attributes of art?

The music-hall is a protest against Mrs Kendal's marital tendernesses and the abortive platitudes of Messrs Pettit and Sims; the music-hall is a protest against Sardou and the immense drawing-room sets, rich hangings, velvet sofas, etc., so different from the movement of the English comedy with its constant change of scene.

Perhaps the rivalry between Mrs. Kendal and me might have become of more significance had she appeared as Portia at the Prince of Wales's and preferred Shakespeare to domestic comedy.

I found Mrs. Kendal wonderful to act with.

CHAMBERS, EPHRAIM, an English writer, born in Kendal, author of a cyclopædia which bears his name, and which formed the basis of subsequent ones, as Johnson confessed it did of his Dictionary (1680-1750).

PARR, CATHERINE, sixth wife of Henry VIII., daughter of Sir Thomas Parr of Kendal, was a woman of learning and great discretion, acquired great power over the king, persuaded him to consent to the succession of his daughters, and surviving him, married her former suitor Sir Thomas Seymour, and died from the effects of childbirth the year after (1512-1548).

119 examples of  kendal  in sentences