315 examples of ketches in sentences

"Don't come too nigh meyou'll ketch it," warned Mandy gloomily.

Oh, I tried to ketch her, but she broke right through and pulled my skirts out of my hand and hit the floor.

He aims to he'p us; an' we'll ketch one o' them men out, and carry him off up here som'ers, and hold him till they pay us what we ask.

"Shet the winders on summer, an' yew ketch the tail of slander in the latch every time.

"But me an' Blossy is a-comin' ter see yew off an' on pooty frequent meanstwhile; an', Abe, ef ever I ketch yew a-layin' abed, I'll leave yew ter yer own destruction.

That new Swede chambermaid walks right in an' ketches me at my delicate tasks.

Nearly eighty ships every year come out from England and Ireland, and a few ketches from New England, in defiance of the navigation laws, which the people of New England seem more willing to break than are the people of Virginia.

Every class of ship was brought into the service: steam cargo vessels, trawlers, drifters, sailing ships, ketches, and sloops specially designed to have the appearance of cargo ships.

"I plays his tip at 8 to 1 on the first race and ketches.

Did dat fool Cap'n set up a nigger in dis bedroom winder jes to ketch ole Rose packin' off a few ole lef'-overs?"

Then when she'd ketch my eye, she'd turn pinker'n the pink.

" "What is that to you?" "He gives me a 'apenny to pelt him home if I ketches him out too late," says the boy.

A few months later, the Victory, twenty-four guns, was launched, and two years after his arrival, Boone had at his disposal a fine fleet consisting of nineteen frigates, grabs, ketches, gallivats, and rowing galleys, carrying two hundred and twenty guns, besides a bomb vessel and a fireship.

" Full twenty years and more, our labouring stage Has lost on this incorrigible age: Our poets, the John Ketches of the nation, Have seem'd to lash ye, even to excoriation: But still no sign remains; which plainly notes, You bore like heroes, or you bribed like Oates.

Wen you ketches dis witch, you mus' take her right by de th'oat en bite her right th'oo de neck.

It ketches me now an' den in de lef' knee, so I can't hardly draw my bref.

Sorry Sid's ketch dog.

The rigs of the Mediterranean are proverbial for their picturesque beauty and quaintness, embracing the xebeque, the felucca, the polacre, and the bombarda, or ketch; all unknown, or nearly so, to our own seas; and occasionally the lugger.

For a small port there was a goodly array of shipping, and Mr. Chalk's pulse beat faster as his gaze wandered impartially from a stately barque in all the pride of fresh paint to dingy, sea-worn ketches and tiny yachts.

And this unlucky national hatred, which possessed the Austrian and made him forgetful of all humanity, was communicated, like an infectious plague, to the Saxons, and transformed these warriors, who were celebrated for being, next to the Prussians, the most orderly and best disciplined, into rude Jack Ketches and iconoclastic Vandals.

"Well, next big fat 'possum you an' him ketch, you bring that 'possum 'round an' me an' you'll talk business.

But the small string of tiny fish wuz all he ketched out of the deep waters, he didn't ketch any cheerfulness or happiness for himself or me, only disappintment and shagrin for I felt if I didn't use all my tack mebby the meetin' house would try to set down on him.

but, arter all, a young otter is a thing a feller can't ketch every day.

"'Now,' sez you'the old man sez, sez hetell Ferrers, sez he, that his honor havin' run away agin, he sends it back to him, and ef he ever ketches it around after this, he'll shoot it on sight.'

Oh, I assure you I've taken the greatest pains to conform toerrules inerin every way; though if there should be any little thing that ketches your eye, why, you've only to [Illustration] Surveyor.

315 examples of  ketches  in sentences