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315 examples of  ketches  in sentences

315 examples of ketches in sentences

A man may be capable, as Jack Ketch's wife said of his servant, of a plain piece of work, a bare hanging; but to make a malefactor die sweetly, was only belonging to her husband.

Ketch him, too!"

" Unmoved by the Colonel's aspect of offended dignity, faintly dashed with doubt, she hurried on: "Before you go shellin' out any more cash, or haulin' stuff to Glory Hallelujah, just you go down that prospect hole o' McGinty's when McGinty ain't there, and see how many colours you can ketch.

"Don't come too nigh meyou'll ketch it," warned Mandy gloomily.

Oh, I tried to ketch her, but she broke right through and pulled my skirts out of my hand and hit the floor.

He aims to he'p us; an' we'll ketch one o' them men out, and carry him off up here som'ers, and hold him till they pay us what we ask.

"Shet the winders on summer, an' yew ketch the tail of slander in the latch every time.

"But me an' Blossy is a-comin' ter see yew off an' on pooty frequent meanstwhile; an', Abe, ef ever I ketch yew a-layin' abed, I'll leave yew ter yer own destruction.

Angy, ef ever I ketch yew fishin' yer winter bunnit out of a charity barrel ag'in, I'llFifteen dollars!"

In Stow's Chronicle we find that one of these said gentlemen was set on horseback, his face towards the tail, which he held in his hand in the manner of a bridle, while with a collar significative of his offence, dangling about his neck, he made a public entrรฉe into the city of London, conducted by Jack Ketch, who afterwards did himself the honour of scourging and branding the impostor, previous to banishment, which completed his sentence.

Well, no,I don't see how's to ketch them turkeys.

"Oh, I'll ketch 'em, easy!"

Nobody don't ketch 'em much nowadays.

Hope you'll ketch some o' them seedlin' fish.

Glad I had the luck to ketch up with ye." "Dab," said Ford as they reached the outskirts of Grantley, "I know it's late; but we must walk through the village with these fish, if it's only to have the whole town ask us where we caught them.

That new Swede chambermaid walks right in an' ketches me at my delicate tasks.

Said Westley Keyts, "If it was raining whiskey, Potts wouldn't drink as much as he could ketch on a fork!"

Nearly eighty ships every year come out from England and Ireland, and a few ketches from New England, in defiance of the navigation laws, which the people of New England seem more willing to break than are the people of Virginia.

Every class of ship was brought into the service: steam cargo vessels, trawlers, drifters, sailing ships, ketches, and sloops specially designed to have the appearance of cargo ships.

" "Aye, aye, Shipmate, that does ketch me,all aback, shipmate.

"Because," Adam went on, "if ye don't go, Mister Grimes, the 'Old Adam' be arising inside o' me to that degree as I shall be forced to ketch you by the collar

Seemed to be afraid somebody'd ketch 'im; I couldn't make out who.

"I plays his tip at 8 to 1 on the first race and ketches.

Mebbe I'd be lucky enough to ketch Hen too, an' if so, nobody in the village'd wear mournin'!

Did dat fool Cap'n set up a nigger in dis bedroom winder jes to ketch ole Rose packin' off a few ole lef'-overs?"

scaffold; block, ax, guillotine; stake; cross; gallows, gibbet, tree, drop, noose, rope, halter, bowstring; death chair, electric chair; gas chamber; lethal injection; firing squad; mecate^. house of correction &c (prison) 752. goaler, jailer; executioner; electrocutioner^; lyncher; hangman; headsman^; Jack Ketch.

Then comes a letter, brought by the night carrier, from her father (a most dirty, ill-written scrawl signed Robert Evans with his mark), praying he may be excused, as his masts are to be stepped o' Wednesday, and he must take the occasion of a ketch leaving Dartford for Falmouth this day, and at the same time begging her acceptance of a canister of China tea (which is, I learn, become a fashionable dish in London) as a marriage offering.

"We will wait here till dark," he said, "so them Kanetuckians can't ketch us, whilst we are climbing that tree.

" "You might ketch your death o' cold, though," ses George.

" "You bet, judge, he'll see for himself, that them cussed varmints won't hev more'n four hours the start; an', ef he'll let us hev the men, we kin ketch 'em, sartin.

Them varmints hev struck a 'bee-line' for the Pecos; and if we don't ketch 'em afore they cross it and git into the Llano,

A single glance sufficed to show him the situation; and he returned to us, vainly endeavoring to repress the excitement that was plainly visible in every movement, as he said, in a low voice, "We kin ketch 'em, boys, sartin.

"I just put the spurs to my hoss; and from the best calculations I could make, I made up my mind thet they'd ketch me in just about ten miles further.

By'm by, when we git keerless, they'll ketch us nappin', and then, God help us, that's all.

Foller, Pink, an' if you ketch me in any mistakes in the kyarin' an' addin', p'int it out.

"Ketch him doin' it!" said the woman, scornfully.

Them miserable secesh searched the house all over for you, when you was gone, and they was mighty sassy; but we didn't mind that, so they didn't ketch you.

After a few days spent in this manner, the swaggering captainwhose name, it was soon bruited about, was Thomas Allen, of his Majesty's Navywent on board of his ketch,or brig, as we should call it,the Quaker, weighed anchor, and set sail towards the Potomac, and thence stood down the Bay upon the coast of Virginia.

That as soon as he reached Mattapony House, he took his boat and went on board the ketch.

That when he had said all he desired to say to them, he made a move to leave the ketch in his boat, intending to return to Mattapony House; but they who were in the cabin prevented him, and would not let him go.

It was added, that Colonel Talbot was now detained on board of the ketch, as a prisoner, by Captain Allen.

Upon reaching the river, all four went on board the ketch to learn the particulars of the quarrel.

Then when she'd ketch my eye, she'd turn pinker'n the pink.

Bimeby Cap thought,'Ef massa come an' ketch him!'an' put down de pipe an' went to work, and bimeby I smelt mighty queer smell, massa, 'bout de house, made him tink Ol' Nick was come hissef for Ol' Cap,

" "What is that to you?" "He gives me a 'apenny to pelt him home if I ketches him out too late," says the boy.

"I heard ma say no better hearted man ever live than Massa Tom if you ketch him sober.

Times done got so fer 'head of me I never 'speck to ketch-up.

He had five guineas and a half, which was as much as he could possibly spend in the course of the ensuing month; and what happened after that, it was Jack Ketch's business to see to, not his.

At the same time, the crew of the Josiah ketch from Bombay, while at anchor in the Madras roads, took advantage of the commander being on shore to run away with the ship.

He was found guilty, and was then tried for the captures of a Moorish ship (Parker's), a Moorish ketch, and a Portuguese ship.

In the following year the Josiah ketch was attacked by the Sanganians while at anchor, and in the heat of the engagement blew up.

In November, 1712, he captured the Governor of Bombay's armed yacht, together with the Anne ketch from Carwar.

A few months later, the Victory, twenty-four guns, was launched, and two years after his arrival, Boone had at his disposal a fine fleet consisting of nineteen frigates, grabs, ketches, gallivats, and rowing galleys, carrying two hundred and twenty guns, besides a bomb vessel and a fireship.

In May, 1743, he captured the Bombay ketch Salamander, off Colaba, but before it could be carried off it was rescued by some of Mannajee's ships from Chaul, and restored to Bombay.

On the 3rd November (1712), Chown and his wife left Carwar in the Anne ketch, having a cargo of pepper and wax on board, to urge their claim to the late Mr. Harvey's estate.

The ketch tried to escape back to Carwar, but was laid aboard by two grabs, and had to surrender when she had expended most of her ammunition.

On the 22nd February (1713), he returned, bringing with him Mrs. Chown and the other captives, the captured goods, and the Anne ketch, but the yacht was too badly damaged to put to sea.

Anne, ketch, the, sails for Bombay; how protected; attacked and captured by Angrian ships; recovered from Angria; taken by Sumbhajee Angria.

Cruffe, James, armourer, recaptures the Josiah ketch.

Josiah ketch, the, taken by her crew; recaptured by Cruffe and carried to Acheen; attacked by the Sanganians.

But we do really feel sorry for you, for you look reel awful; I only hope old missus won't come in and ketch you.

Miss Statia once boxed my ears and sent me to bed, when she happened to ketch me listinin'; but it didn't smart much, and people can't 'spect to gather roses without thistles.

Still I was but a secondary person, or rather only one of two secondary personsthe chief of bailiffs and principal Jack Ketch; there was a step to gainand, as I often mentioned in confidence to Mrs. Scropps, I was sure my heart would never be still until I had reached the pinnacle.

When Horne Tooke, on being committed to prison for treason, proposed, while in jail, to give a series of dinners to his friends, the prince remarked, that 'as an inmate of Newgate, he would act more consistently by establishing a Ketch-club.

" Full twenty years and more, our labouring stage Has lost on this incorrigible age: Our poets, the John Ketches of the nation, Have seem'd to lash ye, even to excoriation: But still no sign remains; which plainly notes, You bore like heroes, or you bribed like Oates.

"Ketch, a vessel with two masts, a mainmast and a mizzenmast.

But somehow er nudder dey could n' nebber ketch none er de niggers.

"'Shill I turn you ter a mawkin'-bird?' "'No, a hawk mought ketch me.

Co'se dey didn' think nuffin un it, but nex' mawnin', w'en dey went ter ketch 'im, dey 'skivered dat

"Dan had let go de plough-handle, en had put his arm 'roun' Sally, en wuz des gwine ter kiss her, w'en sump'n ketch' 'im by de scruff

Wen you ketches dis witch, you mus' take her right by de th'oat en bite her right th'oo de neck.

It ketches me now an' den in de lef' knee, so I can't hardly draw my bref.

But I trembled worse than a peanut woman with a hackman goin' round the corner to ketch a train an' his hubs just grazin' the legs of her stand.

If it's got a mother, she's bound to want to see it before long; an' if ever I ketch sight of her, she don't git away from me till I have my child.

Just said that they'd ketch you.

He used to scare us by telling us that the pateroles would ketch us.

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I'd as soon dine with Jack Ketch' (Boswell), iii. 66. JEALOUS.

Sorry Sid's ketch dog.

"That'll ketch the girls," observed the zouave with conviction.

While lying in Little Killery Bay, on the coast of Connemara, in her Majesty's surveying ketch Sylvia, we were attracted by a large fin above the surface, moving with an oscillatory motion, somewhat resembling the action of a man sculling at the stern of a boat; and knowing it to be an unusual visitor, we immediately got up the harpoon and went in chase.

The rigs of the Mediterranean are proverbial for their picturesque beauty and quaintness, embracing the xebeque, the felucca, the polacre, and the bombarda, or ketch; all unknown, or nearly so, to our own seas; and occasionally the lugger.

For a small port there was a goodly array of shipping, and Mr. Chalk's pulse beat faster as his gaze wandered impartially from a stately barque in all the pride of fresh paint to dingy, sea-worn ketches and tiny yachts.

And this unlucky national hatred, which possessed the Austrian and made him forgetful of all humanity, was communicated, like an infectious plague, to the Saxons, and transformed these warriors, who were celebrated for being, next to the Prussians, the most orderly and best disciplined, into rude Jack Ketches and iconoclastic Vandals.

An' don't le' 's mutter 'bout the awfle bricks We'll give 'em, ef we ketch 'em in a fix: That 'ere's most frequently the kin' o' talk Of critters can't be kicked to toe the chalk; Your "You'll see nex' time!"

"Well, next big fat 'possum you an' him ketch, you bring that 'possum 'round an' me an' you'll talk business.

It is something between the modern ketch and the old Flemish 'bilander'.

"I can ketch meat for a dozen outfits with it," he said, "if I can borrow a fish-hook.

I wish I was a married man, A married man I'd be! An' ketch the grub fer both of us A-fishin' in the sea.

You'd never ketch him, and you needn't try!

But the small string of tiny fish wuz all he ketched out of the deep waters, he didn't ketch any cheerfulness or happiness for himself or me, only disappintment and shagrin for I felt if I didn't use all my tack mebby the meetin' house would try to set down on him.

but, arter all, a young otter is a thing a feller can't ketch every day.

"'Now,' sez you'the old man sez, sez hetell Ferrers, sez he, that his honor havin' run away agin, he sends it back to him, and ef he ever ketches it around after this, he'll shoot it on sight.'

"'D ruther chop wood 'n' ketch bears over 'n St. Lawrence County.

"Ray," my father called to me, as he ran, "ketch the cow quick an' bring 'er 'long.

"Mister," he inquired, "was you tryin' to ketch that Pennsylvania train?" "No, my son," replied the patient man.

Wondering what the darky could be doing, standing on a cold, wet night in such a draughty position, the proprietor of the shop said: "Jim, what are you doing here?" "'Sense me, sir," said Jim, "but I'm gwine to sing bass tomorrow mornin' at church, an' I am tryin' to ketch a cold."Howard

" Again Peregrine's face lighted up, but fell again when he was told of the Portsmouth surgeon's arrival at the same time, saying with one of his strange looks that it was odd sort of mercy to try to cure a man for Jack Ketch, but that he should baffle them yet.

Oh, I assure you I've taken the greatest pains to conform toerrules inerin every way; though if there should be any little thing that ketches your eye, why, you've only to [Illustration] Surveyor.

"I'm going to ketch that evenin' train to Los."